Friday, March 27, 2009

Overheard at work

Software Engineers.................

Aaaahhhhh...Rings a bell huh? Intelligent boring geeks, who just stare at the black screen and code, code, code......

Actually, we are all dumb people, who don't have a care for the world, doesn't know what is happening with others. Guys, aren't we the ones who would wish "good morning" to a colleague via office communicator? Aren't we the ones who would call up a peer who is in the next aisle instead of walking up to the cube? Aren't we the ones who have forgotten what it is to hold a pen and write on a piece of paper? All we have is some teeny-weeny half-baked knowledge of the technical product, we don't seem to care where Norway is...errr...unless you are asked to go on a business trip!!
We don't seem to know anything, confined to our 3x3 cube space with laptop and gallons of coffee.....

We are DUMB. To prove that, overheard these conversations

Person X : Shall we go to KFC today?
Person Y : Yeah, sure. KFC, hmmm do you know its American fast food restaurant.

(I really didn't understand if it was necessary to be pointing this out. I mean, most of us knew it was American. But BONKERS)

Person X : Oh yeah? I didn't know.
Person Y : Yeah K-F-C Kentucky Fried Chicken.

So yeah, we do haunt fast food joints, we do gorge on burgers, sandwiches, pizzas. But we don't know that KFC is American


Person 1 : Kathmandu kahan hai? (Where's Kathmandu)
Person 2 : Nepal mein (Its in Nepal)

Person 1 : Oh, mai socha Tibet mai hai
(Oh! I thought it was in Tibet)

(Oh dear!.....Pathetic. An Indian does not know our neighboring country and its capital!!!!)


We guys are so used to our "office lingo" that it rubs on to us even while having personal conversations. One of my friend got a call from his mom and she seemed to have asked about God-knows-what. His response was

"Yeah mom. I will weigh down the options and get back to you by End of the Day."

Hmm, 3 office lingos in just one sentence.

Hmmm...I am sure I will hear more bunkum similar to these..Will update as and when I do...


  1. heheh nice post re

    ya, effect spills in conversation too

    once my physics sir said to a girl who was wearing a fancy hairclip
    " ye kya appratus lagaya hai ballon mein ??" ( whats this 'apparatus' u have decorated ur hair with?)!

  2. Excellent. Not just software engineers. This kind of lingo is used in all profession.

  3. Thanks Mano, there are few more lingoes software engineers use. I will definitely put them up sometime later

  4. Hahaha....Hilarious AS. I had a teacher who taught Math during 11th and 12th. She kept up her reputation of being a Math teacher. You know how? She remembered each student in the class through their ROLL NUMBERS!!!..around 90 students in each class....

  5. ha ha ha ha!!! hilarious! i wonder if i would fall into this category in some cases... hmmm...

  6. Maybe. All of us do, unconsciously; unless someone points it out


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