Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Virtual Bliss

Few days back; visited Apple Care to fix my laptop's charging cable. Being an multi product Apple user; I often visit the center for one thing or the other. This time; I chose to observe people around and this is what I came up with.....

On the hard milky white resin bench; 
I sit with my swanky gadgets 
Of laptop and phone 
Apple they are! Oh boy!

Awaiting my turn; to service one
tiny pin of the charging cable
That seems to have burnt out!
Curse the voltage fluctuation

But its just one tiny pin of the five...
Yet; the charging cable is rendered
And now I am awaiting my turn….

Nothing to do but observe 
people. Every soul hooked into their gadgets;
Aimlessly browsing, connecting with their friends. 
The virtual world seems to be more interesting.

The real world is now so dull
With zombie souls engrossed in the web 
How to smile; long forgotten. The emoticons do the job well. 
How to converse; oh! Whats that? 

Bored; after watching the lifeless heads.
I turn to my own gadget
To capture my flowing thoughts….
And here we are!


  1. Replies
    1. Rahul,

      Yes...and this is going to be normal behavior in days to come...and thats sad

  2. The poem perfectly describes the current world. Its sad that staying in touch in whatsapp seems to be enough now a days.

    1. Harini,

      Yeah, convenience and escapism - these two attributes provided by social media is enticing isn't it

  3. nice poem
    yes poem describes the current world in which we live

    1. SM, thank you. Yeah and its only going to get weirder

  4. :) first of all I am not a fan of Apple anymore and that is since 2 weeks back now.. yes .. I got ripped of by a scamster who took my money and never sent the Ipad i had paid for :( :( :(

    People spend so much time on gadgets I think I am becoming one of them so I should Shutup tooo


    1. A scammer made you to hate Apple! Ha yeah Bik we do that without our realization and its sad.

    2. YEs :) because I blame apple who made the ipad pro and got me sucked into buying one :) :) :)

      the Logic works though ...


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