Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Did YOU notice?

So I noticed this morning that my blog link got redirected to from

Is Google setting up a country specific domain? I thought so! but NO. A blog setup in US will still have '.in' suffixed if you try to access it from here. So what Google is doing is dynamically changing the domains depending from where you are accessing. So my blog link will ave a .fm if accessed from Micronesia.

Lol! I am in a fantasy land to be dreaming of my blog being accessed from Micronesia. So anyway what does this mean to us? What does this mean to you and me?

1. You really do NOT own this space. Anything can happen. One fine day you try access your blog; Whhhooooshhh! It may not be there. Remember reading "Terms and Conditions" (oh! when did we ever read them?) And this might just happen even without a simple Apology.

2. Your SEO ratings; if you care for them. I know there are suckers for ratings and page hits. You can use this to your advantage to make your site pop up at every odd chance and improve your rankings.

3. Your identity - No lunch is free lunch. You are entitled to honor the changes no matter what. Remember Facebook's decision to scrap the feature of linking your blogs to Notes?

So I am contemplating to get a custom domain...hmm..but I need to take my blogging seriously.. Hmmmm........


  1. Yes, I noticed that change with my son's blog. Mine is a custom domain, and I am going to stick with that for a long time :). Haven't actually analyzed it, as it hardly affects me :).

  2. Have to give a serious thought!! this post got my thinking cap on.. I cant afford to loose my stuff, even if it is silly and low rated. Thanks for the info Insignia.

  3. i have noticed that even my blog url ends with in

  4. I noticed it in the morning today!
    Oh, so it makes sense to go in for custom domain!!
    You are not going in for the new comment format??

  5. Hey B, your post looks like the Martians have landed. Explain to a fool like me.

  6. That's a wise decision to have a custom domain..We OWN,we SURVIVE.This is the first step towards many to come.

  7. havenot given it a thought at all.. dont know wats going ot happen ..

    I will let you take the plunge and then advice me on it he he he :)

    I should back up all my notes i guess just in case .. or maybe stop and go back to the diary .. that will remain safe always


  8. Me too on a custom domain .See you soon on .

  9. only after reading your post... I noticed it..

    I think its better I make a hand written copy of everything I write..even if its a one liner. !! I hate to loose a single line from my posts!!

    Thanks for the post..

  10. Rachna,

    Yeah its no big deal but eye opener to changes that can happen under your skin and you wouldnt even know!


    Oh no! I dont think Google or any site would ever do that! but we just have no control if anything that catastrophic happens.




    Yeah. The new format doesnt work for me Shilpa as I am not using the new template.
    Few readers had trouble posting comment after I changed to embedded; so I reverted


    No big deal Anil. If you notice your blog link is now from

    The .DOM is now .IN which means there are domain changes. Lot of changes happen even without us realizing is what I was mentioning.


    Yup! :)


    :-) Dont fear, your posts wont vanish :)


    Haha thanks kavita


    Oh its not that worse. I was just quoting an example.

  11. OMG that sounds really scarry! But I could not see any domain change in mine. I am going to save each of my posts into pdf! Is this happening only with google / gmail account or to any accounts??

  12. I switched to custom domain two years ago. I like the one I have - It's easy. Madame, I am not surprised when you say that you read the terms and conditions. Anything written anywhere and I trust you to read it.

  13. Thanks for this post. I would not have had noticed this at all. And am planning to save all my stuff.

  14. Vaish,

    This is just blogspot changing the domain. Not to worry; our posts wont go anywhere. But better to be in control.


    Lol!! I am such a nerd, am I not?


    Sure ma'am. We wont lose our works but these tiny changes do matter.

  15. I am already working on Custom Domain.

  16. Chowla sir,

    Thats a smart move. The domain change is to filter content!


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