Monday, August 3, 2009


Yesterday was Friendship Day. Errr....I don't really really know if we need one special day to celebrate the beauty of friendship. But as everyone else, I acknowledge that yeah, yesterday was a day dedicated to celebrating friendship.
Got a couple of SMS from friends who wont remember me next year to send the Happy Friendhsip Day message. Its a fast fast world with people's memory getting shorter and shallower each second.

I have known many yet few people who have been friends, acquaintances, well-wishers. Its surprising to realize that how we cannot share the same level of bond with each one - even though they are all friends. Well, I have never shared my every thoughts, feelings, sorrows and joys with all my friends in the same manner. The comfort level always varied, no bias as such, but it got to do with my idea of whats acceptable to one and what is not.

Most of them we find are fair weather friends who pop up when you are hale and hearty but when you need a shoulder to cry, they vanish! There were have been a couple of instances where in I lost my years of genuine friendship due to ego and misunderstandings. Every person at one point of time gives you pain. But what you choose matters. Do you want to choose the PAIN or the PERSON? At one point, I chose the PAIN, nurtured it to anger and I lost my dear friend. Patching up doesn't work, even though one wants to plainly accept for the heck of it and say "Yo! We got back!" The crack can be mended but the scar always remains. Another occasion, I did the same mistake but was quick enough to mend it. Now my friend and I have buried the hatchet and we share a wonderful relationship. The scar remains with me, maybe I should let go of it.

Many people whom I haven't met, or just met for a few minutes have become great friends with me. Striking a cord is easy when two like minds meet. I have learnt a lot from my friends and they have indirectly influenced me to appreciate beauty of life and nurtured positivity.

There are few other friends whom I don't get to meet often as they are all in the US of A primarily, but we do catch up when our paths cross and then the reminiscences, recalling good old days, pulling each other; playing pranks, sharing a single packet of popcorn, forgetting what one is, forgetting other complications - those moments cant be bought for anything on earth. And an occasional "Hi, How are you"..."Hey, I bought a new car. Here are the pics" ......"Hi dear, whats up with you. How are things" ........."Yeah, life is complicated, I am trying to patch things up"............brings the two souls more closer.


  1. A sweet post on a Friend and bingo rite on Friendship day :). Nice advice that was...Pain or Person..this is finally what you choose that matters..everything appears complicated and there is always a easy way of looking things! And yu said those exact stuff that needs to b done! Could'nt agree more, we all have work and there is nothing denying it, but spending sometime for our friends !! thats something yu need to realise..realise that now or never! Nice write! :)

    H a R y

  2. Hi Hary,

    Thanks much. Glad you liked it. Yeah that was a bad choice - Pain and I regret it. Too right, there's nothing complicated in this world than us - our ego. Let go of it and you are free.

  3. Nice post. Fair weather friends are not friends at all. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

    Once I went to see a stranger for 15 minutes and that person became my friend for life.

  4. Ohhhhh
    I wanted to write this one! Very bad of you insignia..

    hehe.. but its okay.. Happy frnds day!

  5. hii

    nice post...relations, I believe are based on matching of similar vibes..I agree with Rhonda Bryne on this thing absolutely :)

  6. Hi SG,

    Thanks for those wonderful statement on a true friend.

    You met a stranger for just 15 minutes and you guys are friends for life? See, that's what it takes, its very easy to strike a chord. :-)

  7. Hi Abhi,

    My bad!! But that's absolutely fine. Why don't you jot down your thoughts on friends. I bet it will make a good read. Go on, waiting for your post.

  8. Hi AS,

    True. Thanks for your comments. :-)

  9. happy phranship day insignia, nice one...

    here's a thumb rule i follow: when a person says I will always be there for you, you can be sure they won't be there when u r in trouble. A true friend is the one who follows the senti baatein kam, and support zyaada policy.

    don't u feel so?

  10. Hi Gayathri,

    Thank you. Happy Happy Phranship day to you too :-)

    Right on!! Yeah, makes sense. Those who speak all those emoti and senti stuff dont be there when you need them..Gayab ho jate hain!!

  11. Hi Abhinav,

    Just saw your Header...Loved it!! Superb! In particular "Horn OK tata please"...

    ~Seetiyaan~<:-P aur ~thaaliyaan~ =D>

  12. lucky are the ones who have friends and luckier are the ones who can keep them for life long. But each relation, each friend teaches us something new. so i think each person is imporant in his own way. even if he gives us pain then we can think that he taught us to bear the pain and gave us a lesson for future. What say?

  13. Hi Anju,

    Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I agree with you. Each one teaches us something, enriching our experience and making us a better person

  14. i never had even a single sms from anyone.. :) signs of getting older

  15. Hmmm.....Chriz, I believe in getting younger each day. :-)

    As for not getting a single sms, hmm...well...its OK!!!

  16. seetiyaan taaliyan accepted! :D
    balle balle..!

  17. Belated friendship day wishes. :-p

  18. Belated friendship day wishes to you too Gautam :-D


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