Monday, June 20, 2016


On that tiny area of the rock;
Jutting out of the snow clad mountain
I sit gingerly; consuming the scene around me
I can feel the chill on my butt; yet still I sit
Hugging myself; relishing the cold;
On my earlobes and my nose tip.
The crisp wind; pushing oxygen so fresh;
Lungs confused; not being used to such purity…
Yet the feeling is beautiful
The moment is mine; only mine.
The fluffy clouds; the big blue sky,
The emerald green mosses; the icy blue of snow
The lenticulars; like a crown on the mountain’s head
The stillness, the silence; broken regularly by the biting wind.
They are all mine; at least for now.
I pinch a tiny speck of snow and feel it in my hand
From where did they come?
What would happen to them?
Who all did they touch? What all did they see?
As I wonder; the snow melts in the warmth of my fist
Just like the snow; we appear from nowhere
Seeing lots; touching many
Clinging on at times; letting go sometimes
Stubborn like hail at times; melting when the sun shines bright
To nihility. 

Lenticular on a ice capped mountain in Iceland.


  1. My nihility and worthlessness always keep me company.

    1. SG,

      Its good to befriend nihility and worthlessness too...

  2. Such a pleasure to be back after long and then get read such lovely pose.

    1. Chowla Sir,

      Welcome back after a long hiatus. Im glad you liked the poem. Just my experience :)

  3. That must be real fun - sitting on the ice (for some time) then you feel the numbness creeping in :-)

    1. Haddock,

      Haha yeah. Its all numb after that. Pains and the wind cuts your skin but still its a beautiful feeling

  4. Well, well you cant deny those moments didn't exist . could you?

    1. Anil,

      Of course not; but when I think about such moments later; they seem so unreal and I have to convince myself I was there! :-D

  5. Ah! that must be quite an experience.. slipping into moments on nothingness!

    1. Meety,

      :-) Yes dear. It kind of brings you to a whole new perspective of everything around

  6. I too would sit like that if there was such a fascinating scene in front of me. You captures a beautiful moment with your words. Nihility- is such a poetic word. I had to look up Google for it's meaning though :)

    Pocketful of Maps

    1. Rajlakshmi,

      Thank you much. I tried to recall those moments and feelings and translated them to words. :-) Nihility is hardly used; in fact the word editors dont recognize the word!


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