Friday, May 20, 2016

Life's Snippets

A tit-bit you hear as you pass by in a hallway or a random conversation that falls in your ear as you are around waiting for something; maybe in a super market or at the bus stop......does not mean anything to you at all. But more often; those little conversations drives the life and day to day struggles and efforts of that individual.

I am an intense observer; I look at people's body language, their facial expression; those convey a lot - about their fear, inhibitions, joys and such; combined with tit-bit often gives an interesting perspective of one's life.

Now! dont get me wrong. I m neither looking for gossip or juicy piece of news to entertain myself. This is all about people's struggles versus what they are passionate in life about. Trust me! its always at the opposite ends and they dont meet. The whining and the complaining hoping to get past the troubles is never ending.

One may wonder; all these conversations most times complaints? What about happy stories? Yes! happy stories are very easy to notice and deduce. Smile, joys, excitement defines happiness. Its just that - pure and plain happiness.

On the other side; sorrows manifest in many ways - anger, dullness, fear, sombreness. The talks are often subdued, contained and private unlike a happy moment where it is proclaimed. Been hearing a lot of such brief conversations off late. Or rather; I m being a bit attentive maybe these days. As i walk past them or as they walk past me; I hear those one or two sentences which paints a picture of their situation at work, or at home or in a city. Tells a lot about their pain, their desperation and the hope.

"How long would it be until I can start contributing independently? Working with him is such a pain!" - lamenting about a difficult co worker. Our job - plays such an important role in our life given that we spend almost 50% of our day either at work or doing work related activities. Our peers become a part of our life; and their behavior affects our well being so much. Did you know about "work spouse"? Google it. Woah! how much our work influences our life!!

"This is all show; metropolitan life, cars and careers. But each of us are struggling underneath. Whats all this money going to give us? There are times when I seriously think I should go back to my village. Herd 2 cows and be happy with that little I'd get but with peace abounds" - a cab driver's frustration driving in insane Bangalore traffic. I am sure he dreams of his village and two cows every night and yet wakes up in the morning looking for business to be able to lead his "Bangalore" life.

"Its NOT my way; its my mothers way!!" - an 35+ year adult living under the shade of his mother. Mom thinks her "child" needs assistance and help; interfering in his day to day activities, monitoring what he eats, when he sleeps, where he goes. The "child" just playing along.

Sigh! I could go on and on. When I hear conversations as these; I cant help but wonder how we are all so similar; sailing the same ship and battling the odds - some of us fighting the pirates, few of us trying to cross the rough seas and few of us trying to share space with monsters.

Gypsy's worry - "When do we play?"



  1. It is very interesting to observe random conversation from people passing by. We learn a lot about their joy, their sorrow, their frustration, and so many other things. Even more interesting is to observe random conversation from a person who is drunk. Only condition is we should be sober when we hear that.

    1. SG,

      Thank you; yes indeed. Its enloghting and at the same time consoling that you are not alone. Hahahaha; I hadnt thought about this. Awesome; you added humor to this serious post. Yeah; it would be good to observe a random conversation of a drunk person while we are sober.

  2. Reading your comment and about others who you pass by, I can only think how lucky Gypsy is. No work, no stress, no bills to pay, no deadlines, no targets, no New year's resolution, no quarreling family, bossy wife, callous husband, fiercely independent children to confront, no running through traffic snarls....!
    Well some one is there at hand to take care of his needs - food, shelter and companionship which is less of a quid pro quo to his unconditional love and affection!

    1. Anil,

      Of course in our perspective Gypsy has a lucky life. But think from his angle; he cant roll on the mud as and when he likes; cant chase cats and birds as often as the strays get to do...and so on..Sigh

  3. This reminds so much of me.I kind of look and observe people, things and their behavior while am traveling or walking..

  4. This reminds so much of me.I kind of look and observe people, things and their behavior while am traveling or walking..

    1. Ashwini,

      It gets onto you isnt it, :)


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