Friday, February 18, 2011

A perspective

Gautam's comments on my latest post - Growing Old? I thought I should share it with you all. So here it is.

When we were young and when our life was revolving around parents and school, books and media were our only gateway to the endless possibilities that existed in this world, na? I am sure each one of us would have constantly yearned, in our own cozy dreams, to try out so many things in this world. Things which were based on our imagination. Things based on what we were exposed to till that point of time. Some dreams are intimidating but doable, some which remain to be dreams. My case, I would imagine, applies to most people. When I did not have an opportunity to do things that really captivated my imagination, I would be extremely enthusiastic. Some kind of ardent fervor I should say. I think it is perfectly normal to get bored out of your tree while you do something that you really enjoyed a while back.

Sitting at my office cube, I look around me and think, "How did I end up here?" I refresh my memory saying that I put myself in my current situation, so that I could establish a platform which enables me to pursue my interests. Of course priorities change. That does not mean that life is gettin boring nor should I think that I am getting old. Come on Gautam be positive. I have "already" enjoyed something that I wanted to enjoy. I wanted to see how it feels when I did what I liked. I saw it for myself. I mean, how many get a chance to do what they want all the time? Always remembering how lucky I am to get an opportunity to try something that I liked, I think, "Ah! Now is the time to enjoy something else." Soon, I realise how much I yearn to do that something again. This time, there are lot less variables (a little boring), but still I enjoy. I convince myself that it's perfectly alright to be bored to do something that I have already done.

Chalo! Let the cycle begin, dream - yearn - rack your brains for not having the opportunity to do something you want. Very soon you will get an opportunity to do it, and when you do, you might get bored doing it all the time and yearn to do something else. :-p I feel this applies to both work and play. Some people yearn to do certain things pertaining to their career more than things that are considered "time-pass". Some are the other way around. :-p But, hey! We all, with varying degrees of seriousness, understand the importance of having a strong foundation, which is why, I am where I am.

I think that as long as we constantly have that enthusiasm to do something new, the child in us will always be alive. I would say to myself that instead of feeling bad that I am growing old, I should look out for different things I want to do and do them. Maintaing the spark is the main key, na? Hmmm... easier said than done? Darn it! Billions of blue blistering barnacles!

By the way, it was Gautam's birthday on Feb 11th. I totally forgot about it until today morning. A sign of growing old? :-) Each year I dedicate a post to him on his birthday. I so was busy with numerous stuffs personally and at work that I never even realized.

Check this post for sure. A visual treat :) A birthday wish, few pictures with stories

Gautam, Belated birthday wishes. I am so sorry; I kept reminding myself about your birthday but forgot on that very day.


  1. You have said well. As long as we find something to keep the mind occupied and seek to know a bit more, we are as young as children. The fact of aging doesn't affect us. we don't feel the need to dye or wrinkle free creams. The mirror just shows a face that has to be presentable for the mind is ever beautiful

  2. Ah...reminds me of Bob Dylan's song, an all time favourite - May you stay for every young. Agree with you, it's all in the mind. As we "age", we grow wiser, don't we?! Kick of those old shoes and jump into whatever you enjoy doing, and're good as the bubbly spirited youngster raring to explore from a whole new perspective!

    @ The Holy Lama - I like that..."for the mind is ever beautiful" :P

  3. Absolutely right... maintaining the spark is the key... age is just a number!! :)

  4. dil to abhi baccha hai ji
    Belated Happy birthday Gautam

  5. I have posted the song 100 years, was pending in my list from many months,but as I read your post thought its perfect time to post it.
    Hope you will like it.

  6. As usual very well written Insignia. There is a child in everyone. Keep it alive...we do not have to childish but can keep the child alive and pursue new things.

  7. Keep it alive ! Keep it alive !!

    wishes to Gautam !


