Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glitzy Polls

"Amul baby" - new nick name given to Rahul G.  This infantile humor is the outcome of the poll war that is being waged in few states.

It does not get nastier and dirtier than this. Polls in few states and the drama is for all of us to see. Those who have been tuning to these popular Tamil channels can understand what I am talking about. There is glitz, glamor and polls!

Tamil  Nadu politics and the Tamil movie industry have been associated with each other from time immemorial. No other place in the world would boast movie stars becoming head of states, every other movie actor wanting a piece of the coveted chair - villains, comedians, support stars, television stars......

The eligibility to contest in election - the responsible position to serve the people is to be able to dance well, fight well and crack cheap jokes on screen. Any guy who crosses 50 movie mark is eligible to start his own political party; go on a rally for trivial issues and stand for election. Acting seems to the only qualification to contest in an election.

People are foolish, with short term memory. They believe what they see on screen as true and idolize the movie stars who don paint and dances on screen to make a living. People go to the extent of building temple to these stars. Political parties sought the service of these actors to glamorize and attract these innocent folks. If a candidate cannot speak for himself during canvassing but hide behind a glamorous actor who milks vote for this candidate; what capability one could expect from such candidates? Is it not that simple and straight forward. But people seem to be in their fantasy and fall for cine artists who mouth dialogues from their movies. Its impossible to think of it - what you see on TV. People throng just to get a glimpse of these actors and actresses without realizing that these movie stars would be laughing all the way to the bank.

If this one story; another ridiculous act that is doing the rounds is freebies - laptops, color TVs, cows, goats, ration.......what not? Are they ensuring to eradicate poverty this way? Its only giving rise to laziness and dependency. There was a recent report stating how Karnataka was facing shortage of laborers who generally hail from Tamil Nadu. These poor men have fled to their villages in search of these freebies the political parties are offering in the wake of election. Where are they getting the money from? Election funds? From whom? Or is it the taxpayer's money? Instead why not build free schools, hospitals and educate people.

People just dont seem to realize the scams these political parties have indulged in. One side they are being charge-sheeted and accountable and imprisoned; the other side they are confidently contesting in elections and holding massive rally (canvassing)fooling people around. The party in power in the Central is playing double games by supporting an octogenarian in one state and opposing against another octogenarian in neighboring state. What more evidence do we need for parties to adopt such double standards?

Fame, power and money are so addictive. Common man suffer unless they wake up.


  1. Nothing wrong in movie stars aspiring to be head of states. Movie stars are working individuals like doctors and engineers.

    No other place in the world would boast movie stars becoming head of states? Come on Insignia! Your second home, California, had Ronald Reagan and Arnold Swartzaneggar as governors. And, Ronald Reagan became President of the United States. That too a very successful President.

  2. B, Indian democracy is the biggest sham , the biggest fraud ever inflicted on its citizens.It is like the glitzy , God men and women with spiritual air and magic in hand, a perpetual fraud on us. So take the day off if you are in one of these election states, tomorrow and be to yourself.

  3. An absolutely necessary post...I share ur views Insignia..

    politics is poli tricks...

    Some of our so called politicians stoop so low that I wonder what their followers see in them...

  4. Indian Democracy is still immature. With education things will become better. )))

  5. India wants to be a super power in 2020. Also, wants a permanent membership at the United Nations. But we have to wait for one month to know the results. Elections in Tamil Nadu on April 13. Results will be announced on May 13.

    USA has 6 different time zones. Election is held on the same day throughout the country and the results are generally announced within 4 hours after the poll close.

  6. Come poll day, I have decided not to vote. Indian democracy can do without me. The feeling is mutual.

  7. Well in UK we are going to have elections on 5th MAY.. and all it took was letter by the nominees of the area to the house and the polling card ..

    No booth capturing

    and NO Ques's Booth open at 6am to 9pm Go and vote Easy peasy .. and the next day Results declard Easy peasy...

    Each nomineed comes for a debate thats it ..

    ANd i do strongly beleive WE SHUD BOYcOTT THE VOTING every single one of us ...

    when that happenes Things will change for sure ...


  8. Insignia@ I have been watching the great Indian Circus called assembly elections happen in Kerala, the state I hail from. Like Balan, even I felt the circus could do without me and didn't make use of the suffrage.

    A thing that made me laugh in your note was "another ridiculous act that is doing the rounds is freebies - laptops, color TVs, cows, goats, ration.......what not? Are they ensuring to eradicate poverty this way? Its only giving rise to laziness and dependency." I remembered a comment by a friend last month during paddy harvest in Allepey, Kerala about the impact of giving rice for BPL families for RS 1 per kilo by the Kerala CM. The folks in traditional agricultural sector worked on a basis of barter, now dont ask me whether that brings in equality-social economic and political. Don't think it does, but sure the folks could carry back a share of the rice they harvested as theirs at the end of the day. With the RS 1 rice plan, its hard to find laborers and the harvest spoiled.

    SG and Bikram @ the one month break b/w election and results is because of the presence of problematic areas in Bengal basically. They have a 6 phase election to make sure no more maoist-cpim confrontations happen again, with allotting sufficient defense personals. I know there is no real explanation to the 1 month of break, but then a break in getting to know the results is much better than some fools losing life wanting to propagate their ideology and leaders.
    USA and Britain have a very different election process and they are not dealing with this huge a population and also consider the fact that they been doing this for well over a century, so I feel, we should probably ignore the break.

