Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Click' at an odd hour

I have been working like crazy since few days. Yesterday too...It was 11:30 PM and I was sort of restless. I had office work to do, but my mind wanted to do something else....Creative?

I guess so. I felt like snapping the things lying around me in an inquisitive way. And lo, here they are. Hope its good, as I was half asleep...

The first thing that was near me was my phone

I loved this detail. One of my ear piece

One more of my ear piece - each of the stone's color variation is amazing

Best of all. My antique piece placed on John Grisham's 'The Associate' :-D

A wrist band I grabbed some time back. I took it for those tiny silver drops

Hmmmm...Love the flaming red beads

Another wrist band. The blue with those shells...Lovely!!

The embroidery detail on the border of my pink Saree

Finally the neck piece....Yeeeehhhhaooooo...

If you thought I was jobless clicking them, then fact I was pretty busy but wanted a break..


  1. hiiii sista

    nice pics rather nice collection. sis I had only heard that lo ladies are very very fond of jewellery, now its proved!! i liked all the pieces and the orange sparkle on ur black phone too.... clicking snaps is a good break:)

  2. I mean leo ladies, not lo ladies, typing error :)

  3. Heiyya sista...

    Liked them huh? I am not sure if I have gone crazy...I took like the orange thing on my black matte phone.

    Leo that true? Are they very fond of jewelery? This is news.... I didn't know.

    Will click few more and upload them. It was a nice break indeed.

  4. Wow!! Awesome touch... such great detail... You are carrying all this luggage with you all the time? wow! I am impressed... The detail of the second photo is too good...

  5. Thanks a lot Gautam :-) Clicked when I was feeling sleepy. was clicked at my home at 11:30 PM.

    And know what? I was dead sure that you would like the second snap :-)

  6. Super. I especially like the antique piece placed on John Grisham's 'The Associate'.

  7. Hehehehe...Thanks Mano...

    Thats my personal favorite too. the idea was just impulsive. I saw 'The Associate' lying on my sofa and I was like...'Hmm..this would make a nice background'...So here it is.

  8. whoa, loved d jeweleries. initially i thought you are working as a photographer for some imitation jewelery dukaan :)

  9. Thanks Gayathri... thought I was a photographer? That was truly the greatest compliment I ever got. Now I can proudly say I am an average photographer.

  10. Thanks Makk. Thats my earring :-)


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