Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump's Twitter Blunders

The President of the USA is known to be very active on twitter; particularly late night ramblings. Twitter is where he communicates his policies and decisions that affect not only his country but the world.

Some of his ramblings in the past have been dissected and made fun of. There was also a joke going around; that the first task the WH officials would do once he became the President would be to lock his twitter account. Well, Mr. Trump has been repeating his gaffes. Few days back; he left a two word tweet "WE" and the everyone had a ball trying to fill in the rest of the words he would've supposedly wanted to write.

The tweet "We" started a movement and the handle #we was trending like crazy. It was just a two letter word but so powerful and inclusive. It was deleted within minutes but nothing leaves the internet; does it? The tweet was retweeted 1000 times and was memorialised by witty folks on the social media. From snarky comments to completing the word with lyrics to satire; it was a melee of creative thoughts and the reflection of what people think of the President and what they wished for like his resignation, better health care, wanting to know his close ties with Russia and so on.

The best one I loved among the lots were the below ones.

Earlier this month; Trump got confused between "Council" and "Counsel" when he tweeted thus: He meant "Counsel".

The desperate Merriam-Webster dictionary went on to educate Mr. Trump on the two homophones. 

Did he learn? Nope, never! He again went on to tweet 10 days later; now with the spelling "Councel". He did retweet the same message again with the right spelling but perhaps was tired to delete the old one!

Mr. Trump did something similar last night. He posted something on Twitter that had a word that has people scratching their heads.

What is covfefe? Perhaps; Mr. Trump invented a new word. Or did he convey an encrypted message? Is it short for some complicated word? Or is it some word in European language or Arabic that he might've picked up during his recent travel?  Or did he just doze off mid-tweet?

Well, Trump sure does keep everyone at the edge of the seat? People have already started using the word "covfefe" in their posts and is sure going to be another crazy twitter handle. Some have started speculating that it might mean "coverage". It does come close to that. Meanwhile; I am wondering how do we pronounce "covfefe"?

Maybe "covfefe" is a mystery that will unravel much to world's joy.


  1. This is the American way. Bad publicity is better than no publicity. During the election campaign, due to his outrageous statements and tweets, he was constantly on the news. It is said he got about $8 billion worth of free publicity/advertisement (while his opponents had to pay for advertisements).

    I am a strong defender of Trump. He meant to write “Wee”. But he was in a hurry to go “Wee”. So he stopped at “We”.

    1. Ha! I so go with you on this. Good or bad; he is getting free publicity. This tactic is being used by few here in India too. Yeah, I think so too SG, he might've wanted to say "Wee!" :)

    2. Might have been in a hurry
      Might have wanted to pee
      The result is for us to see
      That's all his tweet could be

      SG supports Trump? I am surprised. SG supporting him means there must be some logic to the madness

    3. Thats a good little verse. Maybe he wanted to pee and in a hurry, left a We when all he meant was a "Wee!" as SG said.

      Surprised at SG defending Trump? Ha!

    4. Karunesh, I was defending his twitter tweet "We". That is all.

  2. Even now no one could explain what 'covfefe' means! Enjoyed reading your post Insignia!

    1. Sandhya,

      Thank you. Covfefe is an answer to a secret puzzle. No one knows!

  3. But still he is the most powerful man in the world :) lets hope he keeps us entertained ..

    #WE :)


  4. you should listen to Sam harris's takedown of trump. There is a lot of intellectual vapidity in the White house

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Welcome to B Log. Thank you.

      Ha hearing and reading of the gaffes and the trolls that follow later is an awesome source of entertainment for me.


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