Friday, February 11, 2011

Temples of Pattadakkal

It was difficult for me to take pictures during this trip. It was Pongal and thus holiday. People thronged all over and it was chaotic. One thing I am very particular while taking photos is the presence of any foreign object in my frame apart from my subject. It was very difficult to capture those monuments without having people around it or walking towards it.

Many a time, I would wait for minutes before I got a clearance and when I got the perfect frame; it didnt remain for more than few seconds. Standing under the scorching sun and at some places bare-footed to take a perfect picture was tough; but it was worth in the end.

PATTADAKKAL:  This town has group of temples which is declared as World Heritage style by UNESCO. Pattadakkal was the capital of Chalukyas and these temples were built in the 7th and 8th centuries. The style is unique - the Vesara which displays both Dravidian(Southern) and Negara(Northern). There are Jain temples as well. This is what Wiki has to say - "Aihole is considered a School of Architecture, Badami a Degree college and The University of Architecture is Pattadakkal"

The temples here are much evolved and had served as template for considerable temples in Southern India. One can find lot of tiny temples which seems like a 'model' temple before building the bigger ones. The temples are built with sandstone which further explains the waning of the sculptures. The ASI has been restoring them and also trying to claim lands so that encroaching is prevented. Yet one can see temples behind every house as if a out-house.

I do not remember names of these temples. Each one looked unique and at the same time similar that one needs an 'architectural' eye to differentiate.

Here is a temple of rekhanagari style of architecture. The walls of the temple are plain and simple unlike the delicate and intricate details as you would find on the walls of a Southern Indian architectural style of temple. This one below is the Jambulingeshwara temple.

A combo. We can easily make out the rekhanagari and the dravidian style in these 2 temples. 

The sikhar is a fantastic example of Negara style.

One of the 'model' temple.

The Galaganatha temple built in the architecture style of Rekha Negara. This temple contains a sculpture of Lord Shiva killing the demon Andhakasura.

Kashivishwanatha temple built in the 8th century in early Chalukya style by the Rashtrakutas.

A Drividian style temple complex. The Virupaksha temple built by the Queen Lokamahadevi to commemorate her husband's victory(Vikramaditya II) over the Pallavas of Kanchi. This temple is rich in sculptures and detailed carvings on ceilings and pillars as any other Dravidian style temple.

Carvings on a pillar.

A sculpture with old Kannada inscription

The ceilings of the Virupaksha temple.

Typical Dravidian style. The Virupaksha temple closely resembles the Kailasanathar temple in Kanchi built by Pallavas. The Kailasanathar temple of Kanchi also served as a model for the Kailash temple in Ellora built by the Rashtrakutas because of the marital relations between the Pallavas and the Rashtrakutas. 

I do not remember the name.

The Sangameshwara temple built in Dravidian style. It is similar to Virupaksha temple in being square on plan from the base to sikhara. the main vimana is 3 storeys.

A passage.

One of the facade of the Sangameshwara temple.

And another....

One of the sculpture on a wall.

Virupaksha temple

Another view

A dancing figure? I found it interesting.

A section of a temple complex.

A Negara and a Dravidian side by side.


  1. beautiful post....

  2. Awesome pictures!!!. Loved all the snaps.

  3. Beautiful and awesome picture...stole words from earlier Stranger and Chitra.

    And you did a great job in capturing this snaps without crowd around it...:))

  4. I had been waiting for you to stop clicking! :)The best I liked was the Bijapur series. Softer light, presence of humans. In spite of having an excellent, expensive camera, I don't think you have had the time to exploit its multitude of functions. Don't make your photographs just a record of your visits; explore and experiment with different angles, and manual control of light. Unlike some said, human element can enhance a photo of architecture, unless you have taken it for a textbook. Thats what makes the Bijapur pics different. Even if you are shooting at mid-day, try to get shadows and soft light; edit in picasaweb or some other sw.

    Another thing. Unlike Anil's suggestion, I'd ask you to keep the history to a minimum; instead, lace it with your reactions, the feelings the places evoked in you.

    Having used both film and digital cameras,I prefer the former, because we are more deliberate with it. With the latter, we just click away a hundred and then choose from them.

