Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Shrouds of smoke;
Spreads as if there is no boundary.
Raises up; engulfing the entire space.
Lacking discipline; without a thought for anything else.
I sigh! I fume! What do I do?
Let it rise up and choke?
Or run away to an eternal freedom?
The smoke; its enticing.
What is it that attracts me?
Like a moth attracted to a flame.
There is nothing but destruction.
Is it glamorous to play with danger?
Or the rush in head for thrill?
Choking on the words that I so wanted to say.
Drowning in the thoughts that was never shared.
But it seems that I love everything
That will kill me gradually.
An unseen scar, an unheard whine.
Knowing all the while; it will kill.
Its alluring; to be burnt away
Like an incense; holy it seems.
Serving a purpose; however I know
It’s a suicide.
I will still enjoy till my last breath.


  1. Hey, Bindu, long time. I am happy to see your post. I am busy with my work hence not regular.
    You def. have a flair to write.:)

    1. Chitra ma'am,

      Welcome back. Been long; I didnt see you writing regularly so assumed you stopped. Glad to see you here. Thank you


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