Thursday, January 22, 2009

Owl at our deserted pantry

Reached office today, as usual went to have breakfast at our of our friends calls up.............................
The pantry also doubled up as the break room. They closed its operation as there was already a pantry and they didn't want a second one on the same floor.
So this break room was deserted..Occasionally people go by, to gaze out of the window sipping coffee. All one could see were glass buildings opposite..Yahoo...Microsoft...ANZ...IBM...

Yeah, coming back to the friend calling up, she says "I saw an owl in the pantry". I gobble up my 2 idlis and run to see the owl... It was beautiful!; sleeping unaware of its audience..2 more guys passed the room and seeing our curiosity, they stepped in to see the owl; and one said "You saw an Owl..its bad luck!". I was like "What the heck!...The owl saw its bad luck for the owl"....
I wanted to capture the moment; so ran back to my cube and got my camera and


  1. what luck!!
    great photo!!
    so lucky to have seen such beautifully weird thing in life...

  2. Yeah Gautam...
    I liked your phrase "beautifully weird"...It was.

  3. Thanks AS,

    I was thrilled to see the owl... A privilege!

  4. if you can see owl's face makes a heart shape.

    How can it be unlucky??

    anyway...good thing is I am lucky to see the OWL.


  5. Hi Makk,

    Yes, it does. Its a beautiful creature. People!!! they need someone to blame. It was a rare sight and I was lucky to see it :-)


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