Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Love Your Comments :-P

I am writing this piece after much thought, fighting against myself if it would be politically correct and appropriate to be writing on such a topic. I just talked about this idea with Neha, and she encouraged me to go ahead; in fact following up to check when I would post it. If not for her, I might still be in the process of thinking. Well, well, there are few good people who always appreciate a good write up, I am sure; so here I go.

This comes after observing for quite sometime; you don't really know; but everyone leaves behind relative patterns in their actions, in the blogs we write, the words we choose, the comments we make on the posts. It would seem oblivious to us, but we do leave trails. You think I am going to talk about Chaotic Theory and Randomness? Finding order in chaos? Fractals? These needs helluva of a brain; which I don't possess. If I don't possess such an overwhelming brain, I assume you all don't have it too :-P and so I shall spare you all from them. What I am hinting at wont need an astute brain but just some observation and analysis.

OK OK, here is what its going to be. I am a very thoughtful commentator; at blog posts. At least that's what I think about myself. I do read the posts before commenting, I do go back and check if the author has any questions for me based on my comments, or if there is anything else that I need to pass on; like Thanks. I don't end up posting unrelated comments. So I feel I am thoughtful to some extent. Those who don't agree can keep quiet!!! :-P :-P :-P

Yeah, I do read comments passed on by readers in my blog and also in others' blog. And I have drawn a picture of some of these comments. What they write, what they mean and what I think...

Please note that What they mean is just my figment of imagination; which in most cases is true :-P
Hahaha, I am wicked.

So let me shoot.

"Awesome post"
(Oh!! I did skim through your post. I just know one proper adjective in the English vocabulary. That's the best one I know of. So here it is; my best comment)
Whoever discovered this word "awesome"!!!! But my response would be "Thank you for the comments :-)"
With a smiley....huh.....

"Nice read"
(You wasted my precious time baby!!)
Huh...did you say "nice"? Nice means foolish you fella; of course in medieval English. But I still attach nice to stupid.

"Very detailed description....."
(Were you planning for a movie screenplay? How much should I strain my brain to visualize all that you typed? Better make it simple the next time buddy!!)
Geee..I guess I really narrated it well. I will try to do better next time

Oh NO!!!

"Its a sensitive topic. So I would rather not comment"
(I really don't know about the topic. But am I going to accept it? Yet, I want to comment on this post; else you wont comment on my next post isn't it?)
If so, what was the need to mention it on comment section? Just ignore!!

(I am tired to read this post. But let me make my presence felt)
What are you laughing at? Me??

"I got reminded of the incident that happened..........................................................................................................."
(Oh, your post made me recall this sweet incident!!)
Buddy, you hijack my blog, and publish a new post on my blog muft mein.....Ok maaf kiya. But where is the comment for my post? You liked it? Suggestions? improvements?

"What you mentioned is wrong. I don't agree..........."
(I had a bad day at work, my spouse never stops nagging me, and I am all conked up. I want to throw my frustration somewhere and Lo! your blog seems to be a nice loo)
OK, Boss, you don't agree. We can always agree to disagree. Not everyone thinks alike. Cool down.
Alter-ego: Huh!! Who is asking you to agree? I didn't write for you to agree. Its MY blog, I shall write whatever I want

(I don't know what to say)
What? Are you mocking at me? Are you agreeing with what I wrote? What? I don't understand a thing from your :-)

"Very touching post"
(Urgh!! You made me recall past events. Now I feel terrible)
Touched what? :-P

"I liked your statement in P.S"
(Your P.S was much better than your main script. Grow up!!)
Oh! Did you read the whole post at all?

"Great. Happy Diwali"
(Your post sucks!!!)
Thanks. What else are you expecting?

"This is all too much"
(It seems funny to me)
What is too much? It may seem absurd to you. But these are my views. As I respect you, learn to respect others' views

"I don't seem to understand your statement. Are you saying its right? Can you please explain?"
(I am stupid. I don't understand things easily. Please explain it to me in simple terms)
Did I use Latin or Aramaic? Was it not simple. Phew!!!

"I am speechless"
(I am confused! I don't know if I understood what you wrote)
Would you just puke out on your monitor if you opened your mouth to speak? Was my post that bad?

