Monday, June 6, 2011

Mind is a monkey

Whoever coined this term, sure must have gone through so much.

Once, its just not under your control and keeps wandering across forts you dont want it to, other times it just is a sweetie pie. Lot of thoughts, heck a lot of thoughts, feelings, opinions.........

Why are we so complicated? It would be tad easy if everyone thought on the same lines, isnt it? Its such a herculean task to do so, uummpphhh!! Just the other day, I was really embarrassed of a situation. Yeah! I got into it, my inquisitive nature has done more harm to me than good. It requires some level of discipline to be instilled in me to curb my curious nature. Then, I brood for entire 3 days - replaying the incident in my mind - again and again to figure out what went wrong, where did it go wrong or why did it ever happen in the first place.

I wasted 3 whole days - unable to concentrate at work; the series of events being replayed on my mind to such a level that I dream something related to it! I was expecting something positive to happen. Was I hopeful? Yeah, sort of, for the way things turned out. Dont ask me what it was. I am not going to say.

On second thoughts, yeah its me! That is how I have always been. I had to go through the grind. Was there any other way out? Knowing me well, I dont think so. This is how things 'end' for me. Labor hard, labor even harder to realize the truth, disbelief over something that ended, retrospect as to what really went wrong, conclude that nothing was wrong but it had to end, mull if things just take a sudden turn even though everything was fine! Is this how the events are governed?

Maybe thats how it is with me. Aww, enough of rambling. Since the past 2 weeks, most of the fishes passed away. "Passed away" is such a noble word for the fishes, no? They are the least responsive pets one could have. You dont really connect with them. So, its been that each morning I wake up to see one of them floating - dead, colorless all the charm gone.

Nature treats every life the same way isnt it? Its not partial. Anyway, I notice one of them is dead, promptly get the net, remove it away and dispose it off. I was wondering if I would treat a death of say a cat or a dog in a nonchalant way as this? I dont think so. Why not? Is that because we do not connect with those fishes at the emotional level as we would with the dogs or cats?

So life is valued based on the emotional proximity? Ummmm...something to ponder more! Yeah, so going back to that episode; yeah it disconcerted me when I revisited the way I handled the situation. I should have just not cared! I didnt care long enough but yet...should have damn cared even a wee bit! But me being me! who exacerbates even a simplest of emotion with a slogan "I am considerate" needs some spanking for sure is what I thought.

Anyway, as everything else, I learnt a lesson. Never ever be curious unless it is really going to benefit you. But have I ever learnt a lesson? ever?


  1. I also have this habit of getting into things and wasting time. It also drains my mind and body. You rightly said , mind is a monkey. We are descendants:)
    I was away Bindu, missed bloggy friends.

  2. Mind Is A Monkey !!

    we tend to forget the good memories fast but the bad ones remains for a quite a long time...

    and about the fishes... may be we don't connect that well because, they live in water and we just admire them from outside and also they don't disturb us much...beautiful creatures!! they bring so much peace :)

    whereas cats and dogs , they physically connect with us so the emotions are on higher side :)

  3. Lol! It was as if I was reading all of my mind thoughts just put in a more better way! :P

  4. yes happens with every one and we waste our time.

  5. yes happens with every one and we waste our time.
    sorry just pressed entered and it was annonmous

  6. We learn it the hard way not to be forgotten soon.It takes what it takes.Smile now ,it's a new day :)

  7. Love is a two-way thing; one doesn't really love aquarium fish like dogs and cats, do we? It is just an ornament, a decoration in the drawing room, maybe you can brag about your Anona that you bought for 2000 bucks. But you can love fish you know - you definitely can, if you can love your car or bike!

    Feeding the fish is my regular job - just before sitting down to breakfast, I switch on the motor - and the fish start wriggling around in anticipation of the feed that would follow. Everyday between 0830 to 0900 hrs.

    The present population of 4 has been there for nearly 2 years - 4 seems to the optimum, sustainable population in the 2" x 1" glass case... Add one more, and it'd die within a week.

    When I - and only I, go and stand near the aquarium, the fish crowd against the glass wall near where I stand.

    I don't know if it is a display of love or just a conditioned reflex; I would like to imagine it to be love...

  8. I admire fishes.. especially the fried ones. :-)

  9. Monkey mind- yes it is in all , I guess.

    regarding love and reciprocal feelings it is fishy matter than fishes. isn't it so?

  10. before anything I loved the title :P now let me go and read the post to see why is this a title ;)

  11. hmmmm.....hmmmmm..and more hmmmm

  12. Once you get your priorities right,you will never consider it a waste of time. Being inquisitive by itself is a positive sign of a person who is very focused. May be you need to revisit your super qualities.You will realise you a trasure of them

  13. Time is the best healer

  14. It was like reading my own dairy entry. I didn't think this happens to many people. Three days... So true. I remain lost in thoughts and the Hubby is so used to this behaviour of mine that he always has to say..."Let it go, it doesn't matter anymore!". :D

    Yes, Mind is a Monkey. But even monkeys learn lessons if they are well taught. Minds (like mine) don't!

