Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Silent story of the royal tombs

I am just back from a mind blowing trip to Coorg. Coorg is a hilly district occupying a prt of Western Ghats of India. Places of visit are generally Talakaveri, Iruppu falls, Abbi falls, Dubare, Kaveri Nisargadhama, Bhagamandala, Nagarhole and the fort situated in the heart of Madikeri town.



Tibetan Monastery

Abbi Falls

On the way to Abbi falls, there was this secluded area, partly damaged; children playing cricket. The only visible portion was the dome of the building; which seemed as if the building was an Islamic structure; maybe a mosque. My curiosity led me to explore more. There was no one around; and at first that intimidated me. There was very little information about the monument itself.
There were two similar buildings built in Indo-Saracenic style; with domes and minarets; misleading me to think it were a mosque. But I observed the carvings of Bulls and Dwarapalakas(gate keepers) and Ganesha carvings; it was then I realised these were not a mosque but a strcture built in Indo-Saracenic style.
Those monuments held the mortal remains of the royals of Coorg. The nobles were worshippers of Shiva. There were statues of Nandi(sacred bull) all over. That was because their tombs were watched over by Shiva's vehicle - the Nandi.

The monument had magnificent carvings of Dwarapalakas, the Nandi and intricate details carved on the window sills built of stone.

One of the twin monument with minarets and dome

The dome and minaret part of the structure with Nandi on all four corners and a brass flag with an "Om"

A Dwarapakala

A window adorned with intricate carvings

A closer view of the window sill; such intricate carvings with the Kannada letter "V" denoting the kingdom of "veeranadu"

Another amazing piece of art

But one specific work of art that emphasized the creativity of the then people was an image of the face of Lord Ganesh if seen from top view. The same image as seen from side view depicts Narasimha(Lion) swallowing a snake? Probably....

Front View

Side View

It was well worth my detour I must say!

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