Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random pictures

People, I am missing reading your blogs. I wont say I dont find time; its just that I dont find quality "me and blogs only" time. When I steal some time and try to read; there are so many things on my mind that I cannot bring myself to concentrate. For now; I can catch up blogs on weekends; will read all at once :)

Few pictures for your eyes only :)

The sun was setting and these clouds were rushing as if they want to obscure it; and it was as if the sun said "Its ok; a brighter morning tomorrow" and had a last laugh :)

On NH 4; those distant wind mills rotated to produce energy. I liked the texture the sun was throwing - shadow on some area and light on others; while the clouds loomed ready to pour.

Beautifully carved miniature Nandi - probably belonging to 13-14th century. I liked this particular Nandi as it seemed to be smiling and joyful.

Pepsi, Coke....nothing can beat the Goli Soda :)

Deep in thought. What could the monkey have on mind? Where and when can I get my next meal of bananas?

Squirrel scampering around. These look so tiny compared to the black one I saw in California. But they are equally cute :)


  1. What and why suddenly , may I ask ?

  2. liked the point me and blogs only :)
    nice display pic :)

    and the goli soda.. true true... nothing can beat it and the bottle colour !

  3. nice photos bindu! the soda bottle photo is simply superb. it's my favorite!

  4. Hey did you see, Nandi is smiling for your pic! Ha ha... :-)

  5. May be monkey is thinking, I had had camera like her, I could ave taken
    pic of those clouds in background.

    You are gr8888 this stuff as usual.

  6. Superb shots.. I too sometimes doesn't feel like checking the blogs that I follow regularly.

  7. Anil,

    What and why about? I didnt get your context


    :-) Thank you.

    Yup, nothing can beat the goli soda.


    Thanks Gautam, I knew you will like that snap :)

    Yup, I saw it was smiling at visitors; cute one :)


    Hmm maybe! Thank you; glad you liked


    Thank you. Oh! happens. I do want to read my regular blogs but not finding that time.
    When I read; my mind is occupied so I cant concentrate

  8. Nice random thoughts and shots..:)

  9. B, I meant, what got up suddenly , that you are out of time . You were the one who was faithful to Blogging and regular.

  10. Rahul,

    Thank you :)


    I am even hesitating to say I am busy; because I got a comment from a friend mentioning that it was as if I was giving self-importance to myself.

    The truth is I got involved in a mega project at work which is taking up most of my time. Even if I find time; I am per-occupied with design, planning and such things on my mind that I am too tired to pen my thoughts on my blog without contaminating with ideas related with work.

    I shall soon start :)

  11. Beautiful captures specially the goli soda and the squirrel .It is not common to find a smiling Nandi -i loved it too.

  12. Loved the pics especially the squirrel one. I totally understand the "not being able to find time bit." :)

  13. The windmill pic is so beautiful! And the lil squirrel...aww! :)And I have a thing for carved Nandis too. I think they look adorable, especially the miniature ones!

  14. loved the pictures. I know how busy you have been. :)

  15. The first picture where the sun is bidding farewell, I thought the cloud resembled the north part of Karnataka map.

    And work eating up time.. I know how it feels coz me too sailing on the same boat..

  16. kavita,

    Thank you; goli soda is my favorite snap. :)


    Thank you. :-) I am glad you understand.

    Destiny's child,

    Yeah, I love the texture due to the shadow and the light. It was as if painted.
    The carved Nandi was indeed cute :)


    Thank you. Yeah, its insane!!


    I got the same comment from someone else as well :)
    Yup! :(

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  18. Late, I know. But the Goli soda is classic; brought back a lot of old memories..

    I am also like you; caught up in the web of work and displacement... in the weekends I am home, I barely manage to write a piece, barely to keep me alive...

  19. SO true the Goli soda .. :) We had so many of these 1rs it would cost .. add some black salt and yummmyyyy

    beautiful pictures :)


  20. Hey, the first picture looks like upper part of Karnataka map, doesn't it?

    And the smiling Nandi is so cute. :D

  21. Nethra,

    Yes it does. Thank you, glad you liked the Nandi. It was cute :)

  22. Sailing in the same boat as you!! *SIGH*
    Lovely captures as usual! First 2 are awesome shots, soda bottle is lovely and the squirrel is cute!

  23. Shilpa,

    :-) Thank you. Glad you liked them :)

  24. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  25. Thank you Kalyan and welcome to B Log :)


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