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The fort of Chitradurga is always celebrated as impregnable. It was built in stages between 10th and 18th century. The fort is built in a series of seven concentric fortification walls with various passages, granaries, temples, reservoirs.

Having read about it in school, I always wanted to go; but could not make it until now even though it was just 200 kms away from Bangalore. Visited it last month and boy! I was impressed. The technology they used to build a self sustaining; self protecting fort is amazing. Few pictures from my visit.

Chandravalli caves. Ancient archeological site.  Ankali Matt is situated underground and has huge lingas under giant stone.

Inside the caves; underground. 

Visited the house where the last generation of King of Chitradurga lives. They have good collections of items from the bygone era. Seen here is a water can that was carried to quench King's thirst. Its not that there was no water anywhere else; just that they wanted to consume only the water from their sources.

Swords used in battlefield.

The fort.

The outer wall.

A huge grinder to make gun powder

The seven enclosures had seven gates. Each has its own unique stories and art. One of the gates.

Of the lost era.

The tiny shelter was a temple. It has a 10 feet deep hole which was used to hide jewelery and other valuables in case of an outside attack.

A pond laden with moss. Its said the two queens plunged to their death when Hyder Ali invaded Chitradurga.

Temple and a deity worshiped by Obavva. She was a woman who fought the forces of Hyder Ali alone with a pounding staff.

A lamp stand on the fort wall.

Temples on the top.

More temples.

A closer view.

Weighing Balance

An old temple nestled at the end of the fort.

Carved out of rocks.

A 'Dwarapalaka' at the entrance. Almost chipped off.

A window view of the watch tower.

View of the town

Lost legacy

A view of the enclosures design. They form a maze.

A sacred pond.


  1. just like 7aam arivu... there is so much to see in our own land when we go trekking and hunting engayooo! :)

  2. Beautiful picture and india has such a vast VAST history .. incredible never heard of this before ..
    have read hyder ali .. did not read this

    thanks for sharing


  3. Lovely! The pics are really good!

  4. Insi,Thanks for the post.Nice one.And the way you played with certain pictures gives it the feel needed.Cheers !

  5. Thanks for the superb post and the lovely pictures... temples on the top, view from the top... the weighing balance? wow! all of them are superb!

  6. I always wanted to visit this place and the time hasn't come yet. It is however on the list. After having seen these pictures the priority of visiting Chitradurga has raised. Maybe sometime soon.. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I must confess,I hadnt heard of this before.

  8. I had been to Chitradurga once but couldn't visit the fort. It looks so magnificent.

  9. Hary,

    Long time no see. True.


    Yes, we have to explore. Thank you.


    Thanks, glad you liked.


    Thank you.


    Thanks :)


    Thank you. Yeah did some enhancements to capture the mood :)


    Thanks thalaiva :P


    The road is good. Takes 2 hrs by car to cruise 200 kms. Its a nice place. Plan a Saturday trip :)

    Chowla sir,

    Its a nice fort.


    Its really magnificent.

  10. Lovely clicks and wonderful heritage. Curious to know... you have done some course in photography?? You are damn good with the camera too!! :)

  11. Bindu is a woman of many talents!!! :-D

    Love the post Bindu... Feels like you have taken me there...

  12. That was a nice trip...You would have felt like being in a bygone era.

  13. Such an enchanting place! Beautiful snaps.. :)

  14. Shilpa,

    Thank you. Oh no! Shilpa. No courses, I want to take photography classes :)


    Lol!! Yen??? Thanks, glad you liked it Gautam.


    Thank you. Yes, it was.

    Destiny's child,

    Thanks, yes the place had some mystery.

  15. All the photos are very very good. Especially, I liked those photos of "Inside the caves" and "A sacred pond". I missed this place when I was at Mysore. Lovely photos.

  16. A lovely post with wonderful pictures! Merry Christmas

  17. a nice write up and beautiful photographs...its indeed a perfect place for laid-back vacations..

  18. Great pics. It sounds like an awesome place. I'd want to visit too now :|

  19. Naidu sir,

    Thanks a lot. I did some minimal enhancements but otherwise the place was too good to get excellent pictures.


    Thanks a lot. Happy New Year :)


    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked. Yes, its a nice place to go back in era.


    Pack your bags!!

  20. Picts are outstanding . I perhaps visited it sometime in the late 80s. Brought back lots of memories! In fact I immediately wrote a small story based on Obavva's life for my little daughter. She read it now after 20 years and enjoyed it ! thanx!!!


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