Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rain Tree

Standing tall with humongous trunk
Branches snaking out and wide
Green thick foliage of the Rain Tree
Among rows of jacaranda and gulmohar

The tree seems uninteresting
Does it flower? Does it seed?
Where is the carpet of bright flowers?
Like the copper pod’s bright yellow flowers on ground.

Observe and yes! They do flower!
Hairy pink flowers; high above the foliage
In large numbers. They don’t fall to the ground.
So; do they just wither on the tree?

Their silent existence exudes mystery.
Their leaves glisten with drops of rain
Do they house the squirrels and the birds?
No pomp; but standing tall….               

Love these trees more than ever…
Anticipating; their special powers to bring rain.
How do they attract clouds?
I wonder; Why is it named a Rain Tree?


  1. A lovely rain tree painted by words!

  2. Do they really attract clouds? If so then I would add it to one more of nature's magic.
    Yes, no pomp but standing tall. Its time people respected all trees.

    1. Haddock,

      I dont know....But as a tree's characteristic; they would just as any other trees would. Yes, we are feeling it in Bangalore now; how trees really kept the climate under control and how we are losing it.

  3. Nice poem. I do not know if they really bring rain or not. Its leaves fold in the rainy weather and that is why it is called "rain tree". Me think.

    1. Thank you SG for your comments. Yeah; this was more like a discovery for me. The rain trees have been around in Bangalore for decades. I have not noticed them as much as i have noticed the jacaranda, may flower, flame of the forests ad copper pods. This was a tribute to the rain trees

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Pooja. Please visit here more often.

  5. Keep it as a mystery. That will enhance the awe.

    1. Anil,

      Thank you. Yeah; always in all cases mystery evokes interest.

  6. I love how they spread across, one end to other. It's their mystery. Well written.

    1. Hey Rajlakshmi, thank you. Yeah mysterious rain trees...


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