Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm busy


Its amazing what wonders keeping yourself busy can do :) No?

I am a tad lazy person; though I have stuffs on my plate to do, I would rather mull over them and 'keep planning' than getting my butt off and actually finishing tasks and ticking them off one by one.

I didn't choose to be busy; I would never ever :-D; lazy bum I am. The thing is; I move to a new team couple of months ago. It left me literally nothing to do; but now we are building the team - lotta things to do. With my knowledge and others being new to the organization; I am the grand old mommy!! Suddenly, a plethora of responsibilities and dependability.

Yeah! its not a great thing to be proud of, but they are keeping me busy. I didnt choose it; it happened.  Days are straining and I dont find time for tea. Seems I was eons away from blogspace; it was just Friday I blogged :) Its nice when you lose sense of time and days. That way, you dont give time to your mind to ponder about things that once happened and waiting for it to recur; or retrospect and wonder rights and wrongs.

You dont give your mind an opportunity to miss, to yearn, to ponder, to worry, to search, to wait.......

But I have been reading quite a bit these days. I had suspended the reading activity for a year or so. Just that my pondering got into too much of me and got lazy. Anyway, have you ever debated on reading over watching?

I always think about it; whenever I pick up a book.While I read, I visualize. You have all the freedom and creativity to visualize the characters, the locations, the expressions, the action et all. You can dress up a character the way you like; accessorize the car in action with your own gadgets....there is no limit!!

It gets so beautiful as you work up your mind to visualize the pine trees, the snow, the desert storm, the car chase, the vault, the secret zones......That is why I have always avoided watching movies adapted from novels. Somehow they disappoint me. Maybe because they either fail to match upto my imagination or that the movies in itself is fast paced and doesnt give you creative freedom.

I have been on a reading marathon. Romance, Thriller, Action....if work doesnt keep me busy, reading surely does. And yeah, my mind is clutter free and healthy.


  1. thanks & Congratulation :)

  2. reading...ya a pleasure indeed..

  3. Hey,

    If you say, "I am busy" and not lie.

    If you read books to keep yourself busy..that is spending time constructively.

    So you spending time in a useful manner that pleases you...

    Good job :))

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  5. The visual quality of words is what appeals to me most. In the old days when we didn't have TVs and PCs and had to rely on the occasional more than 3-year old English movies, we made it up with lots of reading. And be it Hemingway or Zane Grey, reels revealed before us. Engrossing were the days of James Hadley Chase and Perry Mason and Ellery Queen and Maurice Proctor and.....

  6. Of course the advantage reading offer you is matchless..That's the reason why I made it a practice now for my 6 year old daughter to have kind of totally different kinds of readings as a daily routine..(since they are born towards 'seeing' and watching')Why I mentioned here is,today,reading and imagination,thinking ability and reasoning associated with that,all lost it's significance.Good or bad,am not here to judge.But what I feel as a person is that it's the most wonderful feeling one can have in a lifetime..That's where I don't want my girlie to miss the charm of books..

    Cheers with your reading !

  7. Happy reading .Expecting some post on the beautiful books you are reading.Congratulations on this new team work at the office.
    Since blogger i have been spending very less time reading.And when i read i have this strong urge to leave/write a comment after finishing the book:):)I don't know if it is healthy or not :):)hee
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Even I prefer reading to watching... the pleasure of creating your own magic world is something indescribable :-)

    So happy reading.. to both of us :-)

  9. All the best with work ..

    I got the same thin happening what with the uk economy going down and even the jobs that were thought to be safe are no longer safe and have been cut , new mergers , new teams is all the NEW thing these days .. Doing a lot

    But what i found funny is , I use to think that I dont have much knowledge and maybe i am lagging behind but over the last few weeks i am amazed at the amount of things that i have picked up over the years and suddenly you feel that all these last 8-9 years of work have been beneficial ...

    Reading well I lost that ages ago dont have time to do that , did not even have time to play my PS3 even its gaining dust ahhhh I need more hours ...


  10. it's not been there done that for me, but staying there and doing that! but it feels good to be busy! I have got a couple of books too to read! let's see when I finish those!

  11. Glad you have kept at reading. Oh yes, it gives the freedom to dream, imagine and create many elements that arent obvious !

    Hope you find much time to share a few thoughts here as well ! :)

  12. B, The printed words are more meaningful and can be made more meaningful than a visual image of it, I guess so.
    And you have a point when you mentioned that adaptation of a written work seldom excel.

    To play sorcery with words , and that only a few great could do, Marquez ,and Rushdie being the masters in the contemporary times. And as Balan mentioned there were those others in the past. Maurice Procter could make the whole English country side and ambiance play in front of me like from a video, while I read his fascinating Police stories.

    So keep reading grandma!

  13. Makk,



    Yes sir :)


    No, I am not reading books to keep myself busy. I have just replaced my 'ceiling gazing' to book reading :)


    :-) Even with TVs and PCs, nothing can beat the pleasure books give :)


    Yes, you are doing it right. Reading, reading, reading...thats what my hobbies used to be earlier. I have deviated a bit, but I can get back to reading anytime. Cultivate the habit of reading to your kid :)


    Oh ok! I will post some review for sure :)


    Yup! happy reading to both of us :)


    My team change has nothing to do with bad economy as such. I spent quite some time in my old team and needed a change :)

    Good for you, dont let yourself rust :)


    Yup! being busy is nice :)


    Thank you, yeah sometimes writing takes a beating with lack of time and patience. But yes, I will be regular here


    True. :-) Thats the beauty of playing with words isnt it? The abundance that lay it front of us.....

    Grandma :-) I like that :)

  14. Every reader reads a book as a different book,shaped by his own experiences and emotions.That is why some people get disappointed when they see a story they have loved,transformed in to a movie.In a movie,we probably see the director,s version of the story,it simply cannot cater to your imagination and fantasies.

  15. Except Lord of the rings, even that failed to compete with my imagination but better than other movies, I didn't like any movie that's been adopted from a novel I have read.

    And I have been busy too. Not reading much nowadays. :(

  16. Doc,

    You said it absolutely right :)


    I havent watched Lord of the Rings :-D

  17. When one is busy, one doesn't even has time to tell that they are busy.

    You surely aren't busy :P

    But its so soothing to get free time nowadays. Everyone is running here and where. Being free gives us opportunity to look at the world in fast forward while we are sitting in slow motion..

    but being busy is good. So keep busy!

  18. :-D Haha

    True. I am not that busy to not find time to tell that I am busy :-P

    True, I feel no one can ever be that busy to stop for few seconds and relish the world around us :)


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