Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog, Blogging and Bloggers

What binds us all here is one sole purpose, our passion for writing a.k.a Blogging in virtual world. The budding writer, the amateurish writer, the professional writer - all play in the same arena and each one has their own readers and fans and followers. Here is where you can rant, discuss, crib, complain, flaunt, debate........

Most of us start a blog to pen down our thoughts or to maintain a journal and then forget about it. The doubt if you can even frame one sentence and write it down is what lingers on; and the blog gets buried deep down. Few of them build the courage to resurrect it and start writing. And then, there is no looking back.

To Blog or Not to Blog....hmmmm.........

The best thing to happen here is interacting with so many fellow bloggers and sharing and exchanging views and learning whole lot of new things. Some of them crib, rant or write about personal life. Its their own space, few write beautiful poems and enchanting fictions; giving a run for a money to an established story teller. Few share recipes. fashion tips and few others share their travel experiences through journals and photography. All in all, a place for suckers of knowledge.

Here is where you can claim "Man, you are wrong" and fight for it :-) Or give lots of unsolicited advice or even better - plan someone else's life or have a take on others' decision or anything and everything happening around you

Bloggers - few of them continue to become good friends and go beyond the one that brought them together. Few stay on and continue to encourage and support and yearn for the same. Still few drift away - their work calling; they get sucked into their busy schedule and cant take time for the blog. Few of them gradually lose interest; for few its a temporary halt and they bounce back. Few other still stick on and keep writing and in the process make new friends and miss old ones.

As the blog evolves, so does the blogger. If you want to know how a blogger writes and the true style, start digging into the archives first. The present one might not be his true style, as the blog evolves and as the blogger churns up post after post, the creative juice flows away and topics dry. So the best of the posts are always in archives. :-)

I have been fascinated by innovative concepts like Tags, 55-er, Wordless Wednesdays, Muscial Mondays, Thursday Challenge, Blog awards and so on. Yes, I did want to receive those digital image as awards, wanted someone to tag me, wanted to write a 55-er. But then again, thats the "teenage" years of blogger. :-) You mature as a blogger and then look back and laugh at your desperate act to gain readers and comment count. All that mattered then were number of comments and number of awards and tags.

I have known bloggers as to what kind of a person he or she is with their writing, their passion towards life and purpose of life becomes evident by the topics they write. Those few people who constantly encourage and give constructive criticism keeps us going on and on, churning posts one after the other. Oh! there are few hypocrites out here as well; who follow you and throw in comments just to lure you into visiting their space. For them, the number matters. Few who just comment to keep their presence without even reading what the blogger has written or trying to say is common here. You can as well read different styles of commenting if you are observant.

I had an humorous take on comments sometime back. Check that our here - I Love Your Comments

Whatever......we continue to write; we continue to read, encourage and share; there's an untold Good-Bye when a blogger vanishes; we interact with different people at different point in time....

For bloggers may come and bloggers may go,
But our blog goes on forever :-)

PS : I dedicate this post to all you wonderful bloggers and also who have vanished from blogging world now.


  1. simply beautiful and touching post...:) millions of blogs appear and millions vanish at almost the same sppeed...but there are some that remain..remain steadfast..v have made wonderful friends, excellent buddies thru this virtual medium..the benefits cannot be written in getting emotional..anyone doubting the effectiveness of blogs can contact me..i will prove u wrong for sure...cheers

  2. As always, very well written. You gave an excellent description for the word “blog”. Yes, if we look back our own previous writing, we would often wonder if it was written by us. Our writing evolves.

    But as I said before, many virtual friends are just virtual friends. Only very few will become “real” friends. Blogging is the only thing that unites. Once you stop writing, how many will keep in touch with you? Very few. For you, I am one of those very few. I think.

  3. blogging has given me so many being one of them..I had never imagined that my one mail about what I thought about your "fly" post would make us such close buddies.. *touchwood*

    I have written so much on bloggers and blogs..this is one subject you can blog on and on about and not get bored either of writing or reading..

