Monday, January 25, 2016

An Oblivion

Were you
all there? Beneath the streetlights, 
as I stroked and smudged,
my beautiful visions,
like a violinist playing his violin; caressing, 
as if;
it were the supple hip of his lady love.

I was intensely, yet leisurely, 
giving a form to my imagination - 
golden locks, curly and bouncing;
in that dark of the night.
The luscious red robe, atoned by
pale of her skin....

The river lull; inviting the
dark clouds billowing up the skies,
She gently paddled her oar,
not a hint of despair.

Were you,
all there? Seeing me create an angel...then
I heard a sob, in the black of night.
A feeble cry of a woman in pain...
I drop my palette; in shock!
Symphony of colors dancing with the twilight. 

I turn around, saw you all there;
The darkest of the souls; 
snatching away my creation.
She was not an angel in red robe..
It was a
dark shadow drenched with my blood.
And as I closed my eyes; I saw her - 
Sneering at me. 

PS : Sometimes; what you see or perceive is not what is real. 


  1. B, perhaps you would care to elaborate on it?

  2. Hi, B,
    Im afraid you need to be a little more explicit here.

  3. THe first thing that is taught to everyone who joins the forces... WHat you see May not be the Truth.. dont make your mind up on what you see Or hear.. Things are VERY different when the whole picture comes out ..

    I learnt it the HArd way ..

    and not just work but in life also this is true..

    Lovely poem ...


    1. Bik,

      Yeah we do come across some situations or people when it takes a while to figure out its been a lie all the while.

  4. Balan, Anil,

    Sorry I'm late. I got inspired to write this poem from a brilliant painting a friend of mine did.

    It talks about an artist painting a figure who is apparently an angel while he feels someone is watching him from behind. Later does he realize that the figure he was painting isn't an angel he thought she was; instead a wile form out there to destroy him...The painting/creation here is to be equated to a relationship he is in


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