Monday, March 30, 2009

All good things come to an end

"All good things come to an end yaar"

This was the immediate response from Ankita when I told her that yesterday was the last swimming session.

Yeah, I remember how my first class was - A successful disaster. Trying to stand in the pool, walk and jog in the pool to keep myself warm. I felt the toughest part was to breathe out while inside water.

Every little action of swimming from my coach was welcomed by cheers and claps from us students who were still managing to float around in the water. How we were excited when we managed to float. Wow, that was quite an achievement.

Well, here is an update. I did not at once leave the wall of the pool and venture further. Coach always coaxed me to leave the wall and always said "Its all in your mind". After 5 classes, everyone started with free-style and I was still safe near the wall, I thought I must quit. My coach told on the first day that 99.9% of the folks who join the class learn to swim at the end of the sessions. I thought I might fall under the 0.1% category. I thought it was not for me.

But when I went for the next class, I let go of my fear and then my first success - learnt to float!!!.

After that, there was no looking back - free-style, back stroke, butterfly and breast stroke, mushroom, dogie paddle, deep water swimming, diving, dolphin style, flipping back and forth as one swims...

I cant believe I learnt all this. Though I am not an expert, I can manage. I can now do these stuff, though not elegantly. This was an amazing experience. The sense of joy when I managed to swim breadth wise, and the unbelievable awe when I could manage to swim lengthwise...Wooo hooo... We even had relay races which we won!

The sense of achievement you get when you learn something new sure gives a high. The euphoria surrounded by it is unexplainable. For someone like me when the biggest water body that I have ever got into was an average size bath-tub, this was something to celebrate. A friend of mine was pleasantly surprised and gave a thumbs up when she saw me swimming well after the class hours; for someone who was scared of water.

More importantly, I got to meet new people. The crowd was so friendly and awesome; each one trying to encourage the other and cheering and clapping when someone managed to swim a lap. Got acquainted with nice people.

Now that its over, I am sad. But all good things do come to an end. What next? Maybe salsa or foreign language course...He he he


  1. Excellent article. Nice pictures. However, end of swimming lessons is not "all good things come to an end". It is the beginning of going to the pool regularly (at least 4 times a week) and swim. Remember, many parents think "arangetram" is the gala finish marking the end of bharathanatyam lessons. And, except a very few, their kids never dance again. So, we should not sing "turn out the lights..the party is over".

  2. Rightly said Mano.
    When I meant "good things" it was the crowd, the friends and the atmosphere.
    I can never go to that pool again as getting a membership there is difficult and obviously I can never get all these people together again

  3. Please,never say never. It can happen. It will happen.

  4. :-) These words encourages a lot. Thanks. Hope it happens

  5. my grandpa said ' do the thing u fear to do,and the death of that fear is certain '

    very nice article sis :)ans nice pics :D

    keep posting :)

  6. Thanks dear sista...Very very true. Face the fear and it fears you...

  7. Hey super article!! I don't think this is the end! From now on you will go swimming for fun and I hope that will be as often as you want!

  8. Thanks Gautam. Hopefully I would pursue. I cant get membership in that pool though

  9. The sense of achievement you get when you learn something new sure gives a high//

    excellent lines, its very great feel when u learn smething new

  10. Thanks Dhans for visiting my blog. It really does give a high!


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