Friday, January 20, 2012

Crumbling and Down

So this seems to be the season of break downs, shut down and collapse.

The Kodak moment is finally over. A brand synonymous with film rolls when we had those classical cameras; which limited the number of photos one can afford to waste. It was static; not possible to delete and redo and click photos after photos because you had 16 GB of space on your memory card.

I miss those moments when we were asked to "pose" for the camera - stand still, look straight, smile and then the "Click". Move on!!! Life Rolls on just like Kodak film rolls.

When I thought moral policing was only Mutalik and gang, our Big Uncle Sam seems to be the latest to join the group! Hearing about the SOPA and PIPA? No they are not another soccer association as FIFA! (Now curse me!!) but IP protection act. So are they trying to protect intellectual property or curbing freedom of expression. Well, you know how it works! Introduce something to curb something else - DIPLOMATICALLY and say "We did it for you guys!"

Who knows folks? This may be one last post from me when I can speak my mind. Wish Rajnikanth did something about this. There is a new website from Rajnikanth which works only without Internet! Maybe we should all migrate to that.

Well, I am busy falling sick nowadays! Yeah its that time of the year when you earn some money if you fall sick. Submitting IT proofs! I need to submit medical bills to claim tax-free component of my salary. Now how will I get to save tax on 15000/- if I dont fall sick? Tell me? So I am severely falling sick within the limits of 15000/-

Hmm, I am out now!
B Log Blocked due to Illegal Content!
 I hope you wont be welcomed by such a blaring message anytime!


  1. I have no clue what is this all about , yeah i am so far away from the normalacy.

    I have to read about it .. and yeah migration to Rajnikanth's is the only way forward i guess ..

    Oh ho why are you sick , sorry i did not get that ..

    you take care and get well soon


  2. Yes..heard about SOPA and PIPA. Yet to read the details, but it would be really detrimental if freedom of speech is curbed.

    Good luck to you..for not falling ill outside the range. :)

    Best Wishes.

  3. Sad end .So many fond memories are linked to Kodak but again don't remember the day I bought my last roll.With SOPA and PIPA in scene now I think Rajni's new website is the best option.Stay healthy !

  4. Been away from your blog because of exams & slow internet, and even I didn't like it.

    I was wondering how it would be if I don't get to read blogs that I like & write whatever I like to, on my blog. It doesn't seem to be something that I would want to happen.

  5. Falling sick to claim tax free..:))

    That part is censored. I did not read it. All censorship rules apply on that statement.

  6. Indeed nostalgic about Kodak..
    And the cross connections all make it dull..Sick.On the final note IT,it make us do everything..daring.

  7. I will miss the Kodak moments :( and yes i am also running here and there for IT thing,sometime i feel i am saving jst for filling my IT :P .

  8. Perhaps Kodak was a bit late in adapting and moving with the tide. All the manufacturers of Cameras adapted to the digital age.
    In the case of audio,
    HMV lost out because they stuck on with the gramophone and the disc records. Wonder if they were sold and changed names.
    Fuji the pioneerin photography and Camera , moved into digital age.
    So its all the question of how fast we can run to avoid falling down.

    As for the illegal and objectionable content in your Blog, B that was too bad you hurt my sentiments that would have even as , Voltaire said , be ready to die for your right to say even what I detest.

  9. Bik,

    Yup! lotta things happening in this world. I am not sick!


    Hahaha thanks, very much needed :)


    Yeah, they probably didnt adapt to changes. :-) I am soon going to migrate to Rajnikanth's


    Good, now that your exams are over, chillax :)

    Yeah, its scary to think


    Thats the situation.

    Oh good! You didnt read the censored stuff!


    Hahaha yeah IT will make us go bonkers!


    :-) Its the same story will all of us


    I agree with you Anil. Only those who adapt fast and foresee the future stay in the business. Whatever happened to Xerox. They were the first to pioneer GUI concept. Apple in its early days bought the idea. Steve knew that would be the next best thing. Xerox remained Xerox.....

    :-) That would be the final nail Anil, isnt it? For all the stuffs we write :)

  10. take care of your health girl ...
    i thought only our politicians have lost their mind,,, but seems it's a global phenomenon :P

  11. honestly.. i didn't understand because I hardly read newspaper and follow news channel..

    did some googling and now I am all the more confused!!

    sometimes Ignorance is bliss

  12. Yeah SOPA and PIPA, sad! It seems everyone is out to curb our freedom. And since it is phoney sickness, well stay well :). I fell sick for real the past week and so much of work. What can one say!

  13. I saw an Ad recently......."Who is the largest seller of cameras in the world...its not Kodak,its Nokia"Good Ad, but bad for Kodak.
    As for Uncle the wife at home,US is never wrong

  14. Rajlakshmi,

    :-) Yeah everyone has lost it!




    Yup, thankfully we dont have to worry about it for a while

    Chowla sir,

    Haha yeah! Nokia is also on the same path!


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