Friday, November 21, 2008

Dark Green Toyota Corolla and Indians

Whats a specific brand of Car model with a particular color got to do with Indians?
Well, this was just a random observation, but it was too very anything but random to ignore.
There was this particular model of car with that very color seen frequently on the roads of Bay area/Silicon Valley.
And yes, you guessed it right! These cars were always owned by Indians living there, either on a short term or for few years.
Why this model and this color? Well, got to do with budget, one could get a second hand Corolla for comparatively nominal price. And the color? Hmm....just for the reason of low maintainence. And with that dark shade, the car looks somehow OK, even if it were too old.
Once, I and my friend went to El Camino, we wanted to go to Albertsons to buy our groceries. We stopped to have coffee at Starbucks. While we came out, we observed a dark green Toyota Corolla.
My friend told me that it ought to be an Indian's. I just dismissed it. And lo! yes. it did belong to an Indian. I and my friend got into his Royal Blue BMW and started to go, while enjoying the envy of our neighbour. So next time you spot any dark green Corolla......:-)

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