Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best happens when you least expect

Its such a beauty when you are so happy that you cant express the joy. Its an invaluable gift when these happiness and joy is a surprise and comes when you least...the very least expect.

I just couldn't count my blessings yesterday. I received them all at once. Such things brings hope and radiance into one's lives and makes one think its not so bad after all!!

Suppose when you think a friend of yours has long forgotten you, doesn't return your calls. You start feeling sad and then if that friend takes pain to travel 100s of kms to be with you just on your birthday!! Unannounced....just calls and says "Happy Birthday. I am outside your office".

Wont you be shocked that first of all you are remembered and not forgotten as you mistook? Wont a chill run down your spine to recall that the friend is such an unforgettable character and yet remembered your birthday!!!! Would it not be unbelievable that instead of a phone call, the friend has really come down to be with you? What more would one ask for?

Yet another adorable friend writes sweetest verses which is more than just praises and once modesty would think twice to accept the words. :-) And then the friend calls up and sings "Happy Birthday"

What should I say about a friend who sent so many messages through out the day and called up many a times and each time sang "Happy birthday "

And all others who remembered me and wished me, blessed me. Friends who work during night, set up alarm so that they can be awake just to wish me. Friends who kept awake, losing their sleep, waited until 12 AM to wish me. Friends who called me from overseas, friends who wished me online and yeah! blogger friends. Also friends who forgot to wish and later apologized :-P

It was my best. Memorable day made by my friends, lucky to have them by my side. I am short of words, I cant express the joy I am experiencing and it will be throughout. I was not able to express how I felt. I am still yet to come out of the bliss, bliss is too mild a word.

None of these friends read my blog except for a couple of them.

Yet, I thank them profusely for making my day. Thanks a lot dearies, you all made my day...I love you all..Straight from my heart


  1. Nice post. I think your friends are real genuine friends.

  2. Hi SG,

    Thank you. Yes they are :-) And I'm lucky to have them.

  3. We are lucky to have met you in our life. :-)

  4. Oh my!! Gautam.......Goose bumps all over me!!!

    I lucky, you lucky... :-)

    Thanks a lot dearie..Love ya :-)

  5. when ws ur b'day...belated happy b'day! u must have done some really good deeds to have got such cool friends.

  6. I want to wish you a very happy birthday.

  7. Wow... You've got awesome friends..
    waise when is your birthday?

    A very very Happy birthday in advance (& belated)!

  8. Hi Gayathri,

    My birthday was on the day I posted my 100th blog "Its ME today". The 100th blog was a co-incidence and also a decoy...Hehehehehe...

    Thanks a lot for your wishes. :-) I am not sure if any of my deeds were that good to be blessed with such friends. :-) I am lucky...very lucky

  9. Hi Vivek,

    Thank you very much for your wishes :-)

  10. Hi Abhi,

    It was on 17th. Topic for my 100th post - It was a decoy, fortunately it was my 100th post too.

    Yeah, I really have awesome friends. Thank you very much for your wishes.

  11. Happy belated birthday buddy.
    Coincided with your 100th post too!
    So double the celebrations.

    You're lucky to have such wonderful friends :)

  12. Hey, didnt know your bday had just gone by. Wish you a Belated wishes ! God Bless you :)

    And yes, good things happen when you least expect it to happen.

    Happy living !

  13. Hey Shaunak,

    Thanks a ton. :-)
    Yeah it was such an unexpected coincidence.

    I am lucky to have such wonderful friends :-) God bless

  14. Hi Prashant Sree,

    Long time phew!! Welcome back.
    Thanks a lot for your wishes.

    God Bless :-)

  15. Guess yu are too lucky! :0 and hope the luck continues for the rest of yur lifetime! Good frnds are invaluable and i reckon yu have a bunch of them who'd be near @ all times! Hmm Happy Birthday :)!cya take care

    H a R y

  16. Thanks a lot for your wishes Hary.
    Yeah I am way too lucky and I pray I continue to be lucky. Friends are really really precious. :-)


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