    I very well remember your post on comments..had wonderful time before n after that post, remember? :P

    Digging one's archives surely helps to know the blogger..but that's when you have to judge a blogger..I feel that if the person does not write well now, he/she won't grab my attention for longer than 5 minutes even if one was the most fantabulous writer in the past..interest me and I will read you, period!

    let's see how many readers I lose after posting this comment :P

    wonderful post :)

  4. Ramesh,

    thanks a lot. I agree with you. We gain a lot isnt it? Be it the knowledge, the friends, the relationships....Sadly few people quit...but salute to people who go one...:)

  5. SG,

    Thank you. Yes, we dont realize our potential and doubt if we can do it. And then we keep going on.

    Friends; be it real or virtual; some stick on; most of them go away. In blog world too; many go away even without informing.

    You are definitely one of those very few. Thanks for being there :)

  6. Neha,

    Yes, I am glad :) The "fly" post and your email later...hahaha I remember.

    Yeah, there are so many things that we can keep writing about blogs and bloggers

    The comments post is one of the BEST post of mine. I still dont know how that entire thing came up so beautifully.

    Thank you :) dont worry about readers and comments..We are past all that :-D

  7. Insignia,

    "Interesting, wonderful, touching and awesome post. You blog rocks. Thanks for visiting my blog."

    Did I miss an adjective?

    On a serious note, blogging is an interesting world. I love to receive honest comments but never sure which ones are honest. My agenda of blogging is simple - pass time in somewhat creative manner and of course comments motivate me. But sometimes people do not even read and comment.

    I have no clue what is 55-er. I stayed away from Tags and I got only one award (I am so sad (:..) I guess I will never be a teenager.

    With regard to friends, like in non internet life, there are friends who are always with you and some who leave, same applies to blogging world.

  8. Your 'software' mind analyses and discern things quite well.
    I cannot disagree with your points. But alas there are these banal variety who as you said comment for the sake of commenting may be even without reading the post , the idea being to attract more visits into their fiefdom. But then it is pretty easy to identify those folks.
    The point I would make is that if one visits or comments on posts that are only in tune with ones own perception then that is a very silly way of spending ones time. Difference of opinion and sparing is the essence. Some are always with blinkers and refuse to look around and hold on to their perceptions , perhaps out of fear of the inconvenient point, truth or subject.
    I see you enjoy the virtual life here, so do I and many others. Let us forget the rest.

  9. Wowie...nice post. That is not what I am going to say. I am not going to say it is stupid:). I read the earlier blog to , at that time I was not following you.
    What I like is even the simple things of life you write well. Blog and blogging ..who has delved deep into it the other than penning the thoughts.Your posts, most of the time remind me of my son's writings.
    I have also felt many times that many appear on the blog just mark their hajar with out reading.
    Merry Christmas. have a good day.

  10. There are two things about writing blogs; one, its the space where you can express yourselves and publish them without fear of rejection! Secondly, you meet a lot of interesting people and you learn different perspectives of life.
    The downside is, your audience is limited and the memory span of a blog reader is quite short - you read a post, comment and you move on to the next blog or post. Another sad thing is the way your blogger friends falling silent suddenly. ( You might remember I had written a poem on that)

    If wanting more people to read your blog is immature, then I must a baby! I definitely want more people to read what I write; more than that, I would like them to comment on it. I wistfully look at the Counter, seeing all those far off lands - Brazil, US, Japan - somebody read me - connected with me - but they just move on, nary a comment. That makes me real sad.

    There is a particular blog I follow; He/she writes great poems; have been blogging for a long while, yet there are only 2 followers. The reason could be that the blogger is not visiting other blogs. He/she might as well be writing a personal diary.

    Blogging isn't complete just by writing; you have to have readers, as many as possible. I don't think it is childish or 'teenage' to wish more readers.

    oh, btw, you are a great blogger, B! :)

  11. so true..On my blog I dont want comments just for the sake it.and I myself also do the same.I go to any blog I like, irrespective of whether they come to me or not.Because I like to read some stimulating thoughts.

