Sunday, May 28, 2017

Looking back

I just noticed that I've crossed my 500th posts few posts earlier. It didn't excite me as it had when I crossed my 10th or 100th or 200th.

Been writing since 2008; this blog has seen me evolve. I've neglected it, not been regular. The kind of passion I had towards multitude of topics surprise me now. I was looking at my timeline and see the number of posts per year consistently diminishing. Perhaps; I got tired of writing about the same stuff or my creative juice stopped flowing or that I got pulled into other interests. Whatever the reason, its good to just go with the flow.

I write lot of poems and haikus these days compared to prose. I want to publish a book; rather few books. Well, the procrastination is strong in me. If any of this should come true; I need to set a tight deadline and start planning and implementing.

I feel energised when someone truly comments and shares views about a topic I write; when they relate to it and tell their own story or when they say they were tempted to try something after reading my post. Its a beautiful feeling.

I hope I can cross 1000 here.


  1. Congratulations on completion of your 500th blog. I have been one of your earliest readers. You were an inspiration for me in creating and writing my own blog posts.

    Looking forward to reading your another set of 500 blog posts.

    1. SG,

      Thank you. I am very glad and honoured to have influenced in writing and starting a blog of your own. Now when i see your posts and the readers; I do feel proud. Thank you.

  2. YIpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 500 woooo hooooooooooooo :) Congratulationsssssssssssssssssssss :)

    I am sure you know, you been a big influence on me too, remember when I started blogging your was the first few I use to visit and read .. and the little conversations we had on the blog.. :)

    amazing keep writing .. and here's to the next 500...


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