Monday, June 27, 2016


As twilight sets in;
I brace myself up
For a long lonely evening
My pet; unaware; of the storm
Brewing within me;
Calmly rests his face on my lap
Whimpering with pleasure;
Eyes; half closed; licking my fingers
With contentment
There! the twilight
The reality sets; the dreams end
Or; do they?
Mind races across;
Like a Capuchin
Jumping from one branch to another
I let the thoughts race
To the past; which is futile
To the future; on which I have no control
The present; I seem to forget
and let it slip by; unnoticed.
Foolish you could call.
Dumb me! I’d say.
The day sailed smooth;
Bright sunshine and cool breeze
Happy chirping birds and people’s blabber.  
With my love’s soothing voice of sweet nothings
Why hover to unknown; when the present is so fine.
I realize that; just in time.
Twilight – I brace myself up.
My thoughts interrupt –
With a phone call reminding me to workout ;-)


  1. "Why hover to unknown; when the present is so fine."
    Need one say more or comment more? You have said it so very lucidly.

    1. Anil,

      Yeah thank you Anil, but I need to repeat it to myself because I tend to keep forgetting this :-/ Weird no?

  2. Bindu.I don't understand poetry and its power,but,this sounds Intersting

    1. Chowla sir,

      Thank you. I just at times end up writing them instantly

  3. your poem had such a feel good kind of feeling... relaxing and smooth. I wish I could stay like that... with my pet. I read blabber as bladder :P I know I think I should rest :P

    Pocketful of Maps

    1. Rajlakshmi,

      Thank you. :-) Yeah; at times we appear to be calm outside but a storm would be brewing up inside us and we cant really show it isnt it? Hahaha I read the poem again replacing "blabber" with "bladder". Geeez! :-D

  4. Beautiful poem. I read it 3 times. I like it. However, I have a question. If you forget the present, how do you know it is so fine?

    1. SG,

      :-) Thank you; glad you liked it. What I meant is I seem to forget to enjoy the present moment and let it slip by. I am trying to say not to delve in past or future; instead enjoy present moments

  5. That is one beautiful poem; the thoughts flow straight from the heart, simple words with complex undercurrents, and the positive outlook despite the seemingly drab and barren monotony of life. And the universality appealing to all kinds of readers.

    But do avoid that ;-) . ' nothings' and not 'nothing's' . Work on it again and again. Chisel it down.

    1. B,

      Thanks B. Everyone can relate to it; thats how our life is isnt it? So different yet so similar. And thanks B for pointing out. Nothing's is a typo. I meant nothings only. Will change it now.

      Thought the poem turned out to be very serious and so added a ;-) Will avoid such in future. Thanks again B for your tips and suggestions.


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