Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Growing old?

I am sure going to get some smirks and scorns by few readers ;-)

First it was those 2 silver streaks of hair that made me wonder if I was growing old. My intuition told me those were just signs of pollution and stress. But the other day we were just having some casual conversation at work and one of my team mate explained his user name on gtalk. It was a combination of his name and DOB. Well, this chap is a freshmen and was born in late 80s.

I then counted on my fingers his and my age difference. I am an early 80s born and thus well into my late 20s. Yeah! see did I not say I might get a few scorns and smirks!!

I know! but it just struck me how OLD I was. That was not the only time. Few months ago I was wondering who this Justin Bieber is - so many teens are crazy about him. When you are surrounded with folks who have considerable age gap you feel the pinch. Be it the conversation or their attitude.

Am I old? Does growing old physically matter? Or as a cliche its all in the mind stuff? I have been fortunate enough to be deemed much younger than my age. Not once but many times. I was once denied wine by a waiter in The Venetian in Las Vegas as he thought I was underage. He did not budge unless I showed him my DOB on my passport. One other time a physician; without even asking my age just assumed I was in early 20s until I corrected him and he was surprised.

Its certainly a feel good factor; yet why do I have that lump in my throat? No! I dont forget things; yet I do not remember them too well either. I am more interested in stocks and equity than my favorite Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network. Polka dots and satin ribbons dont fascinate me as they did few years ago. I am conscious about licking my "gola" in a posh restaurant; all I am worried is my table etiquette.

And obviously the attitude shifts and the feeling of being left out when these freshmen call me 'senior' and talk about my career experience. I get a sting when I count my working years; when I remember how many years it has been since I quit college. Or the days of Maruti 800 and Ambassador and Doordarshan. When I could count the vehicles on the road and when I savored Nancy Drews, Secret Sevens and Famous Five. So long.............now its PSP and Dora and Jetix and what not!

But that has not changed me from trying to feel young and look good. I see people of my age have outdated views and knowledge. They rather prefer to be with their own outdated views than update themselves. They grow old but do not grow up. Rather when do we grow old? We grow old as our mind ages. Why let it age?

So I thought let me just shake off the age factor and gel with the young and old. Growing old cannot be changed; everyone has to. Growing up is what matters; let me not stop playing. You grow old when you stop playing and not the other way. Let me grow up; learn new things, explore new avenues, dream and laugh my way!


  1. interesting! I have blogged about this in the past..as they say, growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional..age gracefully - that's all that matters..

    people always tell me that I look younger than my age..my profession demands me to look old - yeah, how boring! I have made a zero number specs so that I look a bit older..some of my students too look older than me..sigh! and people wanna look young!

  2. i am nearing thirty and i feel awesome now. youngsters love my company, elders complement on maturity. still i feel like the same kid i was some twenty years back. .

  3. Growing old!! growing up... ha...ask your mom,she'll always say you are a cute little kid:)

  4. Bachcho sang bachcha ho jana...

    I love to behave like a childdd...

    Indian Sushant

  5. I personally do not think too much about it because I am old, grown up all grey hair. So beyond this point... hahaha))

  6. Being denied wine because the waiter presumed you were under age. My, a wonderful feel , even at the cost of wine!!!
    These days when I 'm in B'lore I avoid certain pubs . Only because going there alone , I feel a bit awkward - with the the packed youngsters in there. And the noise.
    Well it is in the mind.In Cochin, I happened to meet a guy who was seventy five. An ex IOC manager. And certainly you will feel like a teenager while with him.
    Sometimes we may also feel that it is better to feel old than be literally stuck and stunted inside the head.
    To refuse to feel old is indeed a question of character that say"never die".

  7. Nice blog,makes sense and makes to rewind.I remember a 60 yr old lady in my GYM m/s.X ,who is so energytic and active.there is lot to learn from life is what i feel.
    FEEL 18 always sud be the mantra.

  8. Only late twenties and you are already having the angst about ageing! Do not correlate age with maturity or wisdom; sometimes the older people are, the pettier! In my post 'When youth is all about dyeing', i had mentioned about the desperation people go through trying to hide their age.

    Each age has its special moments to savour. Thats all there is to it. Savour life - and like you said, go on an unending play. Kabir has written great lines on this theme.

    Worrying about physical ageing and appearance is for silly people. Don't be.

  9. your double white streaks reminds of the single streak that i plucked 2 days ago... gosh!!!
    //We grow old as our mind ages// heheh thats a consolation i give to myself :P

  10. i felt old when a 1990 born gal joined our team and when I realized that a guy on whom i have a crush is 1989 born...I feel seriously old now-a-days, but as u said Growing old cannot be changed; everyone has to. Growing up is what matters. So time for me to upgrade my knowledge :)

  11. great post
    this is life.
    no words to write.
    yes you are write we worry about table manners and not taste.
    about justin do not know much but he is famous all around among teens.

