Friday, January 13, 2012

Self Praise

Few of us will cry foul I know! Few of us will exclaim "How proud she is!" But yeah we are so absorbed in what others have to say that we probably forget what we are :)

I cant believe I could ever post something like this about me on a public forum as this; I have always been humble and down to earth person. (Yeah, heard this a zillion times :-P)

Anyway, last evening a very close friend of mine came to meet me with his wife. He has chosen to stick to me for 10 years now; even with my bullish and arrogant behavior. I bet it has not been easy for him; the average life span of a friendship with me is 3 years. I drift away; the reasons are aplenty - they do not match my intelligence, they are boring, they cant talk beyond chicken or movies and so on...Ahem...yes sorry but this is true. It does not end here. They will have to put up with my arrogance, flaunts and bullying.

I can stealthily let someone know how outdated they are with their beliefs or knowledge or take a dig at someone when they talk rubbish. Hold on! I dont do that with all but only with friends whom I think can tolerate my antics. Few of them understand I genuinely want them to learn, few take an umbrage.

Anyway, so people who know me well call me Google (with humble apologies to Google). To spell out a word or to replace a word, to know the specifications of a new car model and its price or recommend the best red wine . I am happy to discuss Chinese influence in Maldives or the sad demise of apostrophe (I get a chance to make fun of myself now as I write...I just noticed I wrote "sad demise". When has demise been ever happy?)

So these few people who call me Google do not know each other but somehow I get tagged like this maybe due to their belief that they will find answers to their queries. Oh yeah I have played agony aunts to lot many as well; sadly people's attention span is so poor that they forget. There is this general belief that techies are frogs in the well; so when people hear to talk they quip "How do you know all these?" and I retort "Why do you think I will not know this?"

Coming back to my friend, I must say he is such a nice guy to put up with my temper and bullying. I have treated him so bad; he was a year junior at college; though we were of same age I would take the liberty of thrashing him; kicking him; slapping him...all in the pretext of bring him to speed! Now he is married its tough for me to play quiet and not bully him in her presence. He still sticks to me is a fact even I am surprised!


  1. Good for your friend. I feel friendship comes in a different realm altogether. When old friends meet, we are back in college with silly jokes and tantrums, lots of bullying etc., and I think the spouses accept that too. Btw, I thought that I was the only one who counseled people and offered relationship advise or doled out spellings, words and spotted grammatical errors :). See how I tried to sneak in self praise here. Humility is a good quality to possess, but it is good to be aware of one's strong points and to acknowledge them sometimes :). Nice to know you. About apostrophe, have you noticed how many people are using redundant ones for plurals and in other absurd places, gets my goat!

  2. Nice read! If you do not indulge in the regular discussions on movies , weather, politics,bitching, you will be treated as an outcast sooner or later:)

  3. B, I guess this friend who stuck to you like limpet may be wisely nominated for peace prize.
    I feel so after reading what you have made out yourselves to be.

    Well friendship like the liaison called marriage are strange bed fellows.
    Some put up helplessly, some with stoicism, and some like your friend take you for what you are.
    Don't you agree?

  4. 3 years hmm ok well i have known you for what 2 years .. chalo got a year more now ...

    lucky the guy who is still a friend

  5. nicely written... and yes, after a while one needs to sort out the friends from the casual acquaintances

  6. if everyone accepts the person as who they are.. then the relationship will last irrespective of the number of years!!

    nice post!

  7. Insignia - i feel jealous about your friend who is wise to stick on to you over all these is not every day, when one gets to befriend a 'google' who breathes and talk :)

  8. lol on that Insi.In fact I was in a hurry.But decided to peep in here with the title.haha.but it was worth.I am released.Well,I think choosing to be the real you with friends,that's TRUTH.

  9. Rachna,

    Yeah, not all spouses are mature to accept it :) So I dare not even try!
    Haha, thats smart. Yeah apostrophe is deemed useless in the age of internet! So wrong.


    I have been pushed as an outcast long long ago :)


    I feel sad for him truly :) I agree with you. Its rare to find friends who like you for the way you are and understand you.


    :-) Yeah, lets see


    I agree, I prune them once every 3 years :)
    Yeah! Welcome to B Log :)


    I agree, but it aint that easy :)


    Lol! I hope he agrees with you.


    Thanks Melange, the title was a grabber :) I am glad I dont have to act in front of few people and I can be myself :)

  10. That Lets see sound ominous .. now i am heart broken and sad ..


  11. I know what you mean. I even know what you are trying to talk about in the post. Some forget, some remember way too many things.

    And I don't think I am boring sorts and I have known you for three years (or more/less) - thus, all safe :P

  12. Who would want to let go of a friend like Google? ;)
    Nice read :)

  13. Knowledge shall be coupled with humility, in my opinion.

    Some people accept others as is. Your friend may be like that

  14. You are a liar, B! Because having read you, been with you for nearly a couple of years, I can vouch for the fact that you are not what you have described. You are a great gal, B! :-D

  15. You sound like Doraemon and I love Doraemon !

  16. Bik,

    It was just honest, please dont mind. :)


    Yeah, I was contemplating about decoding visuals, phrases etc. That will be a different post. Haha you arent and I am sure we will have something to bitch about to keep going :P

    Destiny's child,

    Haha, I hope my friend thinks the same, Thank you


    Yeah, he is one such kind and I am grateful.


    Hahaha Balan :) I am so relieved; there is someone out there who sees beyond words on this page :) Thanks much Balan.


    :-) Thank you. Did I get a new name?

  17. I am no one to mind... honesty is always the best policy..


  18. I am sure that even though you described yourself as " arrogant , buuly and flauting " there would certainly be many good qualities/adjective that you forgot to mention here and probably those positive qualities are much more and great compared to the mentioned three qualities which kept your friendSHIP going :)

  19. Bik,



    Thank you girl. :-)

  20. That's a cool self analysis!!
    Your friends must be soooo very lucky to have you in their lives!! :))

  21. For once, I don't agree with you.
    Having met you personally,I can vouch for it that you are not arrogant you are not bullish .

  22. Shilpa,

    :-) Thanks. I hope they think that way :P

    Chowla sir,

    Lol! There is at least once when you dont agree. :-)

  23. Well my Google ...Read your blog and valuable comment of your friends :).
    10 sal ho gae !!!!! hamari dosti se to uski umar ka pata hi nahi chalta :)

  24. Sanju,

    :-) I didnt realize as well...10 sal ho gaye! And it gets better each passing day isnt it?

    Thanks for being there always :)

  25. Bindu,
    My great pleasure to have a friend critics and guide like you.
    No-one knows you better than me and I say you are AWESOME :)


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