Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Performer

I am back from my recent trip to Chennai. What I envy about Chennai is its Sea, I miss that in Bangalore. I love the majestic blue water that stretches till the end of the world, touching the sky; the lovely feeling when the pearly wave that crashes my feet as I walk along the waves.
The serene effect that it instills in me and the happiness that I experience out of it.....
As every time, this time too I walked from one popular beach to another one, about 4-5 km, taking in the smell of the sea, the waves, the blue water..the grainy stretch of sand, the distant ship, the clear blue sky with silvery streaks...the people...the cool breeze..oh yes the wooden fishing boats, couples coo chi-cooing, talking sweet-nothings holding hands.....
I took a break and found a wooden boat to sit for some time...It was refreshing to watch the sea, the waves. A street performer came by to make some bucks with his monkey.
The monkey was dressed in a cute red shimmering skirt and a blouse to match. It looked feeble, scared, all it knew was to perform some acts as its owner instructed.
The monkey was tied with a thin iron wire to its neck...he held it tight like a baby, its eyes earnest, as if it had lots and lots to speak, and was searching for a soul who could understand him.

The performer started uttering some verse in a sing-song manner when the monkey started jumping up and down, performing some cute somersaults, its skirt flying... the performer then instructed the monkey to salute, which he did it...I shook hand with the monkey...it was pretty petrified as I held its hand for quite some time...
The performer was happy as i slipped some coins in his hand, the monkey clueless about the happenings, all he knew was his owner was happy. And I continued to walk along the waves.......


  1. This is the cutest blog I have read!

  2. aww.. that monkey is so cute.. its ironic that they have to be used for this work..


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