Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shared Passion

Most of my weekends are uneventful. I think thousand things to do; but do none. Yeah lazy woman growing old each day.

But yesterday was different. Saturdays are lazy most times, I sleep till noon and then the dat shifts right. Breakfast is at 12, lunch at 5 and so on. I had my breakfast at 12:30 and was lazing around when I got a call from an unlisted number from California; with the area code 408. Now 408 is the area where I have spent most of my life outside Bangalore.

Some of my good friends live there but I have their number listed. I was clueless, I picked the call and it was Gautam. Quite natural for him to just call out of random. But as we talked; I realized he was calm. I wanted to ask what was wrong, but I was hesitating since I didn't want to smell negativity just for the sake. Eventually, it did arrive that he was calm for an unfortunate reason.

We did however talked a lot about traveling, how countries like Cambodia are so near to most Indians and yet most stick to Singapore or Dubai. We relived those wonderful days at Costa Rica and time and again, regretting that it was too short of a time. Of course! Costa Rica doesn't end without chatting about William, how he has improved his photography skills and how he might be having fun with tourist girls flirting with them.

I expressed my wish to travel extensively the Central and South Americas. We talked about how wonderful it would be to have some cash in the pocket, take some time off and explore the world. After that I told my experiences at Cambodia. The people, the terrible past history,  life, food, the ancient structures, how it would be to consumed and get consumed in the era gone by. Overall, we spoke for whole 2 hours until the phone got disconnected once it past 2 hours!!

So here we were, two individuals, sitting thousands of miles across sharing a common passion.  I always wonder about not finding a like-minded person/group to pursue my interest closer back at home. It always happens, isn't it? Thats life.

Gautam recently visited Honduras and Guatamela. He wanted to make the trip to Central Americas after being enchanted by Costa Rica. I didn't know about this trip until a couple of months ago; his friend visited my home and handed me over a packet. One was the album having photos from the trip. I kept asking which place was that and his friend had forgotten which place it was :)

And the second one was bubble wrapped. I unwrapped the packet and this is what I found.

It seems it is a piece of art made by a small kid in a remote village of Guatamela or Honduras? where Gautam spent few nights. He has happened to take that toy from the kid to send it to me! This is the most amazing gift I have ever got. I can't measure its value. Here is a piece of wood hand crafted into a nice boat and paddle; and carved with a nice tribal motif of a jungle cat!

Speechless! We are still to discuss about the trip experiences.


  1. Two things; one, Gautham and his shared passion for travelling; two, the gift.

    Altogether you had a wonderful Saturday. Nothing a like a friend who shares the passion for travelling. More, a friend with whom you can travel. I have quite a number of friends but the ones whom I'd be happy to travel with could be only three or four. Even those 'close' friends need not necessarily be good companions on a journey. I do not envy you, but am so happy for you, B!

    Of all your blog posts, the ones I still cherish is the Costa Rica!

    Someday, we will do the TdFuego, eh? :-)

    The gift is so beautiful! It is a lovely canoe!

    Wish you many more such Happy Saturdays!

    1. Balan,

      Did you say three or four such friends? Blessed you are Balan. Its very rare to find friends who share similar interests and if they are close to you, more the fun. But I have not been that lucky as well Balan. Now when Gautam is earning and is staying in the Bay area, I haven't made a single trip to USA. If it happens, I am sure we will explore the South and Central Americas more.

      And Tierra del Fuego, just let me know whenever you are ready. I shall pack a couple of clothes and then ready to go! :)

      The gift is one of the kind. Cant express how unique it is. Imagine this, its only me and me in this world who has that piece :)

  2. Such a simple yet thoughtful gesture on part of ur friend!

  3. To have a kindred soul , sharing the same passion ! Well I have no idea of that blissful experience . Though I have a few good friends, I guess they are more passionate in what they like than I ever could.

    As Balan mentioned in his comments , your Costa Rica sojourn is widely envied at least by us for sure besides your friend.
    Certain dreams and wishes stay as such that is the irony and the final fatality of life isn't it?

    If there is something called spirit, I'm sure that will stay behind and wander about in Central America, Africa and all those similarly exotic lands.

    You surely must have had a good weekend

    1. Anil, yeah the idea of going to Costa Rica just struck to me and we made it there even before realizing it. I can't even today believe I was actually there! I envy myself for that!

  4. Indeed! To have that kind of conversation is bliss. Sometimes I do miss my old friends. Just a call and we can take off like we had never stopped. And the gift is super fabulous.

    1. :) True we don't realize how time passes. Thanks Rachna, the gift is amazing

  5. Simple pleasures of life are the best:)

  6. Its always a pleasure receiving calls from friends whom one hasnt met for quite sometime.
    Gifts are always welcomed

    1. True. And if they are on a lazy day, more nicer

  7. Hi
    Reading your post after ages. Sorry, workload :((
    Yes, we crib for not finding a like minded person to interact, but should we really ? Even an unexpected call and conversation from a friend or a gift brings in so much joy. I for one always count on these simple pleasures of life :))
    Have a nice time.

    1. Hi Ruprekha,

      I am so happy to see you again here. Never mind, hope your workload has reduced. You said what I have been struggling to say. Yeah a like minded person is an added bonus only. If you get an unexpected call and a casual chat makes one's day

  8. It's always nice to get phone calls from close friends, talking for hours together. Ah..and that's a lovely gift!


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