Friday, June 5, 2009


Yeah right! This post is about the stupidity that I have encountered and I have committed.

There have been lot of instances. Why not? Man being the most stupid creature on earth( No offense people). I am one among you...

Let me pick the most stupid stuff. The Stupidest of ALL

Stupidest stuff that I have ever done

I am a freak of orderliness and being up to date. Be it anything. After at task is done, I make sure I do the post-cleaning as soon as possible and stay put - Like organizing things and such.

One such time, I was copying a large file from a CD on to my System drive on my computer. The copy process approximated about 20 minutes. I was idle watching the window where the sheet of paper was moving from one direction to another. And ..............

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa.....A bulb over my head blinked. Aaahaa..What a waste of time. Why cant I eject that CD and put it away. Once copy is done, I can shutdown the system.

And yeah!! that's what I did. I ejected the CD. :-|

Stupidest stuff that I have witnessed

From an unknown cellphone number - "Hi, this is my new number from now on"

No name, no address. What the heck? How can people assume that the number was famous as if it were Sachin Tendulkar's!!!! Yeah, his cell number is on billboards everywhere in town now!

Hmmm...So any such stupidest thing you did and witnessed? Please share. I want to feel good that I am not alone.


  1. I wanted to take the 'caltrain' (a train service) from San Jose to San Francisco. I was gonna take the flight to Chennai and Edward was gonna take the flight to Canada to visit his folks. I bought two tickets, one for my self and my friend Edward. They cost me $4.25 each. We missed the train by 10 seconds. Our friend Heather told that she would drop us to the airport by car. I wanted to sell the two tickets as they were valid for 4 hours from the time of purchase. Before I could sell, Heather came to the station. So I wanted to sell it in a hurry. I found a guy who agreed to buy the ticket. I told him I would sell the ticket for $4. He only had a $5 and a $1 bill. And I had only a $20 bill. He gave me a $10, $5, $1 bill, and I gave him my $20 bill and the ticket. I gave the other ticket to a couple who looked very sweet. I was feeling happy about the whole thing until I realised what exactly had happened. :-)

  2. This is true. I saw and heard this with my own eyes and ears. I asked a guy for directions to go to a particular street. He said: Go past the 8th Street and 9th Street. Then turn left on the ioth (eyeoath) Street and immediately turn right.

  3. Hahahahaha Gautam....Thats so very TOOPID of you...

  4. Thanks SG. Hmmm..This is interesting. Calling 10 as eye-o...Hahahahahah

  5. hehehehe'

    nice post yaar

    my life is full of such events!!

    sometimes we tend to enjoy the stupidity also ;D

  6. Yes AS, we think about the stupid things we did and laugh over it...Hehehehe

  7. Nice ones. To recall,once me and my friend were standing near the post box. On a lighter note i asked him through which slot the letter must be put in. The one at the top or the one in the bottom ;)

  8. Hehehehe... Thats a good one Prashant.

  9. even myself had same situationlike unknownmobile number claiming it mynew number without anyname and identity..... just store and give them a damm good day some days later

  10. Hi Dhans....

    Hmm this seems to be a common stupid thing. I have faced this more than once

  11. Um, this may sound a little too stupid!

    I once sprayed deodorant in my eyes, while I was shaking it 'well', as instructed!

  12. Ashwin,

    Nothing is too stupid :-)

    But "shake well" hahahahaha... hope it didnt hurt.


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