Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pleasure Trip

The sun throws his final rays,
Glorious specks of gold,
Glistening on the lake.
Occasional boats pass by
Disturbing the calm waters.
The others tied to the quay; rocking to and fro;
They would all night; until set free in the morning. 
Beyond; the trees and the mountains
Form a silhouette; dark outlines, blurring details.
Are they sad? Seeing the sun go down?
A pup plays fetch; tail wiggling,
Jumping into the lake with glee,
His bum twitching and twerking,
As his owner throws the big orange ball.
His world so simple yet magical.
Night life starts along the waterfront. 
Food and drinks; in abundance.
Friends sitting by the edge, chatting. 
Lovers cuddling and stealing kisses.
Every few minutes; I see the drama of the sun
Displaying an aura of a master
Who has orchestrated the evening
And now ready to sleep.
I am here; in my own world
Watch the scene; sitting by myself.
Munching on tortillas; 3 of them with "no carne". 
Why am I here; alone? 
Should I've been with my partner?
Holding hands while watching the sunset together?
Should I've been with friends? 
Cheering up over beer? 
Why am I taking a pleasure trip alone?  


  1. Sounds good...Personally,I am not much of a poetry man

    1. Thank you sir. Yeah; I know but thanks for still taking time to read my poems.

  2. Such a simple yet lovely writeup. And to answer it...maybe because it is sometimes pleasure only if its alone :)
    Oops...just realised it was a rhetorical question ! :P

    1. Supriya,

      :-) Thank you. I wrote this as I was sitting by the lake by myself and watching things happening around :)

      Yup! its very much awesome being by yourself; the me time gets addictive too :-D

  3. The simple things in life... when viewed from the outside is always magical... Beautiful poem!

    1. Meety,

      Yes :) simple things bring much pleasure. Thank you

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