Monday, July 14, 2008

Heaven on earth

One such place where I experienced heaven on earth was Lake Tahoe bordering Nevada and California. Its a large freshwater alpine lake known for its water clarity. The lake is surrounded by snowy sierra Nevada mountains. That was the first time I was seeing a place with snow everywhere. A white blanket of snow on the streets, decorating the pine trees. Roofs and window sills of houses bordered with thick layer of snow. All this while I thought such scenes were only creative imagination of man but one can beat nature at its creative and beautiful best.

There was not a single creature or humans on the lake shore. We actually managed to sneak into it. The sunlight falling on snow capped mountains and the lake scattered the light and my eye could not take in the bluish tinge and sparkling silver.

I stood there facing the lake, the mountains and gazed at them, my senses could not get enough ot the wonder; the blue clear water, the distant mountains, the thick snow bed, the freshness in the air....
All I did was to thank the almighty for giving me this wonderful chance to experience the power of nature. How blessed I was. What more do I ask Him? I got the chance to experience heaven while standing firm on earth....


  1. Hey wonderful post! Nice picture too! In the next semester I am planning to visit this place. Dunno if it will work out... Hoping...

  2. Please don't miss Tahoe. Go during winter. There are no words to express the feeling when you come so close to nature. Happy Tahoe'ing :-)

  3. After you posted this photo again in your blog, I was tempted to come back to this post. :-)
    Beautiful photograph. And, I have not got the chance to go to Lake Tahoe yet. :-(

  4. Yeah, pack your bags and go to Tahoe whenever you find time!!

  5. lucky gal...!

    Keep smiling.

  6. Oh yes!! I am. I count my blessings :-)

  7. Wow! Such myriad shades of Blue!! Damn beautiful! :)

  8. Yes Shilpa, the snow was beautiful with tinges of blue due to reelection.

    I have no words to describe, it was just heaven :-)


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