Monday, July 18, 2016

String of Jasmine

A rhapsody of scent, unexpected. 
Welcoming; in an otherwise dull reception.
I turn around to spot a lady unassuming.
A string of jasmine flowers
Coifed on her long silky hair.
Ah! a refreshing aroma.

Jubilation; to see a lady
Clad in brightest of saree with
contrast of blouse; unmatched.
Muffled jingles from broken bells;
On her silver anklet. Assorted silver rings
Straining her slender toes.

The face; as innocent as it could be
Is the innocence just outward?
I know not; not that it matters.
Bright big red dot on the forehead;
And a tiny smear of vermilion;
Middle of her neatly parted  hair.

Glittering gold with rubies accentuated
Earrings , bangles and necklaces
The elegant lady was all decked
As if she were to attend a wedding.
Realized I was in hospital only when;
My name was called to consult the doctor.


  1. Probably the doctor's lady! 'A rhapsody of fragrance' would have been better. And how does it come? As the door opened. Jasmine! What does it remind you of? Of your younger days? Tamil ladies all decked up in Pattu Saaris and Jasmine strings! What about her eyes? Her lips? Her bearing? The way certain women wear sarees offering a lateral view of their bosom and the nauseating showing off of the navel and the post-partum scars of the sagging belly? Go on, B, imagine the scene. Let it run riot!

    1. Balan,

      She had to come for consultation. I shouldve written what it reminded me of B. And I left the rest to reader's imagination B :-) Thanks; glad you liked it.

  2. So no one looked sickly at the doctor's office! Interesting.

    1. SG,

      Sickly yes, but well dressed. I also went for consultation but dressed well :-)

  3. I loved the part where you are reminded of being in a hospital... that opens up so many possibilities for this story ... loved the way you described her.

    1. Rajlakshmi,

      haha yeah thanks. It was a twist and the rest; could be anything. I am liking the ideas folks here are throwing already

  4. I do not know whether you saw the woman as a person with ailment or an ostentatious one.
    Pretty well told the muffled jingling and description.
    Reminded of some story I read somewhere about two teen aged guys sitting in a hospital and drooling over a very beautiful and alluring woman seated a little farther. The woman did see them throw lecherous glances at her , and it was only when she was called for the radiation therapy did they know that she was a cancer survivor who went through mastectomy.
    Might seem banal for some, but yet!

    1. Anil,

      I was amused to see a traditionally dressed woman; that too at doctor's. Perhaps she had to attend a function after her appointment? Dont know; but I felt good seeing her. Dont see many these days. Haa thats sad; unfortunate. Thankfully; my looks at her was not offending. I really appreciated her style and it took me to a nostalgic mood.

  5. he he he that reminds me .. I better wear my best suit today as I have a doctors appointment :)


  6. Replies
    1. Chowla sir,

      Yes; this all occurred in an hospital.


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