Thursday, January 8, 2009

Necessary Evil???

I see this billboard each day morning and evening I pass on this road to and from my workplace.
I have cropped the snap here to showcase just on the thought I have in my mind. Just to give a gist of it, its a real estate ad from India's one of the top real estate property company. I have cropped off the name and logo of the firm along with its contact data which is irrelevant here for us.
If one sees this ad, it clearly states penthouses for sale for nature lovers. A happy couple supporting the statement. I am intrigued by the costume the lady is wearing in this picture. Its a bit too revealing; unnecessary for an advertisement aiming to sell penthouses harbored amidst nature. It would have made sense to show greenery, birds, kids playing in the park etc.

Is this a marketing strategy to capture young minds? I think so. I would like to confess that the costume the lady has got here is *acceptable* compared to the more worse stuff that comes on TV. Take any product advertisement on media, you can see a glamorous lady selling the product; dressed skimpily. That's even if the product is independent of the genders. One would just look and drool over...and then what? Does it really prompt the buyer to go for the product? Certainly not!!!

Remember the Carl's Jr burger advertisement in which Paris Hilton in a seductive swim-suit holding a burger in her hand.
What was the impact due to this?
It may have back-fired as most of the American family felt it offensive for an American way of life! or it may have helped Carl's Jr to actually gain free publicity by this uproar. This ad surely generated millions and millions of free publicity all over the world for Carl's Jr and to Paris millions of dollar payment!

Few may have a counter-argument, but ultimately if a product is good, you don't need any senseless gimmicks. The quality speaks for itself.


  1. Very true. But advertisers are using the fact that these methods of advertising work. It is human psychology.

  2. I agree if the product is good there is no need for gimmicks. However, advertisements are the way to let consumers know that this product is available. Also, no one rushes out of the house to buy a product as soon as they see the ad in TV. The main reason for an advertisement is for the consumer to remmeber this product whenever they make a purchasing decision. (By the way, a 30 second advertisement during Super Bowl this year cost $3 million.)

  3. If you have seen movie RUNN by RGV

    there is a dialogue by Mohnish Bahal.

    It was like this:

    He is Boss of a News channel there and instructing his junior as saying,"yar ye kya bahan ji types ko rakha hai tumne mousam ka hal sunane ke liye, Chhote chhote kapade pahna kelao kisi ko, taki jisako dekhna hai dekhe aur jisako sunana hai sune...."

    Money is very Powerful.

  4. Yes, Money is very powerful!!
    It can make anyone dance to its tunes!!


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