Sunday, September 14, 2014

Relearning Phase

I'm in the US after 4 years. And it does seem like nothing has changed.
Being I am working with the same set of people; well almost.

Everything is organised and predictable; which is boring to me.  Most of the countries I've visited so far have been rustic and exotic in different ways. You can just chat up with people; form a group in the middle of a street and get along on some common themes even if you don't speak the same language.

Like cheering up for Read Madrid with Moroccans in Fez over a cup of mint tea! Neither knew Arabic nor French but we felt happy and shared that passion for the game. No one gave a second look at the odd brown skinned people who spoke none of their language and didn't swig mint tea by jugs!

Or like trying to understand the price of a chicken satay on the streets of Mailoboro in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. And the giggles that came from other women when we pulled out a 100000 note instead of 1000 Rupiah! Blame it on inflation there.

Very freely striking up a conversation with a former army personnel of Sri Lanka and exchanging opinions on civil wars without being worried about too much and at the same time respecting the country.

There are many more...these kind of things are not possible in few countries I suppose. For one; I have never been in Europe.  I have done decent Asia and a tiny bit of Africa and Middle East. Middle East is another story - women alone are like species. Anyway; here there is no scope of spontaneity and mistakes. I don't want to expand more on this :)

I am relearning stuff again.

On the right side of the road!

Metric? Whats that? In pounds, ounces and Fahrenheit

The fridge door is not opening! The knobs are stuck. The light switches are on but the lights are off...Well yeah you have to do the opposite way! But thank God! the grills and ovens open the right way only.

I have to exchange pleasantries and say Excuse Me! and Sorry! even if my shadow bumps into another person.

Start feeling good when shopping for clothes since I now have to look for 2 sizes less; so I am not "fat" while I am here ;-)

A friend of mine today was repeating every time I got into the car "Other side"

Well for few days though. I have to unlearn everything soon!


  1. Experiences of each place are unique!

  2. Have a nice time in the US....How long?
    I find it very difficult to pickup conversation with strangers,especially overseas.Once I was in Zambia,Ndola..when I tried picking up a conversation with a person who was holding TIME magazine.Cover picture was of interest to me...but,I was taken back by this man's attitude towards foreigner.

    1. Sir its just under 2 weeks. Gonna be hectic. Oh! yes sometimes things don't work. That was unfortunate. There are gregarious people who love to interact and they are great source of information

  3. Globe trotter keep trotting. I wish I had the will to squeeze in life while I travel the way you do.
    Experience isn't it the travels?

    1. Anil, thanks so much. An interesting stuff has been happening on my visit here. The directors and principal engineers I am meeting with are more interested to know about my travel experiences than the business meeting we are supposed to be on :-)

      Experience is the integral part of travel; if not its tourism :-)

  4. Interesting. Travel does open up the world, its differences and of course similarities, from place to place. And since you're on a short stay, it might be difficult for your brain to re-wire & realign :)

    1. RGB yes so I am trying to be the way I would be back in India ;-) Bumping and not saying sorry; running around and all that ;-)

  5. Have a great time in USA. I am already missing it.


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