  15. chitra,

    :-) Nice to hear from you chitra, long time. I hope you had a good time being away


    Yup! true. Fishes, we dont really spend time with them, maybe. Initially I cried when the first fish died 3 years ago. Then I got used to it.


    :-P I am not alone


    Thanks lady :)


    Yes we do and its no good. Thank you.


    Yes, its a new day. We learn it the hard way but I am wondering if we have to tread that way at all!


    Oh yes! the fishes pop their heads out as soon as they see someone close to the aquarium. Thats the only response so far. They know their food is on the way. Initially when a fish died 3 years ago, I cried. Then i just got used to the fact.

    But yeah, well put. If one can love a car or a bike, we can sure love the fishes as well :)




    Haha yes!


    Thanks. Hmmmm agree eh?

    Chowla sir,

    Sir, yes being inquisitive is only positive if its for all the right reasons. When its gonna hit you hard; it hurts.


    I wish you left your name so that I could address you.

    I dont deny that time would be the best healer. But do I need the scar at all in the first place? You still have to go through that pain right? Thats the thought here.

    Thank you.


    Haaa..glad I ain't alone :-P

    Yup 3 days....anger and confusion. Yup! even monkeys learn. Mine dont :-)

  16. Curiosity se fish ka death and then back to curiosity...i liked the randomness.

  17. G3,

    Uummpphh kya G3 tu bhi....I am ranting here and you find randomness in it :-P

  18. It is the way of life i guess, people who are selfish and bad at heart seems to have fun and get all easy ..

    As you know a few of my times it happens to only a few but then we learn from ti and hopefully wont be in the same situation ..

    Sorry to hear about the Fish, not good what was it did you find it , the filter or too much food , nitrate what .. you know i love fish as i have them myself and it breaks heart when one dies..

    and as it is monkeys learn but then We are Human.. maybe thats what is missing thats why some dont learn nad have ot go through the grind ...

    sometimes it makes me wonder where can i learn to be selfish and bad I SERIOUSLY want to be as such people hate me so what does it matter maybe if i am a bad person and do lots of wrong things it wont matter then ..

    reading back the comment i am thinking have i gone on a tangent here


  19. "Most people dismiss fish as dimwitted pea-brains. ... Yet this is a great fallacy," writes University of Edinburgh biologist Culum Brown in the June edition of New Scientist. "In many areas, such as memory, their cognitive powers match or exceed those of 'higher' vertebrates, including non-human primates."

    They are very unlike cars or bikes and you can love them,if you can love other pets.The response of fish depend on how much of time you spend around the tank with them.
    I had a pair of gold fish who had grown fond of me over a period of five years.They would come close to the tank,if I tried to kiss them through the glass wall.They knew when they were going to be fed,but couldn't cry or show other gestures if not fed.I had to leave them under the care of a friend who overfed them to death.
    I stopped having them from then on.

  20. Bik,

    I do not know, maybe the fishes were overfed. They always seemed so hungry that I overfed I guess.

    I do not know, if I have to call it selfishness or aloofness or whatever. At the end of the day, it affects you. Anyway its fine as long as your world doesnt shatter :)


    Yes, maybe there are in the water and that medium separates you. they cant really express as much as other pets do. But these limitations are the ones that keep them away right?

  21. Some how agreeing with G.


  22. I actually searched for the phrase mind is monkey :D
    fishes are very difficult to maintain ... I couldn't save my 6 gold fishes but then you are correct when u say we are more emotionally attached to dogs or cat ...

  23. Makk,



    Yeah its difficult to know what went wrong with the fishes..we need to be careful and not deviate from the pattern of feeding and cleaning the tank and maintaining water temperature and all that...

  24. I can totally understand what you are trying to say. I have gotten myself into a few of those situations myself where I brood and brood somehow hoping that the eventual end would change. With pets most of my sad experiences are due to my husband's overenthusiastic nature of bringing in pets without understanding and being prepared for their needs.

  25. Well am used to seeing a lot of dead fish (all dressed up to get into your mouth). Never felt bad at all.. but yes as u said.. had it been a dog.. man I would've been shattered...

  26. very well written ...i like it !! Mind is a Monkey ha ha ha.....

  27. I won't say anything at all :) It's good to ramble here, especially without disclosing what you are rambling about..I do that on my blog these days..

    fishes, cats, dogs, lizards - all are the same for me! I am not fond of any of them..when they don't pet us humans, then why should we pet them? Unko unki life jeene do aur tum tumhari jio!

  28. Insignia,

    Most people get attached to pets and when they die it seems like a family member has died. On the same time you cannot mourn like a death....that makes it hard to people. I think it might have been hard on you too. Ranting /rambling might be an affect of that......

    Take care of yourself.

    There is always a tomorrow and there is always light after dark. It is a cliche but still holds good :))

  29. Rachna,

    Yes Rachna and the world doesnt change :) We change and the world around us changes then :)


    Oh! hmm..I did cry initially when the fishes died but later got used to


    Thanks :) Welcome here


    :-P You got me! They petting us Neha? Hey bhagwan!


    Yes! ranting/rambling is also due to one another incident. It did help me a bit writing about it. I did manage to deviate from my actual issue by writing about the fishes. Anyway, its a bright new day :)


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