  12. honestly I started blog because of one of my friends and then took it so seriously that today I'm almost 4 years on this sphere and have made lot of wonderful friends :)

    Blogging sure is a place for rejuvenation, making friends,putting forth your views,writing your mind out,sharing and gathering info :)

    Cheers to blogging :)

  13. I particularly like this line " Here is where you can rant, discuss, crib, complain, flaunt, debate........" .
    Many of us start a blog , write with full enthu , enjoy Teenage years of blogging ( as u mentioned) and then slowly leave intrest and halt. I too took inspirations from few of my friends and strted blogging but then some of those friends stopped blogging itself . I wish they too bounce back :)

  14. Yo! Wonderful analysis. Can't agree more on this. :)
    One dirty rule some bloggers follow is: "you scratch my back, and I scratch yours."
    This has always been the case with a few. They never see, to get out of their, as you put it, teenage years of blogging.
    But the good thing is that we'll definitely find some good readers who actually read before commenting. Then whether they like our posts or not, it always feels good to interact with them.

    Well, bloggers may come and bloggers may go,
    But B Log goes on forever! :))

  15. I was nodding my head throughout the whole post. I agree. I started blogging cause I was bored and when I started it I knew nothing about it really, now also I know nothing :P. I have gained few very good friends from blogging. I love reading few blogs and its really fun :).

  16. i was coming up with something like this soon..:) may be i would just write it..:P

    reading u has been has been the desperate days of collecting followers or comments..:) :)

    u write really well..i follow so many blogs,read some forget some..but i always make it a point to read urs..that shud say it all..shouldn't it?

  17. A,

    Hahaha thanks. Comments of course are one way to motivate and encourage. But most use that as a mean to increase their readership. They dont realize people will stay on if they are good enough. 55-er is a concept where you write a fiction in not more than 55 words.

  18. anil,

    Thank you. Yes its really easy to identify them. Few stay on and go to the extent of emailing you and nagging to post comments and ask why was the latest post not read!

    Yes, there are other categories who agree and passively accept everything one has to say. There is no fun then. Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

    Another way to actively involve a reader is to put forth some questions to them or ask for their views. That way, you can expect some discussions. :-) Oh yes, I enjoy the life out here.

  19. chitra,

    Thanks, glad you liked. Its the simple things in life that gives us happiness and satisfaction isnt it? We just take it for granted. But just give it a thought and look at it in a new perspective, you realize these simple things are the ones that make or break our life :)

    Wow, does your son write as well? Good. You too, have a wonderful holidays. Merry Chiristmas. :)

  20. Bala,

    Immaturity is not about just wanting more people to read about. People start behaving like a kid when you dont comment on their blog. I dont comment unless I understand what that person is trying to say. But 9 out of 10 people on blog world are the ones who just crave for attention. Mere reading doesnt satisfy them, they want comments in numbers

    Some target 100 comments, and go to any length to get them..Facebook, orkut...they advertise their blog just for the sake of comments.

    Bala, you are in a different league. Its difficult to find intellectuals like you who have substance in their writings. And what you find on blog world is "You visit me and comment, I visit you and comment"

    Its more about networking. You told about a fantastic blogger who has just 2 followers. I know of numerous bloggers who just are mediocre but people flood them. Why? There is no substance, yet...just because these folks go about commenting on each and every blog they come across irrespective of they connect or not.

    More readers yes....more comments and nag for comments? NO

    Thanks for acknowledging me as great blogger Bala. Here, a great blogger is the one who has lot of readers and heck a lot of comments :) In that way, I have a long way to go...not many who read me...see...:-P

  21. Renu,

    All of us look for genuine comments and healthy discussions. It doesnt happen sadly. :)

  22. Scribbler,

    Thats awesome. Yes, it sure is a stress buster :)

  23. neha,

    Yeah, people lose interest gradually. :) We should go on.

  24. Karthik,

    Long time no see, where have you been? Glad to see you back here.
    Exactly, you visit me , I visit you is stupid

    Its wonderful to share thoughts and make friends and meet like-minded people.

    :-) hahaha I too wish that B Log goes on forever.

