Monday, August 17, 2009

Its ME today

Few of my previous posts have been serious. It was not the way I wanted it to be. I always want to throw in some satire when trying to talk about even serious things. Maybe the workaholic in me made me all the more serious.

This day belongs to me, me and ME. So I am not going to human-bash or throw any sarcasm; anyways very few people are intelligent enough to understand sarcasms. I am not even going to rant about my observations nor am I going to put up some poor ant's photograph.

As I said, this day belongs to me.

I have been evolving, discovering myself all through these years. Does this statement sound like a cliche thrown in by 'out-of-work' bollywood actresses? "Yeah, I was on a sabbatical. It was an deliberate attempt to re-invent myself...blah...blah...blah" Why don't ya all confess that yeah, you gals are not being signed for any movies and you are all out of work?

Oops, this post was supposed to be MY post. So tch...tch.....erase from your minds those previous statements.

My mom always says that I was very different as a kid. I would always love to get dressed up, all decked with jasmine flowers, lot of bangles, shoes and hair bands to match my dress color. I don't remember when I started hating being decked up. I was my simple best during my teenage years. And I slowly transformed myself to being a tomboy. Always in trousers and got my hair chopped away just until recently. A year back, my thoughts changed. I thought I should not resort to chopping anymore. What changed me? A co-worker at my workplace who had knee length flowing hairs, neatly maintained.

If HE can have such long hairs, why cant I? I am a woman!!!

Of late, I have started to like Sarees. My pair of skinny jeans still remain my favourites, but Sarees are attracting me. My mother's never exhaustive collection of cotton Sarees look so suave, uber cool and sophisticated now. Got a couple of them for myself now :-P

That was about my style preferences.

I have successfully avoided getting influenced by profanity, I have stopped whatever little I started - swearing..Applause.

Its been a while since I read a book. I had this penchant for reading since I have known. I used to be scolded for picking up bits of papers strewn on the road and read them. It was Famous 5, Secret 7 and Nancy Drews at school.I take about 2 hours to finish reading newspaper each day. Don't leave a thing. Many of my friends don't understand what is so interesting in reading that I am so passionate about it. Well, I ca fore go my other basic activities like eating and sleeping to pursue my reading. I can read on and on.....So its weird that I haven't picked up a book since few months. The latest I read was 'The Associate' by John Grisham. The book was mediocre and Grishman has lost it. I am still trying to come to terms with that. I don't prefer watching movies that are based on novels. Thus when I have read all of the Jason Bourne series, I don't know how Matt Damon looks on screen as Jason Bourne or if Tom Hanks did fit the role of Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code.

I am fascinated by the world, the people, culture, so if not reading then I am definitely watching Discovery or NGC. I don't get fed up of the shows they air. My personal favorites are the cookery shows that's aired on Travel and Living. Its not that I try these recipes but watching it is a visual treat, that somehow subdues my gastronomical desires....(A tip to reduce weight!!)

Being a hard core vegetarian, its somehow unexplainable how the butchering, all blood and flesh, sauteing of meat appeals to my eyes. Its not disturbing even an iota to watch Kylie Kwong chopping off octopuses limbs to prepare stew, or to watch a live snake being slit and its heart pulled out while its still beating and Anthony Bourdain gulping it and licking its last drop of blood!!!! And Nigella's desserts...Oohh...La...La...

Whoopsidaisies!! The post is getting longer (Picked it up from Hugh Grant, guess from which movie???)

Yeah, of late, work keeps me busy and if not work, its home. Travel and photography and my blog keeps me live and kicking. Oops, how could I miss? What without my loved one and my very few group of great friends!!

Enough Insignia!!!

PS : Pleasantly, incidentally, this is my 100th post. This is my 100 ever after a long long time. Used to get 100 marks in school..hmmm....


  1. Super post. Today you have posted your 100th blog. Of course, today is your very special day. I want to sing happy (blog day) 100 for each blog.

  2. Hi SG,

    :-D :-P Thank you.. I can already hear you sing!!

  3. Just love you for who and what you are my dear. :-)
    Happy birthday!!!

  4. Gautam,

    I dont know what to say. Very touching.
    Thanks a lot dearie :-)

  5. Thank you a ton dear sista!! :-)

  6. good one and congrats for hitting a century...u have become female sachin of blogsvilla :)

  7. came to urs from AS blog!!
    n one thing that made me comment here is the fascination for cookery shows on travel n living:D
    i love this nigella's show and how she make cooking so effortlessly chic..:))
    congrats on the century, btw:))

  8. Hi Gayathri,

    Thanks a lot :-) Female Sachin of Blogsvilla....Hehehehehe...That's a great compliment.

  9. Hi Wishes Galore,

    Welcome to B Log. Yup :-D I can watch those cookery shows without battling an eyelid. Talking about Nigella, I really really love when she sneaks in at night to take a bite of her food. The way she if its a child's play :-)

    Thanks again. Keep coming!

  10. aha! Century!
    congratulations!! :)

    I can relate 95% to the post.. everything like mine
    except the small girly talk in between abt clothing and hair ;P

    I miss reading! I miss my text books! :-(

    Keep writing!

  11. Congratulations on your 100th post! And definitely, it should be about yourself. Your blog is your own expression.

    I could relate to most of what you wrote. Travel is something that eludes me now and then, but I plan to complete my dream of a full tour of India.
    You're lucky that way.

    Congratulations again!
    Now, do we get cake? :P

  12. Hey Abhi,

    Thanks much buddy. Glad that you could relate to most of them, of course except the girly girly part.

    You miss reading your TEXT books? Well Well...My textbooks were my lullaby. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


  13. Hey Shaunak.

    Thanks a lot. :-)

    You love traveling too? Awesome. Hmm I haven't traveled whole of India yet. Would love to do it.

    Yupps!!! Cake's on your way!!!


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