Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I hate.....

  • To hear my alarm buzz each morning.
  • The constant honks of vehicles at a signal.
  • The roller-coaster commute each day to work on our bumpy roads.
  • To see little children begging on the streets.
  • Every other food outlet offering "gobi manchurian" without really knowing what it is.
  • The phrases "Synergy, Leverage, Raising the bar....Literally".. Oh yeah! literally...
  • The auto rick drivers charging ransoms when it rains heavily..and otherwise too.
  • To be deprived of my daily dose of newspaper
  • Crowd jostling each other every morning to get to their work, to meet their deadlines.
  • To admit the lost innocence in the children while their parents strive to make them competitive in today's tough world.
  • To hear cliches uttered by those famous page 3s and celebs
  • To see every other trivial news being Flash/Breaking News
And few more.....
Am I sounding pessimistic? Not at all..There are endless list of things which I like and which I cant list as it may become a booklet by itself. What I would like at this moment is a hot cuppa coffee!

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  1. Interesting read ...:)
    picture of a typical urban life.. all is there except innocense and purity :(


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