    B, just now I noticed your several awards; you wear them like a retired Army General! :)

  5. Nice post. Worth spending in hot sun with bear-foot.

  6. No,, no I did not ask for a elaborate essay along with the pictures. A brief note , I think is necessary. Again it depends upon what and how you want to convey, don't you think so?
    And I think Balan's advise on the clicking away is good indeed.
    And if you enhance the visual treat , well then you will have a collection of photo diary and can walk into the "Penguin's" and demand it be published.
    Serious, and not in jest.

  7. awesome the history part..and the clicks too :)

    you know, blog is our own of blogging is that there are no rules for blogging (quoting a friend here) can write what you wish it a hard core history lesson or non stop ranting (like I do :P) the end, we should feel satisfied..

    I know you and your love for history..I know how much pleasure you get after not only knowing the facts but even sharing least I and a few more readers love to read them..

    cutting the crap short, write what you wish to..we love you for that :)

  8. By no extent of imagination, think that I was dictating how you should write your blog. Just suggested things that came to my mind, from my limited experience as a photographer and a writer! You are a much talented and excellent writer and photographer that I can ever be!

    I write this because your friend seems to be a little irked about my comment! :)

  9. Awesome pictures. Excellent narration. Thanks for sharing.

    One question. On your home page, at the top, to the left of "B Log", there is a Chinese (I think) symbol. What is the meaning for this? Thanks.

  10. thanks for sharing....lovely pics.

  11. nice pictures..people were so creative and original back then..

  12. Stranger,

    Thanks a lot


    Thank you. Glad you liked it.


    Thanks so much. It was difficult but I managed.


    Glad you commented because there would be at least 2 more posts with my clicks.
    Bala, I am yet learning to use my new camera. There are few glitches. First is I am not finding time to explore the various features it has to offer and try it. Second thing is I am accompanied by my husband and other friends. Hence I cannot take their time and make them wait for me until I take pictures till I am satisfied or the way I wanted. Most times, I wait, click and then run to catch up with them as they would have ventured far off.

    Having said this, I do not click, click, click and choose one best among others. I click 1 or 2 and if I dont like it, I delete them immediately. So I am not 'actually' taking advantage of the digital capability.

    With this visit, it was certainly overwhelming to see all these structures, one day after the other. Presence of humans certainly enhance the photograph if they are aesthetically captured. I am not yet confident or rather not aware as to how to aesthetically capture them. I am learning :)

    Your suggestions will definitely help. I will try them. As for the brief captions on each picture; I tend to put my views there instead of a background.

    Aah the awards. I got them during the 'teenage' years of my blog as I call. I am yet to pick a few of them that have been awarded to me. It was a nice feeling to be recognized by co-bloggers.

    Thanks Bala.

  13. Naidu sir,

    Thanks sir. Yes it was :)


    Haha never mind. I welcome all suggestions. I tend to avoid divulging information thats already on the internet. Yes, Bala's suggestions would be remembered whenever I click pictures. Oh! I dont know.

    I do have a large collection of photos that I have captured during my various trips. But I am not sure if it would match Penguin's expectations.



    Its a wonderful feeling when blogger friends give me suggestions to improve. Yeah, its our own space but I do love to write something substantial and share it with others what I have learnt. Maybe few may be interested; but it gives me a satisfaction.

    I would write what I love to; the moment I feel I am influenced on my content; that day would be the end of my blog :) Thanks Neha


    Take it easy Bala. I am fortunate to have few good readers like you, SG, Anil, Neha. I value your suggestions. Its your modesty when you say I am much talented and excellent writer/photographer than me. You are one awesome writer whose posts I wait to read. My friend is a bit worried and protective as she cares for me and knows I am soft. Dont mind please.


    Thank you. I dont know what that literal is SG. I liked the template and just picked it.


    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked them.


    Thank you. Yeah they were so talented and sophisticated. We are nothing compared to them.

  14. Excellent pictures.You have a lot of patience with research.

    PS--Might just meet you all in Bangalore soon.

  15. Awesome pics and thanks for sharing the ancient history!! You travel a lot!! Lucky girl!! :)

  16. beautiful pic
    World Heritage style by UNESCO.

  17. Chowla sir,

    Thanks so much. Its worth it :)

    Oh nice, let me know when you are here


    Thanks a lot. Hahaha yeah I am lucky in a way :D


    Thank you.


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