    ANil@ Indian democracy is a sham, but nevertheless the biggest sham of its kind in the world.

  9. Hi Bindu,

    Much needed post.People will not change unless govt changes and govt will not change until we 'the people' change.So ultimately nothing will change.

    First these old people should vacate and let space for youngsters (educated once-engineers,docs, teachers )I respect their experience but, let them sit in the backseat and just give suggestions and we how know how to proceed further.

    Politics is meant for big shots and cinema is meant for their grandchildren.Its their family types.No one new can even see whats happening inside unless we belong to their party.

    I have started enjoying both.Politics is just a new to me.I know nothing will change from my vote because either I vote or not, there are many people to caste my vote multiple times ( I am ashamed of making this statement but, this is the fact)

    The only way is to boycott the election as mentioned above and raise our voices.But i'm sure this will never happen.( I am not being pessimistic here, Just being practical. This is India.This is how it will be)

    Anyway, tamizh puthandu nal vazhthukkal :):)

    ( and here goes the confusion..Mr.M.K has given some explanation regarding this festival..remember?? I am not sure if we have to celeb or not to.. I am celebrating because this festival gives me lot of memories and another day to be happy )

  10. For that matter,do we have any standards?
    Everyone gets what he deserves.More than half of all the candidates have some kind of criminal background or other.This is mafia rule,not democracy.

  11. I'm not following the political circus very keenly..In TN especially election time is like a carnival right!

    Anyhoo, I just dropped in to say Hiiiii to you!!! :))

  12. Corruption is only aspect, but, India is going through one of its worst period since 1975.I hope, situation is brought under control lest we see Egypt like situation here.

  13. Doc@ I wouldn't mind the mafia if they did things true mafioso style with vision..With everything that adds up to the pile of inefficiency, one thing that we ignore is the lack of vision. I am not game enough to bear the responsibilities, so i wont complain about the criminal and corrupt making their way in to politics. But sure things might have been much more better if they had a longer vision. Our folks are stuck with the immediate gains and seldom does anyone think about a time after 30 years or maybe for the next generation.

    BK Chawla@ I fail to understand the reason why you said india is undergoing the worst phase after 1975. That was Mrs Gandhi then, but I find no similar thing now. In fact I find even politics is turning monotonous.

  14. I know all I can do is talk and do nothing. Because of these corrupt politicians, Indian politics has become a laughing stock on world stage. I hope someone does something about it before it ashames us anymore. I don't wanna do anything because my interests lies elsewhere.

    And about glamor in politics; I don't approve of it too but we gotta put up with it unless everyone opens their eyes and sees the truth.

  15. this shows that how educated Indians are.

  16. @ Osu, @ B.K. Chowla,

    The question of things being worse off or better than 1975, is not the matter. In 1975 the information percolating to the general public was very little. We were not privy to the palace intrigues.
    But remember it was Mrs Indira Gandhi who triggered it all. She began the slide down hill. She started off with everything that was inimical to democracy. We did have a wonderful opportunity in 1977. But then the geriatrics who headed the Janata party coalition ensured that India continued to tatter. The rogues of today irrespective of their party affiliation are perfect hires to the legacy of Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay.
    That is the bane of this country

  17. Harish,

    Short and crisp yet true :)


    I did not blame the movie stars at all. I am blaming the common man who have given the movie stars this space. CA could boast of only two; TN cant keep track - wait and see in future; how many more movie stars would become CM


    Right anil. Fortunately I do not reside in these states where election just got over. Whenever it happens in my state, I would just do that


    Exactly! Followers are blind.


    Hopefully Amrit.


    There are lot other factors as to why they delay announcing the results. Sometimes with all this shams and drama, the more the delay in announcing the winners; the better.


    :-) Cool!


    Hopefully things change.


    Yup! the after effects of these freebies are scary. The balance is lost! why dont people understand this but run behind short term gains!


    Yes, its a sham. We cant do nothing about it; and I am sad. People might say "you guys take charge" But its easier said than done.

    Iniya tamizh puthandu nalvazthukkal to you too :)

    MK changes rule as per his convenience. We are better off not talking about him.


    Yup! fine let them take their share when everyone else around is corrupt. But they can do something at least for the betterment of the people. They can have a plan and implement in unison!

    Its sad state.


    Hi hi :) Karnataka doesnt have that crazy carnival as TN right? So we can still breathe easy.

    Chowla sir,

    Well there were triggers post 1975 which we turned a blind eye to.


    Yes, they make money, public have short gains and everyone forgets about it and crib :)



  18. Good article!Hail ppl like Anna hazare.But I am tired of ppl who keep on complaining about politicians.If they are really so concerned about the country why dont they involve themselves in making this country a better place.Sitting in a AC room writing articles which is read by a few others sitting in their comfy apartments is not gonna help.Boycott elections???Youngsters should come???.Indian democracy the biggest sham???ppl like this should be made to live in some communist country where govt decides everything including when you can have kids.Is being young a qualification?ugghhh!I never understood the being young and educated ppl should come as politicians crap.

    Point is rather that going on rambling about polticians, democracy being a sham and crap like that.Go out and do voluntary work.Go and teach children during weekends,there are lots other thing you can do without waiting for politicians to turn a new leaf and do their job.And finally your rambling here is not going to help in anyway.


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