  8. Look at Dev Anand and Hussain...their passion keeps them young...The child in us should never grow up.

  9. I always keep myself young by doing interesting things and has a wide circle of youngsters as my friends:)

  10. Very well said. To me, age is only a number. It is the mind that matters.

  11. "I mean, how many get a chance to do what they want all the time? Always remembering how lucky I am to get an opportunity to try something that I liked,.....".

    Some people think ," what fool I' ve been to not force the chance to do something I've always wanted".
    And again some people have the childhood energy in mind and body. As you mentioned it easier said than done. It also perhaps relates to ones chemistry.

    But one thing I feel cannot be denied, and that is that one has to always fight the way forward against time and natural causes, if one has to defy or delay the onset of old age itself..

    I checked the photos . Was it a collection of photos? There were , Casinos, Leh mountains and the Canyon .

  12. belated happy birthday Gautam..Insignia was so guilty of not wishing you on this day..hope you have had a wonderful day :)

  13. And we all think alike.. We are never too old for anything. I second Holy Lama that "The mirror just shows a face that has to be presentable for the mind is ever beautiful."
    Age is just a thought. We are never too old for anything that we want to do.. We look back thinking 20 years have passed and we never think next fifty or sixty are still remaining!!! ;)

  14. Age is a complex only in one's mind.No one gets old, never.

  15. I remember your excellent posting of last year on Gautam's birthday. Thanks for reminding once again during this birthday.

  16. Gautam and I share the birthday, Feb 11th. Say Hello to Gautam for me! :)

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  18. Hey Bindu, you posted my comment as a blog post!? Phew! Like I say again and again... You are one crazy woman! Thanks for the wishes, and hey, I forgot my own birthday until someone wished me. I don't remember anyone's birthday so please don't feel bad. This time my birthday was boring. I went early to work, came back late, had dinner and slept cause I was away from home on a business trip. I saw last year posts again. Always brings back happy memories. Last year's post/gesture was once of the best birthday gifts ever. :-)

    So nice to see so many comments. Thanks to everyone on Bindu's behalf for sharing your thoughts and for you warm wishes for my birthday.

    Hey Neha! Thanks a lot for your wishes my dear!

    And Bala! Belated birthday wishes to you!

  19. Now that I read my comments again, a voice in my head says, "Gautam, that was slightly too heavy and a little too much."

    Chance mile toh lecture pe lecture. :-p

  20. The Holy Lama,

    Absolutely! Gautam's point makes sense. I loved your statement - The mind is ever beautiful.


    Thanks for bringing back that beautiful song. Its all in the mind :) We are as young as we perceive to be


    Thanks shilpa, couldnt agree more


    Well said. Shall convey your birthday wishes to Gautam


    Its not me A. Its Gautam's comment on my latest post. He made a very good point that I thought would share with you all


    There I see the enthusiasm which defies any boundary of age.

    Shall convey your wishes to Gautam :)


    Oh yeah! I marvel at their agility even in this age. Yeah, the child in us should never grow up


    I should learn from you. I have been marveling your jewel art :)


    Thanks. Yes, it seems we all are on the same plane.


    Yes :) those set of photos were few from some collections from his trips and explorations. These are my personal favorites for the story behind each of them


    Haha yeah I told you how I was cursing myself :)
    Wonderful day? He said he forgot his birthday :P


    Thats what!! We all think alike isnt it? Exactly!! Hahaa we forget the days we need to live and prepare to go more younger :-)

    Chowla sir,

    I can see that. You are bubbling with energy.

    Naidu sir,

    My pleasure sir. :)


    Oh wow! Awesome! Now I know why I see similarities.


    Yes dear. I read your comment and was like "Wow!" I then thought others should also read it as it was so relevant to each of us.
    So here it is :) Who else than you knows how crazy hell of a woman I am :-P

    I am so glad that you say that. My last year's attempt to make your birthday memorable - thats one of a kind. I can never every come anywhere closer than that and I would not even try :)

    The same went in my head. What has happened to Gautam that he has come up with such comments :-P No issues, jab jab chance milega, lecture jaroor dena :-P


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