Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Naaah....this is not about Vijay's latest flick. But about kuruvis..aka Sparrows. Common house sparrows. Few years back when the city still retained its old charm, one could see these sparrows; incessant chirps flying around, feeding on grains, seeds...How lovely these birds were. When I was very young, the sparrows would be the source of entertainment. I would beg my mama to spare few grains of rice. When she gave me some, I used to put them on the window sill and watch the sparrows have their field day. Now where have all the sparrows gone??? :-(


  1. I had the same doubt!!! So I started to observe it. Actually This Sparrows Wiped out from
    our country.
    Because of mobile tower radiation (Not confirmed yet, I need to do some research on it)


  2. Sparrows were badly bruised and killed by parrots in bangalore.

  3. Hey you know what? When I was in Nepal, I saw so many sparrows flying by evey where and I was wondering the same thing! I wonder what happened to them?

  4. Sparrows have all vanished!! courtesy tree felling and more and more concrete...The day is not far off when we would see them in a zoo (or has the day arrived?)

  5. Dear Insignia,

    I remember read in a newspaper that all the sparrows migrated from Chennai to different places because of mobile tower radiation.

    After reading that news, I tried myself to find sparrows but invain.
    Recently, when I stepped into Rameswaram, I have seen two/three sparrows playing out side the garden at Railway station. You believe it or not, I was watching those birds as if I am seeing a new bird. So that is the fate of sparrows by the blessings of radiations.

    As you said, the time will come to see them in zoological parks.

  6. Dear Naidu Sir,

    I recall reading about it too. You cant find sparrows in a city anymore. It was such a common bird that it was called "common sparrow". Not anymore.

    Guess they should rename it as "Rare sparrow". The last time I saw sparrows was in Bangalore International Airport in Barista. Lot of them, they were chirping and flying around. I was really really happy. Seeing them as a flock is such rarity these days. I pray that the airport authorities do nothing to disturb them

  7. When I read these posts, my nose gets tingly. I liked this post so much that I shared it with my dad. :-) His first appearance on your blog! Hurray!!


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