Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bomb Threat for Pizza....

Today was an eventful day.

Yeah at work. My day began as usual....a long day...a hectic day..Lot of stuffs to finish, what with that infra issues and other nasty stuffs that pop up at the last moment.

Around mid-morning, got a mail from our VP to evacuate as there was an emergency. I just carried my phone and walked towards the emergency exit. My bag, wallet all left behind. It was sort of fun. Fun because I got the much needed break; after taxing hours. I had time to pull my team mates' legs, teasing them, nice! Past few days, we haven't even been able to catch up on coffee.

If you have been wondering why the title of this post is "Bomb Threat for Pizza", read ahead.

Firstly, I had pizza for lunch today - Veg Extravaganza. While having the pizza, got reminded of John Grisham's novel "Playing for Pizza".

Yet, why the title Bomb Threat for Pizza? The story goes thus. Its short guys...So chill.

In between our taxing times at work, I have been asking my colleagues to lunch outside for a day. We regularly eat at our office cafe. I said I wanted to have Pizza; that sudden crave!! I have been asking them since a week, and we were never really able to go because someone or the other had work and were not ready to invest an hour into Pizza gorging.

And out of the blue today, some beautiful soul decided to scare the wit out of us and he placed a hoax bomb threat. Bomb squad and the police arrived and the sanitizing drill began. We were evacuated and were asked to move to a safer spot. Know where? Exactly to a food court which has a Pizza joint!

So after the usual leg-pulling, hair pulling and other stuff, we decided to lunch leisurely. As it was an emergency exit, all I carried with me was my phone. But that would not prevent me from indulging in a pizza, would it? So I went about and borrowed some money from my friends and ordered my Pizza and Coke and a bonus of Alphonso Mango and Cream ice cream with Strawberry sauce toppings...Yummy!!!!!!!

While enjoying my Pizza, one of my team member said "So finally, you got to eat Pizza".

Hmmm...A blessing in the form of a Bomb Threat!!! Anytime for Pizza again!!


  1. here..Bomb scare and people scramming i have heard and unusally ppl havin day-off i hav heard...Pizza! just imagine wha if it was real...ewww thank god yu guys are safe!! tak care!


  2. Hi Hary,

    Warm welcome to spice-n-ice.

    Its weird yeah...People panicking, getting day off are usual.

    Pizza! becuase that's what I was craving for and the bomb scare was a blessing in disguise!

    If it were real, phew!! scary! Don't wanna think about that.

    Thanks, we are safe and got back to business in about 4 hours.

  3. Ha ha!! Funny!!

  4. Hi Gautam,

    Yeah...It was really funny.

  5. Now I have to really investigate who made the hoax bomb threat. ha ha ha. Saying 'he' is a nice attempt to divert my investigation.

  6. Now I have to really investigate who made the hoax bomb threat. ha ha ha. Saying 'he' is a nice attempt to divert my investigation.

  7. Hi SG,

    I said "He" becuase the caller was a "male".

    This piece of data would speed up your investigation..Hehehehe

  8. god...u have given me a brilliant idea. good one...bless ur pal for coming up with such brilliant ideas.

  9. Thanks Gayathri...

    Planning to try it out huh? Good luck :-)

  10. give me add of ur ofc...I wil make sure breaks for you..lollzzz

  11. Hahahahaha..yes makk. Its been some time since I gota break :-P


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