  25. Harini,

    :-) Thank you. Its nice to share thoughts and meet people :)

  26. Madhu,

    Yes, write about it.
    Thanks, I am glad you enjoy reading me. Its encouraging to hear that you make it a point to read my blog, thank you. I will try to keep up to your expectations :)

  27. Just a few more thoughts after seeing your reply to my comments and of the rest.
    Foremost you have a reasonable following.And even if you haven't had I would categorise you in the top bracket.
    I agree with you fully that visits to a blog need not necessarily determine the quality of the Blog's postings.And why the hell should we care for more visits?Well this of course is my thought , opinions can and may differ. I will be happy with interaction from a handful of quality bloggers who appreciate difference of opinion and are substantial in their comments,.Even if a comment is cynical.
    Though Balan did not mention by name, Kaalpanique is a Blogger of excellence.And she has only a couple of regular visitors.
    And it really does not matter if visits to ones blog are few. The bulk of the blogging is unfortunately ......!!!!!!!
    It is always better to take the ones with substance even if they are of divergent opinion and perception than ours and then go all out for a debate . That is the fun of the matter.
    One may disagree with another blogger but to cease any visits or comments only because he or she has a different opinion is obscurantist and childish.

  28. Blogging is a totally different world. We get to know more people, and can see the world as they see it. We can tell what kind of person the blogger is through his/her posts.

    I love reading your posts, as I've mentioned before too. My comments on your blog are because the contents of your posts are always in accordance to my thoughts and thinking. (^_^)

    Also, I do not believe in commenting on posts that I do not approve of and I wish people who comment on my blog do the same.

  29. Oh, and my net connection is busted at the moment, hence the late comment. I may not be able to visit your(or others') blog for a while now. :(

  30. hey,

    I am reading your blogs after a certain internal and it pleases me with same intensity(as it did earlier).
    Your style of writing is different from others and I do make point to read your blogs every time I enter into blog-o-sphere,and sometimes make my presence felt.

    Expecting tags, awards and followers mark a stage, which is well defined above. I remember going through all those at the start of my journey.
    "I started blogging because it provided me works of different minds round the world, at a cheap cost ", it sounds odd but I had this kind of lust(I am not getting the right word) to read read and read.
    The term blog is well defined, :)

    "For bloggers may come and bloggers may go,
    But our blog goes on forever. "
    true words.

  31. It is very easy to comment "excellent post",especially if you don't read the post and want to mark your attendance.
    I often feel better if someone comes up with anything different or better than what I had written.
    I read the posts as well as comments.What Balan had written is a very valid point.What if you keep on writing and no one reads?Unfortunately,it so happens in the blog world,that if you don't visit other blogs,you would be left alone.Like Anil has commented,me too have seen some excellent blogs,with few followers. At one of the blogs,I am the only one who visits or makes comments.That blogger takes all the troubles to buy and read books and review them.What if no one follows the reviews?
    Good blogging doesn't mean we have to agree with everything.It also doesn't mean you should have exemplary language skills.This is not a writing competition.We write what we want to write about.And write it in a way that others can understand.
    I have seen some bloggers with linguistic excellence.Anil,KT and Balan are skilled writers.I wont dare to compare other bloggers with them or anyone else. All should have the simple decency to understand and accept the limitations of ordinary bloggers like me. If I keep on writing medical jargons,how many would read or understand? And that is one thing I try to avoid.
    We are not going to change the world by blogging.And I dont even think that is the purpose.May be ripples,thats all.
    That was a decent post.I mean it.

  32. Its true. All of it. The changes this blogosphere goes through.

    I think it is especially hard when you are active and you have all your blogger mates and then suddenly peopl drop off. I have a few who have dropped off, one in particular and I really liked her, but I just cannot find her anymore, esp given she was an exceptional write (a prof. writer actually). Even in this virtual world, I think attachments happen, and if you so prone to be affected, it can be hard.

    Now, I hope you consider my comment authentic and pop by my blog and become a follower and write loads of comments! Ha! :)

  33. Blogs! hehe. Brings so many happy memories. Whenever I saw comments, I used to feel so happy. Whattay wonderful medium it has always been to interact with people and get appreciate. Even for the crappiest things! :P

    Keep blogging!

  34. Glad visited your blog..
    Liked it..And what you said is so true about bloggers..Initially when I started the blog,I used to think about the readers..Now I am thinking about myself..I don't mind what others think about ME & my bloG..
    This blogosphere is a great world where you can meet wonderful people..

  35. Wonderful post! This blog world of ours is truly an amazing world! Glad to have met some wonderful people! Have learnt a LOT here!!
    3 Cheers for all blogging buddies! :)

  36. And the best part is that you get emotionally attached to your little space you call your blog. I think it's just amazing. Long live everyone's blog! :)

    Happy blogging and a very happy Christmas! ;)

  37. Some blogs are really interesting to read and some are informative.
    Some write with the sole intention of earning some revenue and you can make out such blogs.

