Friday, September 19, 2008

My hard luck with Ennai Kathrikai

One of my favorites from my mom's kitchen is Ennai Kathrikai. For the uninitiated, it is a simple and tasty Tamil vegetarian curry. It literally translates to "Oliy Brinjal/Eggplant". This brinjal curry is made with extra oil than that is normally used in a sambhar.
A whole brinjal smeared with the masala dripping its a heavenly taste.
I would stay hungry all matter hot tough it would be to stay without eating, just to eat mom's preparation.
But as luck would have it, each time, yes each time out of the innumerable times I have tasted this preparation at home; I have ended up being unlucky in savoring the curry. Let me tell why.
Ennai kathrikai at home is always eaten with hot steamy rice. I would scoop out a spoon of ennai kathrikai and also some gravy, mix it well and start feeling the heaven, I mean relish it with a sense of gratitude to my mom for preparing it.
I am a fuzzy eater, if that's what it is. The habit of segregating curry leaves, onions to the side of the plate always make my eyes rove around for "non-eatable" offense here..
Don't know for what reason, mustard, curry leaves have always been in the list of "non-eatable" for me. Also Holy Lord, the onions..they are the UNTOUCHABLES.....
so in this process, I always end up finding...guess what??
A WORM :-(.
Oh yes.....I always find a worm somehow having escaped the cleaning process in brinjal(They remain unnoticed as the brinjal are just slit into 4 in this preparation). I have found them in varying sizes, to fully grown 1 and 1/2 inch ones(yuck!!!! I can still visualize that in my plate) to tiny ones....
I am a strict Lacto-ovo-vegetarian. so worms are a big NO-NO for me :-D.
But why me? Why do I get a wormy ennai kathrikai always???
the next thing I would do is to throw away the entire heap of rice and remain hungry......My dream of savoring Ennai Kathrikai and finishing off the entire plateful of rice still remains a dream.....
Hopefully I would be able to live my dream...


  1. Too bad that you find a worm every single time! I cannot help but have a laugh. Ha ha ha... But the dish looks too yummy!

  2. Hmm :-( Never managed to eat it completely..

  3. haha.. o dear lord!
    actually now that i read this. i DO remember that u used to apply this segragation theorem when we used to eat together.. LOL.

    Nevertheless, you won't really find any advantages of it.. ;) only an extra worm. hehe. hope u do live ur dream one day!

  4. Oh dear! You remember...Its very true, my habit of segregating while I eat has made me a laughing stock.
    Hmmm....hope I can savor this dish fully.

  5. Did you ever get to have this dish yet?

  6. :)

    Good Luck for future. :)

  7. Did you finally get to eat this? Did I ever send you a photo of the yennai kathrikai i made a while back?

  8. Gautam,

    Not yet :( You did send the picture of your yennai kathrikai. Dont send it once again and make me restless


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