Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Posters Posters Everywhere

For the past few days, I have been reading regularly about Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. Er...before you guys all yell "You too a scoop monger; who reads useless stuffs and gossips about movie stars???"

Then heavens no!! It was indeed about Jessica Alba and it was yeah an article logged under the movie section. But the topic was very important. One that involved the surrounding we live.

"Jessica Alba Vandalism? Oklahoma City Police Probe Photos Of Her Defacing Property"

I am not sure how many of you saw this news on TV and newspapers few days back. She glued posters that were part of a campaign; on public properties - the bridge, electrical boxes and others. The campaign was to save sharks....well a noble campaign to make people aware of the sharks' dwindling numbers.


She was accused of defacing public property and vandalism. It could be a felony and it could invite punishment in prison. But she was let off as the damage was not more than 1000$.

The thought that was going on my mind over and over again were the uncountable posters that adorn or rather deface any city in India. Bangalore was free from posters at least 4 years back. Poor thing, not anymore. They are glued left, right and center on public properties- city transports, fly overs, road signs, warning signs, electrical poles and any possible area - movie posters, politicians, gods, job advertisements, loans, election campaigns, VIP meetings.............

Image from www.hinduonnet.com/.../2007081559670300.htm

Once the event is over, they don't bother to clean the mess up, but leave them unattended. I have seen that in US, election campaigns with posters that are pasted on the roads and removed promptly as it ends; and mostly campaign posters are all pin-ups which could be removed later.

Image from www.ateabutnoe.com/2006_09_01_ateabutnoe_arch

A new construction would just commence, and the next day, one can see posters all over them. Such acts are committed when there are no people around, at nights.

Posters pasted right on top of "Construction Zone. Hard hat area".
Posters pasted on the "No Entry" signboard.

It looks so ugly and non civic. I still can visualise an ugly sight. Animated poster which depicted a young man with a noose around his neck was posted at all prominent places in the heart of the city on a Monday morning. Seeing something so disturbing on a morning spoiled the whole day.

Of late, some Tom, Dick or Harry celebrates his birthday, his face as large as a mini UFO is pasted all around, a first timer organizes a gully cricket, his face is posted all around. Publicity, all want to become famous. But why deface the city? And why scare the people by forcing them look at these ugly faces all around!!!!

There is nothing the civic body does. All are busy fighting for their share of bribes. Sad state of affair......


  1. hii

    nice post

    yup yaar such things are really uncivic and are very irritating..I really pray pple get some civic sense

  2. sad indeed...the most common posters are those of the political parties...i completely detest them. Upar se they look so corrupt...just can't tolerate them

  3. Heyiia AS,

    haan yaar, bus yeh sab badal jaaye...

  4. Hi Gayathri,

    Its disgusting yes; politicians somehow feel they own the country.


  5. Nice blog. You know what is the most disgusting poster in my opinion? In Tamil Nadu, they glue posters announcing a young girl's coming of age.

  6. Hi Mano,

    Absolutely...I have seem them too. Disgusting!

  7. You are absolutely spot on when you said, "Politicians feel they own the country". Can it be changed? Man we are so adjusting and we are so good at ignoring things. We lead our lives ignoring all the things acting as thought they don't affect us. Like a rishi, ignoring all earthly things and leading a simple life (The Himalaya effect). We Indians are good at ignoring what we want to ignore. :-)

  8. Hi Gautam,

    Yeah, we would be mute spectators. God knows, until when!!

    Your trip to Himalayas is really doing its job huh! :-)


    this thing is Alien in India at least in which I am living.

    Leave alone practicing that...forget it.


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