"What the %^$# are you saying?"
(I liked it so much. My idea of appreciation is to use 'f' words)
Excuse me!! Are you abusing me? Watch your words; else I will pull out your tongue

"Enakku roamba pidichirunthathu"/Kya baat hai, acha laga"
(Wow, I just loved the post so much that I can only express it my native tongue now)
Hey!! Why don't you mention the same in a language where everyone understands. Others might take it offensive buddy!! As if you are sharing a secret of a treasure only with me

"Hi, New here. Nice blog you have. I will blog roll you right away"
(I am blog hopping; hoping that you will visit my blog)
Hey, thanks. But so many people find my blog good and promise to blog roll. They do blog roll but vanish later?!! boy!! Is there a special punishment like lifetime imprisonment for people who blog roll me?

Phew!!! Phew!! Phew!!!

P.S - This post is so awesome. It is such a nice read. Great post!, very nicely described. But some of them that I mentioned was so wrong!! It was a sensitive topic and bit too much!!!! But I am $%^&ing speechless and I am going to be blog rolled by many folks right away!!
Waah, kya baat hai

P.S : My post script is much better ain't it?

Alright alright final P.S. Please tell me how you feel about the comments I post on your blogs. I would really love to get bashed up. :-D


  1. awesome post... really nice read, very detailed description of the comments...though it is a sensitive topic, but I still went hehehehe while reading it.. :D

    ok, now some confessions - I got reminded of one incident - this is so me...I always end up writing my experiences in most of the comments, but i don't forget to mention about the post too..uh huh, this confession n all is too much yaar, I don't agree with it...

    and this point where you mentioned "Great, Happy Diwali", can you elaborate please? I didn't understand it...

    darn (it is not an abuse), I hate this "I am speechless" statement...and I won't say anything further as ur "other language" comment offended me so much..humph

    oh i am still writing, as I love ur PS :P

  2. No comments on this comment :)

    it was fun reading it...infact most of the time it holds true in my case...another thing i noticed...people copy paste and rephrase the comment entered above :)

  3. hii

    hahahah! I really loved reading this post yaar! what a creative one ! I must say i love ur writing :)

    keep rocking!

  4. Now if whatever comment i write i feel kinda hmmm ok i've posted a comment...apart from wat yu have mentioned yu want a innovative comment eh? OK here yu go .."Yur blog was like that, that was this and this was that...thats wat am talking abt that, so that yu can understand that" If yu still like my comments...then God Bless yu Bindu, and my mokai spare me...Hayooo Hayooo

  5. seri let me do all the things u have written here. gethu po.. sama post. range blog. i will blogroll u soon..ur ps is
    anyways i get loads of these from really stupid ppl whose idea of blogging is number of followers and popularity and awards.if u take the pain to read such people and comment genuinely they will say thank u without even reading.i have blocked some idiots like that.i prefer people who read and tell what they think rather than what i want them to think.but u know sometimes u dont understand whats been

  6. This post is tailor made to show what kind of comments I give! :P

  7. Was waiting for this one! :D
    And no disappointments!!
    Cannot access blogs right now but had had to make it here... :P :D
    Followed you just in time... oh, doesn't mean you have to follow me, seriously :-|, again u mite... ;)

  8. Nice one. I love it. When commenting, there are some people who use the words from other comments without even knowing what it meant.

  9. You wrote about comments. I want to write about blogs.

    What they write: Gibberish
    What they mean: Self admiration
    What I think: When will they learn

  10. Hi Neha,

    Loved your comment :-D
    I am speechless!!


  11. Hi Gayathri,

    :-) Yeah I have done most of these too..Hehehehe

    People tend to copy paste; maybe their vocabulary is poor. When they see someone already has posted their exact thoughts, they just copy paste maybe!!

  12. Hi AS,

    Thank you for the comments. :-)
    Glad you liked this piece.

  13. Hi Hary,

    Guess you went bonkers huh? Take it light.. This was just a self mockery. :-) Each of us have done it once in a while.

    Did someone really comment that way? And if so, what did you answer?

  14. Hi soin,

    Thanks for your views. Yeah I do agree that there are few insensitive folks out there. But glad that we are not one among them :-)

  15. Hey Abhi,

    You are so generous to have owned up dear! I have some stake too...I have done one of these at some point while commenting :-P

  16. Hi Guria,

    Thanks for the comments. That's surprising that you were waiting on this post!! Neha told you I guess. And relief that I didn't disappoint Neha and you as well.

    I haven't read your posts yet. Haven't found time. And I just might start following you :-)

  17. Hi SG,

    Thanks. I understand what you meant. Maybe the choice of words entice them and they just want to use it without even knowing if its right or not

  18. Hi Vivek,

    I would not say welcome back. Something tells me you have been passively reading the posts. Thanks for your thoughts.

