Friday, February 3, 2012


Photography is one of my passion; its been so obvious on this space time and again. Photography as a hobby leashes out the creativity is one thing, you start observing so many subtle things that you normally miss out on. You start noticing the surrounding in a way that appeals to you no matter what. A dingy room with broken furniture makes a good subject as much a beautiful rose garden.

You start seeing the world in frames and angles :) Every little thing I see or every other person I see is an interesting subject. As I walk; I think "Oh! this could be a beautiful picture". You would want to capture those moments and those expressions forever. You start noticing those which you would not notice otherwise even though you have been around thousand times.

Anyway, apart from the beauty of it; you also notice the funny and awkward stuffs. Have you observed how people get so conscious when posing for a picture? Some of them just stand in a freezing position; stiff and rock like while others go out of the way to look candid and they fail miserably. I have always been nervous posing though I love talking pictures myself. You would see me agitated and frowning many a times. Others do their hair, clothes to look best while few take all the liberty to pose in different angles no matter where they are and how many are staring at them.

Photography keeps me alive. I believe that if you stop observing, you stop living. Photography accentuates the observing capability. They did not just say "A picture speaks a thousand words". Camera is my best friend; only thing is that it got bulky and I cant carry it everywhere. I need to buy a good point and shoot camera for freezing those moments that I find interesting on my day to day course.

Point and shoots help you shoot discreetly as well; especially when shooting people. You lose that candidness when people notice you are photographing them. At the same time; you can avoid the attention if you are the one who doesnt like attention. Point and shoots are small and sleek; though they dont provide
DSLR's versatility; they are still good.

See this picture? The younger monk is happy to pose for the picture; while the elder's body language speaks a lot. Shy, wary and discomfort; doesnt want to be pictured. The third boy is just not into this. Three boys; three stories; one picture :)


  1. If you stop observing, you stop living- says it all..

  2. Loved this statement..."I believe that if you stop observing, you stop living. "
    And sometimes people want to take photos, but they don't want to pose. And that picture is a very good example of 3 kinds of people!

  3. Hm.. Photography sharpen ones observation.

  4. Ummm , are we about to see a Steve McCurry in the making?

    You are right , a well known celebrity , cinematographer and photographer , told me during a chat that when you observe , you can do away with oft beaten themes and pictures. He was referring to someone photographing Churchill sans his customary cigar and frown. The split moment Churchill was caught in camera and off guard.

    Good luck to you, keep up the passion. And blog them too.

  5. I can't imagine my life without photography .

  6. Apart from observation,each frame is a perspective I believe Insi..And I have interestingly noticed a few with heavy brand SLR ending up with dull pictures.So,it's more than art sometimes.It's about frame and light and stuff.Though my buddy is Nikon D90,all my clicks for blog still is with point and shoot one..Whichever genre your camera belongs to,it's about how you see it..That's what so personal about photography for me.Keep rocking with your passion Insi.Cheers!

  7. Bik,



    :-) Its so true


    :-) I am one of them. I get nervous to pose :)




    Oh! my! I have a long long way to go Anil.
    That well know celebrity's photos are also my teacher. :)

    Sure thing, this is the place where I get honest feedback about my snaps; will keep sharing and trouble you guys :)


    Me too!


    I agree to your every word. Camera is just a tool! When someone asks me "Which camera was that?" I get very angry. Its not the camera but the photographer.

    Its in the eye; what you see. Thank you.

  8. For each of your pictures, I tell you - Insignia, please smile for the picture next time, but still you never do. and in all my pictures, I am showing all my teeth :P

    You are a good photographer. I love seeing your albums. but what I enjoy more is discussing those pictures with you :)

  9. I alos love photography. Yes I also get restless while posing for photos .

  10. Suggest you watch the documentary on Henri Cartier-Bresson. In his career that spanned decades, Cartier-Bresson mostly shot with his little 35mm/50mm Leica. Photography is all about what he calls, 'The decisive moment'.

    When I have a camera with me, I feel sharply alive, keenly observing and vibrant. But I generally dislike taking people's photographs, esp, without permission. Like some North American natives believe, a part of their soul is taken away in the photograph.

    Get as close as you can, to the subject; cock your head and try to look at things from a different angle! :-)

    Good luck, happy hunting!

  11. very true. when you start taking pictures, you start seeing the world in frames and with different angles.

  12. Neha,

    Yeah! the reason is I dont want to be the subject :-P
    Thanks Neha, I like it when you point out the subtle flaws as in the eyes of common person or even appreciate those little details and ask for details as to how I clicked it


    Ma'am I guess some of us are :)


    Sure will watch the documentary. As I mentioned in one of my comment, camera is just a tool; its all in the eyes :)

    True, you want to capture that very soul isnt it? I do seek permission when required; but yeah as soon as people get to know you are clicking them, they get nervous and you lose that moment.

    Thanks :)


    Yup! :-) Thank you for your comments

  13. what is definition of a good point & shoot camera btw?

  14. Photography is fun and I agree photographers view world from a diffrent perspective.

  15. Makk,

    Something like my DSC-W55



  16. Do others around you find it annoying especially on trips because they don't feel similarly about photography. I always feel that when i have the best poses, the camera is nowhere around me. And, yes it feels awkward to pose!

  17. rightly said, candid pictures are always the best.

  18. Rachna,

    Yeah I wouldnt care if they are annoyed. But they start staring at you!!!



  19. No I have never held a camera(Except mobile)

  20. To view world from a different perspective is not just a photographer's thing.As a poet,i believe its same for them too.....:)
    Anyway,keep up ur passion n creativity!
    Keep clicking! Keep smiling!

  21. Chowla sir,



    Yeah, your mind lights up to something that others would not normally notice isnt it?



  22. I agree...

    The contents are really good…


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