Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Crunch of the snow as I walk on them
Muffled by the howling wind.
Air wet and frigid; I bend my head down
Protecting my naked face from the biting cold
As if in respect to the harsh weather.

Rhythmic marching; one step at a time
Not a creature in sight; an unwelcome eerie.
This night seems to be long.
Awaiting in anticipation; a flicker of light,
The warmth and the coziness of bed.

I wish someone was walking with me.
My hurried steps wander; homebound.
The blurry slush, squelching as I drag my feet.
I’ve defined my path, so no turning back.
I’ll defend it; until I hit the high wall.

Crossing a bridge; rickety and narrow.
The black of the water shimmer
The moon’s imperfect reflection; dances.
Teasing me of my situation. Ah! An irony.
Wait in the wings I will; quiet and patient.

Squeezing the compass in my hand, I continue.
I turn a bend and find myself at crossroad.
Two narrow path fork; which one now?
Halting in my footsteps, I gaze as far as I could
Do I see any signs of light? Far away?

Those thoughts reach me again.
My fingers caressing your face.
The scar on your nose; you were conscious about.
I really liked them. Have I told you that?
Sure, its not relevant now; is it?

I cast my eyes again on the forks.
I need to pick a path and continue.
Its gotten late. I feel so lonely.
Guess I should keep walking.
And I wish you were walking with me. 


  1. Whoa...! Mesmerizing and left me at the crossroads just imagining this plight.

  2. Intense... and yeah I felt like I was with you on that lonely path and at the crossroads!

    1. RGB,

      Thanks much. Ha a company makes so much difference isnt it?

  3. I loved the path about squeezing the compass in hand. The vivid imagery of a traveller and the path crossed is beautifully expressed.

    1. Thank you Rajlakshmi. Glad you liked the poem. Having a compass and yet being confused was an analogy to how we often think we've figured out everything and yet we get stumped when faced with certain situations


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