    I just hope that you dont find my blog gibberish :-)

    Take care

  19. well Insignia, all three of us have been thinking on the same line...thus Guria was waiting for this post :)

  20. Actually, you'd left very little margin to comment on this post, and yet I am commenting, which only goes on to show how redundant the whole process is! And no, the process started with your writing the post in the first place! Oh no, it started with your advent in this World! Or maybe it started with the Big Bang itself! ;) But all that is too philosophical and not for my tiny brainlet to think upon. :( So let's not get there.

    The fringe benefit of reading your post was that now on I'd no more be at loss for words while commenting! I'll always have one of the suggestions in your post to choose from! ;)

    And if reading this entire comment of mine, you wonder what was I trying to convey, then I would just remind I'd warned you, you'd left very little margin to comment, and this redundancy is the outcome of the littleness of that margin.

    Take care.

    PS: You can try going through my blog, but you're unlikely to find it interesting. I could be provoking you into 'finding' it interesting, but I am not!

    PPS: I did not read your post! :P

  21. Oops !! Looks like every blogger writes a post on comments, lurkers and such. Well, I pass this one. Fearing I might fall into one of the categories ;)

  22. My own behaviour is like this..
    sharing some of our experience doesnt mean we are hijacking the post.NO..we are connecting with post in a very real way.
    And I never comment without reading the post and if I am hopping an unknown blogger, so many times I dont leave my foot prints, if there is nothing to say, but to a known blogger, i want to register my presence so sometimes write one words only.

    And I never ever give fake awesomes:)..not to my friends comments are as genuine as I am in person, and my blog:)

  23. Hi Neha,

    Oh alright!! Great minds think alike :-D
    I am happy that I didn't disappoint you two :-)

  24. Hi Ketan,

    Boy!!! I have known you for quite sometime; of course from Stupido's blog. I have read your comments and back and forth responss :)

    Anyways welcome to B Log. Oh yeah!! It all started with the Big Bang and me coming into this world...and the idea of internet and then the idea of public space as a blog and me deciding to blog and then observing all the bloggers reactions and finally deciding to write this post. :-D

    Sure, I am glad you have decided to pick one of my suggestions :-)

    PS : I have visited your blogs and have read your posts. A couple of times :-) Well, you did 'provoke' me now and I have taken the bait. Lets see how it goes

    PPS: Oh thank heavens, you are spared from this post :-P

  25. Hi lostworld,

    Hehehe. Interesting topics those are all.
    You passed it on? Dont be afraid, we are tagged by one of these by default :-P

  26. Hi Antarman,

    Thank you. You are one of the few bloggers I have known who speaks your mind out.

    What I meant by hijacking the blog was that few folks get carried away so much that they write about their experiences; which is very much welcome; but forget to talk anything about the reader's write up.

    Anyways, it was all sarcasm and fun!! not to be taken seriously :-)

  27. Hey, thanks for extending the welcome! Very few bloggers harbor sufficient courage/foolishness to actually do that! I provide you with a rare opportunity before I decide to infest your blog, was your welcome merely formality/good manners? /:)

    The exchanges you saw between Stupidosaur and me were only tip of the iceberg! Of course, am not telling you where the rest of the iceberg is! Basically, all that is only friendly banter between him and me, even if it might appear otherwise to few others! :)

    I think Antarman would understand much better what you mean by hijacking if you provide her with links of some of my comments on Stupidosaur's posts! :P

    And you'd visited my blog before? That's interesting (for me, obviously not for you considering you never left any comments!). Okay on a bit more serious note, you just might find something interesting linked by the button 'humor' on my blog. That's where the lighter, less boring stuff lies.

    Take care.

  28. My welcome is very much genuine Ketan. I don't believe in things just for the sake of formality.

    I am very sure that you would see the write ups in a whole different perspective; so much so; after reading those rants on Stupido's.

    It was all a friendly banter - well, that somehow seemed obvious for a smart person as me :-P

    And to think about your comments; who else could be a perfect example of a blog hijacker than you Doctor? If you do decide to infest my blog, I might very well provide Antarman my own links :-D

    Oh yes!! I have visited your blog quite few times; out of curiosity; after reading your teasers on Stupido's blog. I dont leave comments unless I genuinely understand the topic. Poor me, I failed to comprehend few things whenever I read; you see I lack that ultra intelligence.

    But I don't give up, you will find my comments on your post any day!!

  29. Okay Insignia, rewarding your honesty, I will not infest your blog. :)

    Forgive me, but I might not be able to devote a lot of time to your blog 'cuz some real-life committments.