  12. Neha,

    Yeah its funny to see older people in their effort to stay young.
    they are forgetful to be consistent; sometimes the mustache is all painted black and then one day you see grays


    Thats nice. Thats really nice. Glad!


    :-D Yeah for her I would always be one :)


    Oops! Dont make that a nightmare. There is no elixir to stay youthful forever :)


    Thats nice


    Oh! nothing much to say? Should have taken your daughter's help


    Hahaha yeah it was a wonderful feeling and my guy friends asked me if I bribed the waiter in secrecy for that :-D
    Yeah, as you say its all in the mind :)


    I know! I know! that old lady is so dynamic isnt it? We have a lot to learn from her.


    Hahaha didnt I mention in the post that there would be few scorns and smirks?
    Oh no! I dont worry over it and its not hard on me. Just those thoughts.


    Oh! Dont pluck :) Yeah!


    Wooohooo crush hmmm G3 :) Yup! yup! upgrade :-D


    Yes life goes and and we continue to age.
    Justin has a fan in Johnny Depp!! I was surprised!

  13. When we were young and when our life was revolving around parents and school, books and media were our only gateway to the endless possibilities that existed in this world, na? I am sure each one of us would have constantly yearned, in our own cozy dreams, to try out so many things in this world. Things which were based on our imagination. Things based on what we were exposed to till that point of time. Some dreams are intimidating but doable, some which remain to be dreams. My case, I would imagine, applies to most people. When I did not have an opportunity to do things that really captivated my imagination, I would be extremely enthusiastic. Some kind of ardent fervour I should say. I think it is perfectly normal to get bored out of your tree while you do something that you really enjoyed a while back.

    Sitting at my office cube, I look around me and think, "How did I end up here?" I refresh my memory saying that I put myself in my current situation, so that I could establish a platform which enables me to pursue my interests. Of course priorities change. That does not mean that life is gettin boring nor should I think that I am getting old. Come on Gautam be positive. I have "already" enjoyed something that I wanted to enjoy. I wanted to see how it feels when I did what I liked. I saw it for myself. I mean, how many get a chance to do what they want all the time? Always remembering how lucky I am to get an opportunity to try something that I liked, I think, "Ah! Now is the time to enjoy something else." Soon, I realise how much I yearn to do that something again. This time, there are lot less variables (a little boring), but still I enjoy. I convince myself that it's perfectly alright to be bored to do something that I have already done.

    Chalo! Let the cycle begin, dream - yearn - rack your brains for not having the opportunity to do something you want. Very soon you will get an opportunity to do it, and when you do, you might get bored doing it all the time and yearn to do something else. :-p I feel this applies to both work and play. Some people yearn to do certain things pertaining to their career more than things that are considered "time-pass". Some are the other way around. :-p But, hey! We all, with varying degrees of seriousness, understand the importance of having a strong foundation, which is why, I am where I am.

    I think that as long as we constantly have that enthusiasm to do something new, the child in us will always be alive. I would say to myself that instead of feeling bad that I am growing old, I should look out for different things I want to do and do them. Maintaing the spark is the main key, na? Hmmm... easier said than done? Darn it! Billions of blue blistering barnacles!

  14. No one gets old. They all mature and become seasoned.
    In any case it is all in the mind.Even I dont feel old, how could you?

  15. Bala,

    Believe it or not; I had you on my mind when I was writing this post and smirks and scorns was all I could think from you :-P


    Boy! Why did you stop blogging? Let me put this as a post. And very sorry I forgot your birthday. More in mail.

    Chowla sir,

    Yes sir! you are right. I should stop feeling old :)

  16. Age is just a number... So stop fretting abt it and seize the moment!! :)
    Cheers :)

  17. Shilpa,

    Yeah I wont fret anymore :)

  18. Yeah even I am in the growin up.. and not the growing old path :P
    and am absolutely comfortable being this way :-)

  19. I am not feeling very good after reading this post. Lady, there are other things to discuss, why discuss age? Sigh.

    Yes, we are aging, heh but I am going to be younger than you always. I am always Current-Age-Till-I-Die.

    Anyways, seriously commenting, age is more to do with in the mind. Body started getting old when our teenage ended.

  20. Hit Wicked,

    Age seems to be one of THE factor Gentleman ;-)

    Absolutely! Its all in the mind. You feel old when you want to :)


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