Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gypsy's Friend

He was brought to my area by a family who were hired for a building construction as a 2-3 month old pup; about 3 years ago. He is an Indie; used to be tied up outside their shanty temporary home in the construction site; watching me and Gypsy everyday whenever we would go walking. His thin tail would wag vigorously every time he saw Gypsy. Once the building construction was complete; the family abandoned him and he made this area his home.

He would never come near us; now that he was free. He would stand at a distance and continue to wag his tail and run away. He didn't become part of any pack; though he is amicable with every other dogs in the area - be it stray or breed. He is fed by many people; his territory stretches long and wide on all four sides.

One can see a guy feeding biscuits every morning or a lady feeding him rice or a shopkeeper spreading out gunny sack for him to sleep on. He has many names, now has a collar around his neck. Very well behaved; this pup has earned trust, love and respect of everyone. As days passed by; he got a bit more confident to come near Gypsy. Gypsy considers him as best friend too; he gets restless if he does not meet this guy at least once in a day. He would sit on the road and wait until his fellow turns up. The same with him; wherever he is; he would for sure come running as soon as he recognises gypsy's scent; like the way you see in movies how two long lost friends run to hug each other. They play for a while. He does not let any other dog intimidate Gypsy and if any stray barks at Gypsy; he is always there to protect.

On one of our walk evenings; Gypsy waiting for his friend to turn up.

If it's just me walking on the road; he would come up to me and push his snout into my hand or rub his head against my leg. A pat and a rub and he would walk with me for a while and let me go. Today he came till the gate and was waiting; wouldn't go in spite of me nudging him. Strays are fed at times or they scavenge but finding water to drink is hard for them. Fed him and gave him water to drink; looks like it was thirst. He drank until his thirst quenched and off he went. I've thought many times to bring him home. But he may not like it; he is a free spirit; loves his freedom. May not like being cooped up.

I haven't named him; just address him "DA" - a self made alpha 😊

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