    Are you encouraging me to try hijacking your blog-posts, by any chance? ;)

    I'm a bit confused, you're smart but not ultra-intelligent, you mean? Yes, though I do understand the difference between 'black-and-white' and 'shades of grey-thing'.

    That you wouldn't comment till you feel you understood a post, is admirable.

    Have a nice day!

  30. seem to have the art of peeping into other mind..I really loved reading this post & like many others connected myself with you read b/w the lines the "comments" to your posts...well,I am wondering how you gonna intrepret this comment of mine!

  31. Hi Ketan,

    Thank you; well, you can hop on to my blog whenever you get any spare time and inclination.

    Its an open invitation; you can call that encouragement too.

    Yeah, I am the 'selective smart' types. Is there a medical term for this disease? I give utmost importance to comments; so its unethical for me to comment without really understanding the write up.

    But I am sure few of your posts will be at my level of understanding for me to comment. Let me devote some time to read them...:-)

  32. Hi Rahul,

    By the way, I am Insignia and this is my blog. Were you confused with similar post that Neha posted recently.

    I apologize, but I cant interpret your comment because you confused me!!!!!

  33. This was awesome! Oops I just used the unmentionable word. Sorry! :P
    Such a thorough analysis! I never wondered about these things till now. :D :D
    Most of the things you've mentioned make me cringe really when i get them on my blog, but I still think getting my post read is itself a compliment. :-)
    (oh, i don't know what you are gonna say about this comment. I'm already biting my nails..)
    On a serious note, I'm happy that I found your blog through blog hopping. It's really fabulous. Seems like you've been writing since a long time. Going through them one by one. :-)

  34. Hi Karthik,

    Welcome to B Log :-) I am glad you thoroughly enjoyed the post. Your comments says that.

    The bad part in me is that I observe a lot. The result is this post. Absolutely true when you say getting a post read itself is a compliment. Same with me. I wrote this with audacity and hope that my readers will thoroughly enjoy the sarcasm and appreciate. :-)

    Thank you, that you find my blog fabulous. Its encouraging to write better stuff. Yeah I have been writing for more than 1.5 years now.

    Hoping to see you more in this space.

    Thank you

  35. hi Insignia,
    I apoloize for the confusion.

  36. Hi sm,

    Thank you, glad you liked the post. :-)

  37. Awesome!! lolz..tell you wut, this was a bold post indeed..but love your observations and more importantly on how you drilled each one down. You've made me skeptical about comments now..but honestly..a very creative post.

  38. Hi Rohit,

    :-P Yeah?? Thanks :-D But this is all meant to be taken light. Mockery of ourselves :-)

    But glad you loved it. Aaah, don't take that as grilling each one, its just what me and you do and my wicked interpretations only :-P

    Please feel free to choose any words while commenting. Trust me, I wont analyze; feel free. :-)

  39. It isn't really all so negative all the time :P

    I found this post funny. So I'll say


  40. Hi Stupido,

    :-P Oh yeah?? Your "Heheheheheh" accepted


  41. idhu konjam bejarana post madam.. still.. u shd have by nw found the fake.. but at times it happens tht pple dont understand the post..the situation in which it was wrote could be misinterpreted.. so adha freeya vidhunga.. actually this is abt randomness and u do hav a brain.. ur comments are good.. one doubt.. y do u put hi,vishnu all the time.. for new comers thts ok.. but we've been reading ur blog for quite some time nw.. so indha formality lam vendamae..

  42. Hi Vishnu,

    :-D Meant to be taken light. Its a self mockery too. I have commented like one of these at least at one point of time.

    So its a reflection. :-)
    True, few times, the whole idea of the post goes waste when its misinterpreted.

    I do have a brain!!! Oh yeah, a very smart one to say :-D Roamba roamba hyperactive too..adhaan ippdi laam yosanai :-P

    Hmm, ok..if you dont like it, I wont put a salutation anymore. But I just personally feel that addressing a person by name and a salutation is a means to respect. But if you dont prefer, I wont :-)

  43. Did you really want anyone to comment on this post.?


    I read in one comment.
    "Actually, you'd left very little margin to comment on this post, "

    and still that comment is ...tooooo short. lollzzzzzz

    anyway Funny comments for funny post.

    Keep smiling.

  44. Makk,

    Of course, I wanted people to write about what they felt how I commented :-D

    I am glad you liked the post. :-) An attempt to bash people :-P

  45. awesome post... really nice read, very detailed description of the comments...though it is a sensitive topic, but I still went hehehehe while reading it.. :D

    HAHAHA - Even copied the comments......


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