  38. excellent post
    agree with you all points
    including writing style

  39. anil,

    Thank you. Thanks for taking time off to read my replies and share your few more thoughts.
    See, this is what draws a line between a genuine reader and a reader just for the sake of leaving a trail of presence.

    You take your time off to visit my page again to see what I have replied and actively involve in discussion. How many such people would you find here? I have had amusing instances where a blogger asks me a question, I respond and after few days ask me the same question again. Or they ask me few things whose answers are obvious only if they really read! Such things turns you off. Its fine not visiting than showing a fake presence.

    But yes, the numbers dont really bother me anymore; I am glad that I have few quality bloggers around me; I learn a lot from them; and too happy to debate and discuss with them :)

  40. Enigma,

    I am glad that we think alike :)
    Its a nice forum here; but unfortunately some people use it for earning fame and followers :) No problem, visit this space whenever your net is fully functional. And yeah Happy Holidays :)

  41. Anurag,

    Thanks. Yeah you disappeared for a while! glad to see you back.

    Yeah, its a place to share your thoughts and further learn a lot.

  42. dr.anthony,

    Its one sad thing that one keeps on writing and no one reads. But there is nothing worse than getting a "Haha funny post" when you have actually written about a gruesome accident you witnessed. Such comments - yeah I have received tons of them.

    such bloggers just want to leave a trail of presence and make sure you follow them and comment on their insensible posts. Sorry if I sound rude here; but there are heck a lot of such people around.

    If a blogger keeps cribbing and complaining about things around him/her, how long can you keep commenting "Its OK. Dont worry, things will be fine". But then its their own space, they are free to write anything. But if you stop commenting because you dont have anything substantial there, then you are sure nagged and nagged as to why you havent commented. Such things are irritating for sure.

    Anil and Balan are too good a bloggers. I admire them for the way they present the topic and for sure their vocabulary and language. Yes, as you said we cant expect everyone to be extraordinary, but we can sure expect all of them to be true and not fake around :)

  43. SSQuo,

    Welcome to B Log :-) I hope you liked this post of your first visit :)
    Attachments do happen for sure, I am good friends with few bloggers now :)
    Its tough when they stop writing, we sort of get adapted to their writing and its become habitual.

    Oh yeah, I can make our authentic and fake comments, so dont you worry :)

    Keep visiting :)

  44. Hit Wicked,

    :-) Yup! Even for the crappiest things :) You said it!

    Cheers :)

  45. Neeha,

    Welcome to Blog :) I am glad as well.
    Yeah the moment you start thinking about readers, you are forced to churn out mediocre stuff. Just write for yourself and you will have people to read it automatically :)

  46. Shilpa,

    Thank you. Yes, its a nice world out here with charming people and few great blogs :)

    Hip! Hip! Hurry!!
    Hip! Hip! Hurry!!
    Hip! Hip! Hurry!!


  47. Destiny's child,

    Yes, oh my! talk about the attachment. I am very possessive about my space :) Happy Blogging and Happy Holidays to you too :)

  48. True to every point...
    Keep writing girl :-)

  49. Meety,

    :-) Thank you for your encouraging words.

  50. I am a fairly new kid on the blogging horizon. It was a good reading. An excellent blog, inspires me to blog. And where will i be, in one of those categories or vanish , i do not know.

  51. AS,

    You were one among my first readers :)
    Keep blogging :)

  52. The thing about your posts is that you cover every bits and pieces of the topic you're dealing with.
    And you've made so many tiny observations about the seemingly infinite blogging world and its latest innovations.. even those things which we often fail to notice.

    And a heartwarming conclusion. I was like.. being at the climax of a full length movie about bloggers.. :)

  53. Yes, it is good to keep blogging though we are getting busy in our daily life.

  54. et,

    Thanks, yes I observe the subtlety and triviality in every thing; maybe thats why :-)

    Haha movie about bloggers! :-D

  55. Bindu this post is motivating the lazy me to start writing again :) i could relate with the fact that during our teenage days of blogging all that we cared for was comments :P

  56. G3,

    You should!!! I have been waiting for so many months to read you again :)


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