Monday, January 23, 2012

I Dont Know Nothing

Neha mentioned that she is writing a post. I asked her about what? Her reply was "dunno". And bang on! I told her that I thought I had an idea for a post. She asked me what? I said "Donno" :) So now we have to see who will publish the post first :)

So have we not got "dont know", "nothing" for an answer while having a general conversation. I use it frequently because I genuinely dont know! I dont plan on things, it just happens and I prefer it that way. Few of my friends were cold with me because when they asked me where I was going during year end; I said I dont know and when they figured out I was soaking up in Lanka, they got mad. Now; I really didnt know.

I also dont know about 'What next?' I dont want to think much. Thinking is tough! I just go ahead and act on it. Yeah, I also use 'nothing' lot of times when I am thinking something.  Its not that I dont want to reveal what I am thinking but I am just lazy to explain. I have to confess that many I talk to dont give me DONT KNOW or NOTHING for an answer.

If you notice, these words abruptly stalls a conversation or if not that worse; it puts an end to the topic and we move to another topic. Its an easy way out for me from those holy grail talks. But few are so persistent; they wouldnt leave unless you spill the beans.

Look folks! I am humble. I do nothing and I dont know anything. To be not knowing anything is the most difficult and intellectual thing in the whole world. Thats when you learn and you desire to learn more.

When you know nothing, you dont have to do anything; so ultimately nothing is left undone as you dont know anything :-P

To quote from Oscar Wilde -

I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about


  1. LOL @ When you do nothing, you dont have to do anything; so ultimately nothing is left undone as you dont know anything!! How true!! :)

  2. Ah a story of dunno and nothing. I finally wrote something on love, which I guess only I am gonna understand. Or so I think. I don't think even I understood half the bit of it. Anyway, let's talk more often about nothing :P

  3. I love that Oscar Wilde quote.
    And yes, every knowledge begins by accepting that you know nothing. :)

  4. if thats the case wtih you I wonder whats to happen to ME..

    I am serious I do know NOTHING .. and i dont think i learn anything also


  5. AAah!! Dunno and nothing.. Such common words but contain a whole lot - Everything we do not know goes to NOTHING.

  6. Ha it works thanks B. I guess others too may have to do the same on their settings to accept my comments. "I don't know if they would " ha

    Interesting piece you have here.
    It is all much ado about nothing . isn't it?

  7. Shilpa,



    Yeah, lets get started!


    I so truly believe in that Melange. :)


    Yeah, thats when we are receptive.




    Yeah and probably easy! or is it?


    Hahaha You found a "use case" for Dont Know :)

    Yup! Muchas ado about Nada


    Thank you :)

  8. That was a witty write up. I got "nothing" else to say about it. :)

  9. I also dunno what you are talking about:). What happens when somebody says that?
    I was away , my travel and work kept me away from you all.

  10. The easiest way out when you don't want to get into lengthy explanations. My elder son says why do you say I don't know so often :).

  11. Always better to say nothing than say something which may not mean anything

  12. As Socrate said - As for me ,all I know is that I know nothing.

  13. Nethra,

    :-) Thank you


    How are you ma'am?


    Yeah, its so quick isnt it?

    Chowla sir,


    Pesto Sauce,

    Yup! Or say something which one doesnt know and make a fool of oneself!


    :-) Haha


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