Saturday, June 11, 2011


My 3 day trek in the rain forests of Costa Rica - let me discover the rich flora and fauna of the place. We witnessed those mythical sort of creatures that were believed to be only an artist's impression; until you saw them live. For eg. the Morphus - the fairy tale butterfly; which seemed to be straight out of a fantasy land. Or the winged insect which had helicopter like rotor blades - if you remember the movie Avatar; there are some flying creatures of that sort.

The glowing plants in Avatar? Yeah! We saw glowing mushrooms during our trek. Mushrooms - variety of them, different hues and textures. I wanted to dedicate one entire post on those mushrooms. So long, here they are - For your eyes only :-)

I forgot many of the names. But can still remember their texture. This one was like a slice of cheese :)

Woody, observe the rings on them, seems to be telling their age!!

A delicate brown and white border. Fashionable mushroom :)

The beauty of them all. This reddish orange cup shaped one is called Cocaina.

Another version of Cocaina - smaller and hairy.


Mounds of them - surviving on dead wood.

Bunch of cocainas :) This branch was lying on the ground, William planted it upright while Gautam clicked this picture.

This one looked like stale bread.


Feels like skin peeling out - It was rubbery to touch.

Wormy fungus!

I forgot its name.

This is the glowing mushroom. We picked few to take back to our camping area.

Close resemblance to the button mushroom.



  1. No wonder u had fun exploring all these lil things....Cocaina's sucha beautiful mushroom...n d chocolate ones...look yummmy...!!

  2. Not a fan of Mushrooms! But informative indeed. :)

  3. Wow, So many varieties, some are very appealing ,the orange cup and brown with white border.
    Loved this post:)

  4. I don't think I have seen so many varieties of mushrooms in our forests. Great pics, B!

  5. Never heard of glowing mushrooms and never seen so many varieties of them before.All your pictures are very nice .Thanks for this wonderful post.

  6. ah!
    had goosebumps seeing those, thumps down to them !!
    But nice pictures. :)

  7. Awesome clicks..I have seen them though, but it's a treat seeing them again! I love edible mushrooms!

  8. wow so many types of mushrooms :d though my fav is still the ones that are edible :D
    Cocaina looks beautiful!!!!

  9. F first time I see so many types of Mushrooms. Like your statement "for your eyes only". Can't eat over th net

  10. Jaunty amina,

    :-) Oh it was more than fun! It was once in a life experience to be treasured for ever.
    Cocaina was gorgeous among the lots. :-) I am not sure if they were all edible, but they did look delicious.


    :-D Thanks


    Yup chitra. I had not seen that many varieties earlier! Thank you.


    Me too! Thanks Balan.


    Thanks dear.


    Glowing mushrooms were a feast. Didnt know it existed; thought it was just an imagination in movies until we saw them. Thank you.


    They were all lovely, except for few.


    Thank you. I dont know if any of them were edible.


    Yup! :) Thanks.


    Yeah it was the same with me, never seen those many in my life at one area. Haha, dont know if they were edible A :)

  11. I love mushrooms and have eaten button, shitaki, oyster and portobelo. Are all these varieties edible? They make amazing pictures certainly.

  12. Lovely mushrooms. I once photographed a mushroom in the forest near Thekkady and I was told it was called"Bridal Mushroom". It was like a dressed up pumpkin. Tried to retrieve the photo locked up somewhere in the computer but could not.

  13. The wormy one was ewww too. Btw, I wanna eat mushroom curry now.

  14. If I had not seen the title, I would have assumed the first few pics as flowers... :):)

  15. Must have been a very adventurist trip.
    Mushrooms look so good. A large variety, isnt it?

  16. I loved orange cup shaped Cocaina , they all are non edible right ??

  17. Rachna,

    I dont think these were all edible.
    But they did look beautiful.


    Yeah they were lovely. I just googled how a bridal mushroom looked. Its beautiful.
    Hope you get the picture.


    :-) Haha


    :-) Yup! They are so lovely, isnt it?

    Chowla sir,

    Yes it was. It was sure a treat to see so many variety of them.


    Yeah Cocaina is my favorite as well. Yeah they are all not edible.

  18. I am reading a book which talked about different types of Mushrooms (Now, the book isn't as boring as I just made it sound). And you gave visualization to those words. Thanks.

  19. Zeba,

    :-) Thank you. I hope the book has pretty good pictures, it would sure be interesting then :)

  20. Glad to read through your Tag..otherwise I would've missed this. Amazing to see their textures, colors and shapes! Never knew there were so many different types of mushrooms!

  21. Vaish, These are just handful.. There are many variants of them


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