Thursday, March 26, 2009

Black to rustic.....

Black is me......................NOW!

Hence the change in the overall look of my blog. I am always mesmerized by black. Black means secretive to me, calm, a mystery; hard nut to crack; also dull and boring. Yet black is powerful, bold and strong but can get onto your nerves sometimes. Right now, probably,that is what has happened to me. When I was asked to choose a template for this E-Trash(a.k.a. my Blog), when I first started blogging, Black caught my attention. It was calm, quiet and elegant then.

Now its dull and lifeless!

So I decided to revamp my blog. Experimented with lot of templates, shades of blue - beach, sky.....shades of green - leaves, garden.....shades of yellow - flowers, tiger....shades of brown - chocolate............

I previewed many, something lacked in one or the other. Something amiss. I don't know what, I cannot explain what it is, yet I could sense it. I repeated the process of applying the template and previewing it as many number of times till I was satisfied.

And finally chose this wooden windows. Rustic, earthy. If I were to be asked if this has left me happy? satisfied? I don't know. But this is what it is.

Is this about the lack of "something" in those mixtures of colors and patterns? Is the BLACK really DULL or LIFELESS? Or is it my current state of mind?

It is obvious to my state of mind. Out of 100 odd templates I saw of various patterns, colors and tags, I could RELATE to only one right now. I LIKED all of them, but I could relate to only one. Prodding more, I don't even like this current one as much as I liked a couple of other templates.

But this is what I am right now. So one can like all, but could only relate to one specific thing at a point of time - though one may not necessary like the thing being related to. Sometimes, you cant express what you are going through. Its not the lack of communication or the lack of expression, its just that you have no idea as to what is going on with you. You are left wondering, searching for answers. This is a weird situation or emotion if I may call it. This does not mean things are going bad for you. Everything is fine - personally, professionally, otherwise...yeah with a couple of glitches - Who does not have it? Yet, something amiss........................................................................


Coming back, for that matter, rustic is not my choice otherwise. I prefer the sky and the beach to rusty earth. But this is what I chose now; hoping that this image would fill my void....


  1. Nice new template. Looks good. It is better to change the background once in a while, like rearranging furniture at home. Sorry about the state of your mind. I am sure you will come out of this slump soon.

  2. Thanks Mano. Yeah its a passing cloud, I will be normal soon

  3. When I was asked to choose a template for this E-Trash(a.k.a. my Blog)
    come on! i don't think so!!
    nice template by the way... earthy colour is good. :-)


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